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9 Best Workout Apps

Best Workout Apps

The following best workout apps help you stay fit whether you’re at home, at the gym or while on the go. They can all be easily accessed through your Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone gadgets. Want to seriously stick to that New Year’s resolution you made this year? Well, you’ll be able to shed a few kilos and even stay in shape with the aid of these interesting delights. You can transform your smartphone into your personal trainer, without having to shell too much money and invest in expensive equipment or training DVDs.

1 – FitnessBuilder:

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According to the brains behind this endeavor, the software proffers more than 750 handcrafted routines for various fitness levels. What’s more, it comes complete with over 5,600 exercise videos and images. You’ll be able to gain access to a live personal trainer and even take advantage of tracking and sharing tools.

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You can also form day-by-day or multi-week fitness plans. A few of the program’s other features include a Complete Body Stats tracker, Next Workout Intelligence, Ask A Fitness Question and Fitness, Health And Nutrition news.

For: Android – Free

2 – VirtuaGym Fitness:

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Whether you want to burn those calories at home or at the gym, this particular entrant will allow you to do just that without facing any hassles. Simply create a free online profile and gain access to more than 400 exercises, 100 routines and 150 special badges.

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You can even add and synchronize exercise sets you find online directly to this software. You’ll also be bombarded with clear 3D demonstrations. And your personal virtual trainer here will be a handsome lad called Brad Fit.

For: Android – Free

3 – Runtastic Pro:

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‘Are you training for a marathon or simply want to build up your cardio?,’ quips the developer. Well, if you’re nodding with enthusiasm, then don’t miss out on this one. It employs the use of GPS to accurately track your fitness activities like jogging, running or walking. The handy program even notes down your cardio progress as far as calories, distance, elevation change and time factors are concerned. A few other interesting attributes include Live tracking, Voice feedback, Cheering, Auto pause, Runtastic Earth View, Routes, Colored traces and Calorie goal.

For: iOS, Android – $4.99

4 – Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro:

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You can rely on this software bit while undergoing any distance-based motion like cycling, running or walking. Throughout your session, you’ll be provided with easy-to-read graphs that accurately portray your heart rate, lap times, altitude and speed. And when GPS coverage is unavailable, you can always turn to the step counter feature for tracking your activities.

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You’ll also bargain for a Customized Audio Coach, Calorie and Time goals, Low power mode and Interval programs. There’s also a free version which you can try out without spending a single penny.

For: Android, iOS, BlackBerry – $4.99

5 – Remix Workouts:

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When you download this interesting treat, you’ll have at your disposal up to 25,200 different exercise combinations which are fitted with real-time audio and video instructions. And as your regime continues, you can unlock new moves to add a bit of variety to your training. It even provides exercise modifications for different fitness levels. You can expect a new session every time as its data base comprises of up to 25,200 combinations. Other features read as Demonstration Clips, Interval Settings, Key Points, Warm-Up and Cool Down, Timers and Progression Bar and Circuit Format.

For: iOS – Free

6 – Workout Trainer:

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Here you can rely on certified trainers who will guide you through the various exercise sets by providing step-by-step photo, audio and video instructions as well as oodles of cheering. There are 1,000 free routines to avail of. Simply opt for your particular area of focus which could be anything from improving your running to attaining a six pack.

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This program even comes in handy when you don’t have access to special exercise equipment. You can also share your session sets with loved ones through Facebook, Twitter and email.

For: Android – Free

7 – JEFIT Pro:

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This comprehensive program is packed to the hilt with a large exercise and routine database. It seems like the ideal choice for creating different routines as well as tracking your sessions, lifting progress and body statistics. It’s also infused with a user-friendly routine manager and adjustable sets for respective exercise routines. And if you don’t want to part ways with just under $5, you can always check out the free versions.

For: Android, iOS – $4.99

8 – Gym Technik:

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You can expect exercise guidance complete with videos and images for all the routines fitted into its vast library. The software seamlessly tracks weights, reps, time, distance and calories burned. There’s also an integrated resting and recovery timer as well as a special calendar where you can view and schedule routines. You can even share your progress with friends and family via Twitter and Facebook.

For: BlackBerry – Free

9 – DeekFit:

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Here you’re called on to seamlessly build your gym routines, monitor your bodyweight and log your sessions. Looked upon as a great gym companion, this particular contender has the ability to track your progress and even allows you to view stats, add custom exercises, set goals and enable auto-countdown timers.

For: Windows Phone – Free


Staying in shape and maybe even losing a few inches on the tummy have always seemed like a distant reality for some, what with the daily hectic schedules and all. Well, helping this reality seem not so distant anymore are our best workout apps. They all can be accessed straight from your smartphone. You’ll even be able to track your daily progress through these gems. So what are you waiting for? Go right ahead, procure your favorites and stay healthy. Don’t forget to leave your comments on your desired choices right here.