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Bing Video updates bring in filmstrip, infinite scroll and more

Bing Video Updates 1

The Bing Video updates are said to bring in a host of new features for an enhanced experience when digging out the required content. The Bing results page will now display a new video strip that is complete with larger previews so that fishing for information in this manner becomes easier.

Another key improvement comes in the form of infinite scrolling while browsing through clips on the Bing.com/videos website. This apparently eliminates the need to hop from one page to another and it should allow users to quickly scan through the searched video results by simply scrolling down. The grid layout and the larger size of the thumbnails is further aimed at making the task more convenient.

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“This release was the result of a lot of hard work (and slices of pizza), and we’re still fine tuning so bear with us but we really hope you enjoy the features. And we’re not done! As a matter of fact, we’ve got few features in the works which we’ll share in the coming months,” shares Troy Ma, Bing Multimedia Team via the official Bing Beta Community blog.

Bing Video Updates 2

Related video searches will now appear as a row of tabs atop the results page, giving users the liberty to swiftly access more content. In this case, the queries from the original results are featured under the fist tab, so that users can continue searching on the same page without losing the primary results. The next enhancement is the enlarged video playing area for entertainment buffs, while another addition spells out to be the video filmstrip. So when a certain clip is being previewed, similar ones appear on top of the page like a filmstrip.

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The aforementioned Bing Video updates are currently being rolled out to all countries where the service is supported. These improvements are aimed towards making searching and viewing clips easier than before.