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8 Best Workout Headphones

Best Workout Headphones

Best workout headphones – wondering why we’re offering you such a list? Well, as much as you’d want to ignore it, you can’t deny that working out is really all about staying motivated. More often than not, for most of us music is our steroid and there’s nothing that can help you stay on top of your fitness game with a good pair of earbuds at hand. The worst nightmare for any health enthusiast would be shuffling through their phones to get the desired song every minute or so. There’s a sea of options to pick from, irrespective of whether you decide to go wired or wireless on the headset front. So, here’s a lowdown on the best options in the market as far as combining fitness and headsets are concerned.

1 – Sennheiser CX 680 Sports:

Sennheiser CX 680 Sports

Besides it being gorgeously crafted, this Sennheiser beauty is a must-have for every sports enthusiast. The device is both, sweat and water-resistant and is totally built for the outdoors. Along with ambient noise being highly attenuated, the gadget works just fine during heavy movements too. The incorporated high-output ear-canal drivers pump up sound and high noise insulation.

What’s more, it’s accessorized by the Dupont Kevlar reinforced cable for greater strength. The included Sennheiser EarFin holding system allow for a perfect fit in the ear-canals too. The material used to craft the device is highly-flexible and shock-absorbing, making it a great accompaniment for fitness enthusiasts.

Price: $44.79 via Amazon

2 – Bose SIE2i Sport:

Bose SIE2i sport

In an alluring choice of orange and green colors, this Bose beauty is just what the doctor ordered for those who swear by their exercise routines. Allowing you to push the boundaries, the headset is both sweat – and weather – resistant courtesy of the hydrophobic acoustic material in place. Not even the most traditional earbuds in the market can match the comfort level offered by this Bose product.

Robust sound synonymous to the company will do more than its bit to keep your energy levels high. Yes, balanced audio from a sound belting device hurt no one in particular, and the SIE2i hits the right notes, both in the high and low range. You can rest assured of the StayHear ear tips being in place even during the most rigorous sessions. Further, the accompanying Reebook fitness armband holds the device appropriately.

Price: $149.95

3 – Monster iSport Immersion:

Monster iSport Immersion

Probably the coolest thing about the iSport Immersion is that the fact that they are comfortable to the tee. Irrespective of whether you are running, in the gym or simply biking, the gadget’s innovative SportClip design will keep you at ease. The fabrication of the device keeps it free from interfering with headgear like helmets and glasses. The body has been fitted by Pro Sound Isolating eartips which offer a tight seal, keeping water out of bounds.

Including powerful in-ear speakers and MicroStrand Conductors, you can enjoy music comfortably. The niceties with this bundle include the option to wash the gear as and when you please. Among the other notable features is ControlTalk for iDevices, UV-protection and swivel nozzle pivots. This one surely ups the ante of workout headphones in the market.

Price: $99.95

4 – JayBird Freedom Sprint:

JayBird Freedom Sprint

One look at JayBird’s wireless buds and you know that the company means business. Inclusive of premium wireless music, the headset works just as fine for calls too. Listener fatigue in the course of strenuous sessions is kept at bay with the warm bass tuning, allowing you to crank up the volume without too much of a worry. The balanced earbuds make even the most lengthy exercise sessions fun.

On-ear music controls allow access to quick commands and you aren’t left fumbling for controls. And it’s not just all about music controls. This JayBird innovation packs in an advanced microphone for optimum call clarity. With a fit for almost ever ear, the sweat-proof device is offered with secure fit ear cushion fins and sound isolating eartips, each in 3 varying sizes. Yes, one of the many reasons it’s featured in our countdown of workout headphones.

Price: $59.97

5 – Sony XBA-S65 Balanced Armature Sport:

XBA-S65 Balanced Armature

Pump up your exercise sessions with this Sony pair that drowns out surrounding sound effortlessly, allowing you to concentrate on your exercise routine. The included Balanced Armature driver units are top-notch, and engineered specifically to suit the taste buds of audio enthusiasts. The fact that the peripheral is water-resistant and sweat-proof only adds to its credibility of being one of the wisest choices for intensive exercise sessions.

Offering utmost precision and depth at least as far as sound is concerned; this device has been fashioned to satisfy committed audiophiles. The adjustable over-the-ear loop allows customization of ear fits, keeping the device in place no matter what you do. Besides, the noise-isolating ear cushions come in 3 types for maximum personalization.

Price: $89.99

6 – Polk UltraFit 2000:

Polk UltraFit 2000

This pair in our queue of workout headphones is meant for active audio listeners. It’s meant to please enthusiasts who prefer staying miles apart from in-ear design. With a deep bass output, the device offers enhanced digital sound performance and full fidelity. No twitching of fingers for controls needed too – the 3-button on-ear controls + microphone are conveniently placed.

What makes this pair super comfortable is the SecureFit design while the accompanying tangle-free planar audio cable is flexible to the tee. Moisture shield technology and a reflective safety wrap only make this gadget all the more likeable. You can’t miss the fact that it incorporates the StrainGuard Kevlar core technology for seamless cable connectivity.

Price: $55.98 via Amazon

7 – Plantronics BackBeat Go:

Plantronics BackBeat Go

The biggest factor working in favor of this Plantronics device is the fact that it is one of the smallest and lightest earbuds around. You can effortlessly pocket them. And, despite the small package, it is rich in stereo sound. Whether you’re listening to music or chatting with friends while working out, connectivity via the headset is effortless. Cushioned eartips in 3 sizes and 2 stabilizers directly translates to a secure fit.

Inline controls on this gadget will keep you in control without you really feeling hassled. While iPhone, iPad, Android 3.0 and Android 4.0 users can make the most of the onscreen headset battery meter.

Price: $99.99 via Amazon

8 – Phiaton PS 20 BT:

Phiaton PS 20 BT

Fashionistas can brace themselves for this Bluetooth half in-ear device that’s as much functional as stylish. The wireless design is a lightweight pair that should suit users’ needs of both, calls and music. The hands free solution gives complete flexibility for quick movements, making it ideal for working out.

The earphones feature “Echo-Off” technology that virtually eliminates background noise during calls. Further you can enjoy low frequency audio minus any vibrations for long hours easily. The fact that there are 4 sets of silicon ear-tips that users can choose from is an added advantage as far as comfort and fit is concerned.

Price: $97.99 via Amazon

The market is crowded to the hilt with a number of such peripherals for fitness enthusiasts. Pick up one of the aforementioned pairs, and you can rest assured about your exercise routines. Take your lifts a notch up or sweat it out all day without having your fitness equipment interfering. Good music, comfort, reliability and everything else to make sure that you get the most out of your sessions are some of the features offered by this list of the best workout headphones around.