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7 Best Wine Apps For iPhone

Best Wine Apps For iPhone

The best wine apps for iPhone enable you to savor the flavor of this delectable drink anytime, anywhere. Not a connoisseur of fine wines but still love the stuff? Let our comprehensive picks guide you on your wine tasting and drinking escapades. The various software options enhance your eau-de-vie experiences, whether it’s a formal wine-tasting evening or a late night dinner with that someone special. Be it the red, white, dry or sparkling sort, you can be sure to emerge an expert on the subject when the occasion calls for it. So arm yourself with your corkscrew, drip cloth, wine decanter and glasses as you read on.

1 – Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations:

Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations

Oenophiles out there can feast their eyes on our first option namely, Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations. It comprises of a large, detailed wine database and even proffers recommendations as per your taste preferences and meals. So if you’re feasting on filet mignon, pepperoni pizza or even macaroni and cheese and want to sip on something special, simply punch in your menu and the software will come up with the best food pairings.

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Did the wine last night leave you a bit too tipsy to remember its name? Well, this app allows you to save and track all the titles and specific years of your choice. It also provides quick wine reviews to help you in your selection. An additional bonus comes in the form of the wine label image recognition feature which enables you to snap a picture of the label and acquire various bits of information such as ratings, food pairings, and tasting notes.

Price: Free

2 – Drync Wine Pro:

Drync Wine Pro

By shelling out just under $4, you’ll be able to make a better and more informed choice while shopping for wine. How, you might ask? Well, Drync Wine Pro comes complete with an extensive database of information as well as expert reviews and community tasting notes. According to the developer, it puts more than 1 million wines in your pocket. Tasted something worth jotting down for future reference? Simply click a photo of the label slapped on the wine bottle and punch in your thoughts on the same. This entrant in our wine apps for iPhone also provides vital information on wine, based on region, vintage, price range and style. You can further share your delicious delights with loved ones via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: $3.99

3 – AG Wine Guide:

AG Wine Guide

Whether you’re a wine maker or just appreciate fine wine, the AG Wine Guide app is a perfect companion to port around especially while dining at your favorite restaurant or rushing to the nearby store. Detailed profiles of grape varieties, regions, vintages and appellations enable you to make a more informed purchase.

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Refer to the AG Wine Guide accommodated within your Apple device and intelligently stack up your basement cellar with the finest wines out there. Packed with a user-friendly interface, you can smoothly swipe your way to a new collection of bottles, vintage or otherwise. What’s more, all information bits are stored within the app itself, so no need to hop onto the internet for your vin requirements.

Price: $0.99

4 – Wine Notes:

Wine Notes

A must-have for sommeliers, connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts, the Wine Notes app allows you to keep track of all the vino names you simply loved and even those that were not so palatable. Did the fabulous wine you had last evening at your friend’s place leave a lasting impression on your mind and taste buds? Well, you can now rely on this particular application for jotting down notes and other information pertaining to the brand and vintage. Pose as a professional wine taster and give your reviews and ratings for all the wines that left a good taste in your mouth. The software further enables you to share your reviews with other like-minded individuals via Facebook and Twitter. You can even scan barcodes to search for your desired wine. And like the Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations app, this delight in our wine apps for iPhone array also comes minus a price tag.

Price: Free

5 – Wine Events:

Wine Events

Vin collectors and cellar owners can take complete advantage of the Wine Events app for finding wine and food events in their vicinity. By punching in your current location, you’ll be able to see the different events taking place within a short distance. This way, you’ll never again miss an important event. Not only does it provide full occasion details while on the go, but also interactive location-based maps portraying the exact address. You can post your check-in and other information via the Facebook integration feature.

Price: $3.99

6 – VintageChart+:


The VintageChart+ app does exactly what its name suggests. It provides wine aficionados with expert information which comes in very handy while picking out just the right vino for a party or just a quite candlelight dinner for two. According to the maker, it displays the quality and character of various wines that aren’t too familiar to the eye of the beholder. Proffering a complete mobile reimagining of vintage charts, this software represents popular wine regions plucked from all across the globe. And there are also full Google Maps embedded into the app which points out the exact locations of where the wines were produced. Other attributes featured here include drinkability recommendations, tasting notes and scores. Thanks to this inclusion in our wine apps for iPhone lineup, you can now host your very own wine tasting party.

Price: Free

7 – Pair It! – Food and Wine Guide:

Pair It!

The final application in our roster is Pair It! – Food and Wine Guide. This software proves to be a host’s best pal as it provides more than 20,000 hand-selected wine pairings as well as delectable recipes and helpful tips. Simply type out the wine, ingredient or food item that’s being served to your guests and the application will display expert pairing suggestions for the same.

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You can always shout out ‘surprise me’ and shake or swirl your Apple handset to acquire a different pairing every time. Not looking for anything too exotic? Pair It! also provides QuickPair recommendations for matching wine to basic food dishes and ingredients.

Price: $4.99

So the next time you’re out with friends and family, make sure your loaded with the best wine apps for iPhone. No need to call on the restaurant’s sommelier to suggest the best combinations or perfect vintage. And don’t forget to drop in your comments on your favorites.