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Bing lets you search images by license filter

Bing Search By License

Bing has just become an awesome pal for bloggers and online publications with a new feature that lets people search for images by usage rights. In other words, a Search by License filter has been brought in so that users need not worry about whether they’re allowed to add a picture they find on the Internet to their blogs or web pages without the owner’s permission.

Buying stock photos to use in projects, websites or blogs can also be a pain in the neck and the wallet, as every other publisher who is often faced with this need will agree to. It’s great that Bing has made it much simpler with the latest introduction. But the search results don’t just stop at a simple filter marking licensed images from ones that are not bound by copyright restrictions. The drop-down menu attached to the filter has 6 categories.

They cover All, Public Domain, Free to share and use, Free to share and use commercially, Free to modify, share and use as well as Free to modify, share, and use commercially. There’s also a seventh option classified as Learn more which takes people to a Creative Commons license link in order to familiarize them with the finer points of the usage rights. A picture appearing under Public Domain indicates that the owner has let go of exclusive rights to it and we’re assuming the rest of the categories are self-explanatory.


The official blog post talking about this update has also noted that Microsoft Office 2013 permits users to look up images through Bing right from any Office app. The search results are touted to surface licensed images only by default. This functionality is apparently based on the same technology employed by the new filter.

Well, it’ll be interesting to see how much more handier Bing image search gets with this usage rights filter added to to it.