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8 Best Windows Phone 7 Apps

Best Windows Phone 7 Apps

These best Windows Phone 7 apps are here to narrow down your options from amongst the sea of software alternatives available in the virtual marketplace. Portable offerings at their best, the delights mentioned below address many categories that range from food to photography to social networking and music. Our compilation certainly has it all covered. What you are required to do now is simply scan through the list, pick the ones you like and download them onto your handset. Whether you’re the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia phone or maybe even the HTC Titan or Samsung Omnia 7, there’s something for everyone in our array.

1 – Evernote:


No stranger to the mobile market, Evernote acts like an extension of your brain that helps you pen down creative ideas, which may just pop up without fair warning. It even allows you to keep a log of notes or snapshots of just about anything under the sun. What’s more, all this gets instantly synchronized to the Internet and PC, directly from your handset. The 7.5 version claims to bring in enhanced search integration, background synchronization and social integration. Pinning of notes and template tiles are also in the offing when you download this particular app.

Price: Free

2 – Tango Video Calls:

Tango Video Calls

As they say, ‘It takes two to tango,’ and you can do just that with a virtual twist. Through our next inclusion among the Windows Phone 7 apps we like best, you can seamlessly stay in touch with loved ones by conducting phones calls and video chats, all without shelling a penny. You would however, require a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection to communicate effectively with friends and family. Be it international interaction or local calls, all you and your contacts need is the Tango app installed in the phone, tablet or PC. Those having iOS or Android devices can also avail of the software.

Price: Free

3 – Flickr:


Through the Flickr app, your near and dear ones will have the opportunity to see the world through your eyes. Shutterbugs wielding a slab can now share high quality photos snapped directly via the in-app camera. And although a picture speaks a thousand words, you can always add a few more with the help of tags, titles, comments and descriptions. The software even throws in an Explore module, which comprises of the most interesting Flickr snaps and galleries. Seen a picture perfect moment? Quickly snap it through the Live Tiles pinned conveniently on your Start screen.

Price: Free

4 – SoundHound:


Audiophiles can take complete advantage of SoundHound along with all its exclusive features, while on the go. With this software snugly accommodated in your handset, you simply need to either hum out that foot tapping tune or place your phone near a speaker. This software comes in quite handy especially while attending a friend’s BBQ party, or out shopping at the mall. If you hear a melody that catches your fancy, SoundHound would identify it for you, all in under just four seconds, as claimed by the company. Besides this, it also brings forth licensed lyrics and song previews as well as real time Facebook and Twitter updates from desired artists or bands.

Price: Free

5 – Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle

Is the bookworm in you still feeding off small amounts of reading material such as your daily newspaper, short stories and comic strips? We understand the problem of porting around extra bulk like novels or magazines while traveling and that’s precisely why we’ve got Amazon Kindle featuring in our Windows Phone 7 apps list. With this software in place, you can satisfy your reading appetite by gorging on a wide variety of books that are available at the Kindle Store, directly from your handset. The vast sea of titles reportedly comprises of 750,000 Kindle books that fall into the categories of New Releases and New York Times Best Sellers, with most of them retailing under $10. For those who might not want to spare a dime, there are loads of free classics to choose from such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Pride and Prejudice.

Price: Free

6 – Allrecipes:


With a name so tantalizing, one might only wonder what could be cooking within its contents. Well, Allrecipes rolls out a banquet of useful and fun recipes complete with respective reviews and scrumptious pictures for catering to various palates. You can curb your growling tummy with mouth-watering dishes that range between appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, drinks and even desserts. The software enables you to whip up something special with just the ingredients at hand and even proffers a Desired ‘Ready In’ Time category that includes quick cooking recipes which can be carried out in just under 20 minutes, as well as all-day slow cooker dishes. Seen a recipe you like or conjured up a new hors d’oeuvre of your own? Share it with others through email or via social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Price: Free

7 – SkyMap:


Downloading SkyMap is like having an expansive planetarium fitted into the minimal confines of your handset. In order to accurately identify the stars, planets, constellations and deep space objects, all you need to do is simply point your phone skywards and enjoy the feedback you receive in real time. Laid out in complete 3D and rich textures, it even offers a red system tray feature, when exploited via night mode. Although there is a free trial available in the Marketplace, ardent star gazers can purchase this particular entrant in our Windows Phone 7 apps, for a small fee.

Price: $1.49

8 – I’m a WP7:


Yes indeed, if you get your hands on a Windows 7 handset, you can exclaim ‘I’m a WP7 user.’ However, it’s more than just some slogan you can shout out. It is an app that brings all WP7 handset owners closer by means of an exclusive social network of sorts. By accessing your current location, obviously, with your permission, it keeps track of your present position and even enables you to interact with other users on the same platform, either in the neighborhood or anywhere else around the globe. Furthermore, this software also holds a special place for developers, which allows them to meet with WP7 owners and show off their own app creations.

Price: Free

After going through the various options spread across our list of the best Windows Phone 7 apps, we hope you’ve picked your favorites and are already downloading them via the Marketplace. Do let us know which candidates caught your eye and even the ones that we might have missed out on.