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10 Best WoW Addons

Best WoW Addons

The following best WoW addons are here to spice up your World of Warcraft experience. We know that you’re already having a blast jumping right into the heart of all the in-game action. But these software bits mentioned right here are set to shed new light on your gameplay activity. They each have something unique to bring to the Blizzard Entertainment title, some having a larger impact than the others. Read on to know more.

1 – Recount:


Our first program is an addon that’s dubbed simply as Recount. Wondering what this delight has to offer you? Well, it’s noted to be a graphical damage meter that’s fashioned by Cryect. Recount tracks and uses the data plucked right out from the combat log to chart out well-informed graphs and tables. This makes it easier to view the healing and damage distribution of a particular raid or group.

2 – Auctionator:


If you’re a regular at the auction house, then this particular entrant in our WoW addons roundup is just for you. Auctionator has the ability to lay out auction house listings in a clear manner as it does away with all the intricacies that are associated with managing and posting auctions. With this user-friendly addon, you’ll be able to seamlessly buy, sell and manage auctions. You can further take advantage of features such as history tracking and shopping lists. What’s more, whenever you’re away from the auction house, this software will endow auction, vendor disenchant prices to all item tooltips.

3 – Deadly Boss Mods:

Deadly Boss Mods

As the name quite aptly suggests, the Deadly Boss Mods set is available for all raid bosses. It further boasts of including colored raid warnings with icons, health frame, crash recovery and auto-respond during boss fights. According to the developer, all boss modes are plug-ins and hence, have the ability to be removed, exchanged and updated, individually. Notably, DBM also takes up less than 250KB memory.

4 – Bagnon:


As the maker of Bagnon reveals, this contender in our addons for WoW list can merge all your bags and lay them out neatly across a trio of windows that are individually christened bank, inventory and guild bank. And apart from its basic singularity function, the program also offers a handful of other attributes. This includes flash find searching and coloring that’s endowed based on quality. You can also perceive the bank and inventory of any in-game character, anywhere, anytime. It’s also highly customizable in nature and extends support to databroker. You’ll even be able to enhance the functionality of Bagnon with the help of the following addons – CurrencyTracker, Façade, Scrap and AccountSearch.

5 – Postal:


You can expect to receive enhanced mailbox support as the Postal item comes equipped with various enticing features. It slides onto the scenario with a BlackBook that has the ability to track the last 20 players that were mailed through the ‘Recently Mailed’ list. What’s more, you can also copy the contents of any mail and view a visual icon to see whether it’ll be deleted or returned when it’s expired. Postal also adds shortcuts for returning mail, moving an item from the inventory and taking money or items from mail.

6 – Altoholic:


For anything pertaining to alts, Altoholic is just the addon you need. It officially forayed onto the gaming scene in late March 2008. With this software, you’ll be able to view the banks, bags and keyrings of alts on any realm. You can also preview characters’ talents and skills, bag usage and reputations, all at a single glance. There’s even a search menu thrown into the amalgamation so that you can seamlessly zero in on items based on their particular names.

7 – Prat 3.0:

Prat 3.0

The next inclusion in our Wow addons array is looked upon as a chat enhancement software option for those who like to ‘get chatty’. Prat 3.0 comprises of more than 30 smaller modules that can individually be easily enabled and disabled. You name it and this gem will have it. Some of the features included here read as timestamps, an option for channel stickys, ability to alter the appearance of chat’s editbox and allow pop-up msgs, set chat history, brackets and color, raid icon, url copying, and altnames options.

8 – QuestHelper:


Want to complete all your quests in the quickest and easiest fashion? Well, simply download the QuestHelper addon to find out how. As the name reveals, it possesses a database comprising of monsters, quests and items, pointing you in the exact location. It further calculates and provides you with the fastest path to finish your quests and gain experience along the way.

9 – BadBoy:


BadBoy is your one stop shop for blocking and reporting spam, whether it’s phishing, runescape gold trading, illegal item selling, hack, gold, casino or account trading. It also offers a 20 line chat buffer/throttle which tackles shady individuals who send the same text over and over again. What’s more, BadBoy also blocks and reports Battle.net/realid invites, according to the developer.

10 – Gladius:


And last but not the least, our final entry is called Gladius. The software adds enemy unit frames like Mana bar + Text, HP bar + Text, Cast bar + Text and Class icon to in-game arenas. This helps you to easily focus and target your foes. You can also tweak the settings and even disable most of the features provided here.


The acclaimed MMORPG from the house of Blizzard Entertainment has been around for more than half a decade now. And ever since its launch, the title has struck a chord with millions of gamers strewn all over the world. Now to further add to the in-game excitement, we’ve brought forth the best WoW addons so that fans get the most out of the gem in question. Do let us know what you think about the aforementioned delights.