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6 Best Writing Apps For iPad

Best Writing Apps For iPad

The best writing apps for iPad provide apt tools that let you unleash your ‘wordy’ side. As far as capturing text bits goes, the Apple tablet can be used for far more complex activities than just jotting down to-do lists or random post-it notes. If you own the portable slab and just love to scribble simple notes every now and then we’re sure you must’ve already got your hands on some of the options we’ve listed out in our best note-taking apps list. But the fact that you’ve navigated your way here seems like you might be looking for something a little more than just a simple note-related program. Well, you definitely won’t be disappointed with the compilation we’ve chalked out for you.

1 – iA Writer:

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By shelling out just under a dollar, you can pen down everything that’s crammed inside your cranium. You’ll be provided with handy tools like keyboard extensions with punctuation keys and a customized typeface as well as a special Focus Mode for throwing focus on only the current trio of lines. Here, you’ll be able to work on a clear, easy-to-use interface without being bogged down by clutter, complicated interactions or too many settings.

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Your masterpieces can further be synced between your Mac PC and iPhone so you’ll have all your precious notes close to you at all times. And with the introduction of the latest version, Apple tablet owners can espy a new accessory keyboard and optimized landscape mode, according to the developer of this program.

Price: $0.99

2 – Daedalus Touch:

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This entrant in our roster is noted to be a text editor that lets you seamlessly interact with your work by providing fully realized paper stacks. You can manually sort out your scribbled sheets according to your preference and avail of the responsive editor which enables you to alter large helpings of text. Some of the other features include an integrated TextExpander touch support, built-in web browser for posting your work over the internet, a configurable extra keyboard row and full iCloud sync and backup.

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The software also provides 4 different hues, a dark mode for night editing and a trio of font options. You’ll even be able to export your masterpieces to PDF, ePub, ZIP, iTunes, Dropbox and plain text.

Price: $4.99

3 – Pages:

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Looking to create cards, flyers, posters, reports and letters while on the go? Well, if you’re nodding in the affirmative, head straight to iTunes and procure this particular treat. You can dabble in words galore, view documents and even edit them while away from your PC. There are 16 specially-designed styles and templates as well as a plethora of textures, fonts and colors to take advantage of here.

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You can even create footnotes and endnotes, view word counts, add images and use text wrapping on your data. You’ll also be able to throw your ideas across in the form of tables, charts, 3D bars and more. And since it plays well with iCloud, you can be sure that your work will remain updated on all your devices.

Price: $9.99

4 – WriteRoom:

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Always wanted a distraction-free environment where you could pen down your thoughts without having to worry about too many complications or settings? Well, this inclusion in our array proffers a clutter-free interface which sheds light only on your text bits and nothing else. It further jumps onto the scenario tagging along a whole slew of goodies. Some of these include extended keyboard row, custom line height, Textexpander support, iTunes document sharing, draggable scroller, word count, search for files, screen brightness, link detection and auto-correct on/off. There’s also a start-up pass code option for keeping your work away from prying eyes.

Price: $4.99

5 – Chronicle:

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The brains behind this interesting software piece calls you to capture stories, ideas and life’s events in a single journal. With the help of the program, you can easily keep a diary of your daily deeds or organize an exciting novel, chapter-wise. There’s even an integrated search tool that enables you to zero in on your desired text. You can pen down your thoughts in either landscape or portrait mode and even opt for your desired font size, light or dark text and background color. You’ll be able to adjust the date of your entries as well as add photos to your amalgamation. And once you’re done with your work of wordy art, you can export it to a website, archive it or create backup files and store them securely across your PC. If you think your masterpiece is safer in a cloud, you can easily sync the same to Dropbox. Distraction-free flow of ideas is just $3 away.

Price: $2.99

6 – Simplenote:

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Just as the name suggests, this contender in our roundup is extremely easy to use and comes with all the essential features needed to create textual bits that range from to-do lists to blogs. Once you create an account, you can unleash your creativity through your Apple tablet, anytime, anywhere. The maker has also thrown in pins, tags, sharing and versions options for those who are looking for something extra. And since this program has the ability to sync with your PC, you’ll be able to view your notes via your personal computer as well. Now although this version is up for grabs absolutely free of cost, you can also opt for a Premium edition that comes with extra features and minus any advertisements.

Price: Free


So there you have it – a comprehensive lineup of the best writing apps for iPad. You can download these interesting programs directly from iTunes to your portable tablet and satisfy your advanced note-taking passion. From keeping a journal of all your everyday activities to penning down complete stories, the aforesaid options allow you to accomplish all this and then some. So which ones are you planning on picking up today? And in case you know of a pal who would like to throw a glance at some worthy Android counterparts, direct them straight to this page.