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Bing gets a huge overhaul, here’s what Google’s rival has in store for you

Microsoft has unveiled a revamped version of its Bing search engine, which not only grabs hold of a new logo and design, but also kicks in a host of fresh features aimed at enhancing your experience with it. ‘More helpful, more human, more beautiful’ is how the company prefers to describe the new and improved Bing search engine which kicks in a fresh interface, Facebook and Twitter integration for results and many more added benefits. Let’s have a look at what exactly has been brought to the table.

The altered Bing logo, Microsoft tells us, has been built after a large number of studies and tests. Design enthusiasts can click here for in-depth details regarding the new logo. Coming to the interface, the two main features which the site introduced last year, Snapshot and Sidebar, have been combined this time around in such a way that details supporting context for any given query are made available immediately. This means factual data will be accompanied by your social data depending on what accounts you have logged in to at that moment.


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The new Page Zero feature on the other hand, adds results that auto-fill even as you type your query. It even provides you with tiles containing related pictures and text. Another new trait comes in the form of Pole Position which offers larger answers for your queries so that you need not always be required to click on links to see those.

Lastly, the Bing search engine has been given a number of optimizations for it to work better a range of devices including TVs and phones. Head over to this link to find out more.

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