Bing Vision, Image Matching for Newspapers introduced, go to Windows Phone

Bing Vision Update

The fast-growing Windows Marketplace has two new Bing updates to boast about – the Bing Vision and the Bing Image Matching for Newspapers features have been rolled out for devices running on the Microsoft mobile platform. And it’s free of charge, reports the official Bing Community UK blog.

While the company has already made Bing Vision available for handsets, the Image Matching for Newspapers update will make its way onto devices in the month of March. So far, the Bing Vision application was limited to detecting information regarding products from QR codes and Microsoft Tags.

But with the latest update for the app, it will now be capable of scanning bar codes as well as CD, DVD and book covers amongst others. Additionally, with a view to simplify shopping, this newest feature will let users find out a product’s local availability or allow them to compare the prices of goods they intend to purchase even while on the move.

And for all those who prefer reading digital publications as opposed to the physical ones, Microsoft has announced Bing Image Matching for Newspapers. With this application on a phone, users are only required to employ the camera on their Windows Phone device to click a picture of the article they wish to find on the web.

Once captured, the application will launch a search to find the digital version and offer the direct link. And it is not limited to content from a particular country. Material from more than 3,000 publications spread around the world have been listed for this app.

Bing Vision is already available, while the Bing Image Matching for Newspapers update will be out next month.