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5 Best Web Browser For Windows 7

Web Browser For Windows 7

The best web browser for Windows 7 in your books has to be an all-rounder. When you choose your best option, you must keep in mind a few vital factors like safety, security, compatibility, speed and performance. A contender may also earn extra brownie points if it comes complete with a few interesting additions and features. Wondering just what the various choices are in this particular category? Well, we’ve rounded up a few acclaimed names for you to opt from. What’s more, each of these delights claims to play well with the Microsoft OS that’s in the spotlight here. So without further delay, here are our formidable picks.

1 – Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox

This innovative option strides to the forefront with the tagline, ‘bringing together all kinds of awesomeness.’ If you choose this free, open-source gem, you bargain for quite an impressive slew of features. For one, you’ll be blessed with an ‘Awesome Bar’ which is simply a smarter location bar. It learns your preferences over time and hence can proffer better matches. And irrespective whether you’re using the OS in question or any other system like Linux or Mac, you can be sure that the virtual fox will seamlessly integrate into your PC environment.

Some of the other features roped in here include an improved interface, Firefox button, session restore, multi-touch support and easy search. It even enforces the parent control settings in order to bar any unwanted downloads. You can also sync your desktop and mobile Firefox so that you can gain access to all your passwords, open tabs, bookmarks and history on any device or platform.

2 – Google Chrome:

Google Chrome

The freeware delight rolls out onto the scenario from the house of the Mountain View based company. It turns heads with its claim to ‘run applications and sites with lightening speed.’ This means you can expect quick start up from the desktop and fast page loading. The company also proffers a clean and simple interface where you can easily arrange tabs, navigate and search without having any worry lines on your brow. As far as security is concerned, the option comes complete with integrated malware and phishing protection.

You can even put your personal spin on things with the plethora of customization options embedded here. This entrant in our roster lets you add extensions, applications and themes that can be acquired from the Chrome Store. And when you sign in, you’ll be able to espy all your bookmarks, settings, history and desired Google services anywhere, anytime.

3 – Internet Explorer 9:

Internet Explorer 9

According to the brains behind this endeavor, all your online sites will ‘shine and perform just like the native applications on your PC.’ Emerging from the barn of Microsoft, this delectable option claims to be fast and even proffers a clutter-free appearance and larger viewing area so that your virtual destinations aren’t hindered in any way. It seamlessly integrates into the OS for gaining one-click access to the apps pinned to your taskbar.

This one even boasts of incorporating privacy, security and reliability technology bits so that you’ll be able to surf through the internet, worry-free. Additionally, it lends support to modern online standards and HTML5. Some of the languages the gem is available in include English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Latvian and Portuguese.

4 – Opera:


This inclusion in our array jumps in with the line, ‘made for your computer.’ It’s noted to be a high-speed option that places all your favorite sites directly on your homepage with the help of the Speed Dial feature. You can even add new favorites with just one simple click. It further provides a ton of Opera extensions which proffers useful services and even colorful themes to brighten up your surfing experience.

What’s more, you’ll be able to breathe easy as the program checks risky sites and also cautions you when it picks up potential threats. Through Opera Link, you can seamlessly store speed dial sites, bookmarks and passwords for instant access to everything that matters to you while on the go. Lastly, you will also be able to take complete advantage of mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

5 – Apple Safari:

Apple Safari

The Apple treat which usually comes embedded within the Mac OS X and iOS systems, can also be exploited via the Microsoft OS. The Safari 5.1.7 version in our roundup is looked upon as the latest release for the PC. With this edition, you can expect to see enhancements made to different aspects such as stability, performance, security and compatibility.

You may even find that the program’s responsiveness has been significantly improved when the system is low on memory. Some of the languages it supports include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, French, Italian, Chinese and Turkish.


In the past, we’ve brought a smile on the faces of many tech enthusiasts who use this particular Microsoft OS on a daily basis. We had earlier roped in the acme choices for many aspects such as antivirus, music players, registry cleaners and firewalls. Well, it’s now time for you to pick your preferred solution that will take you onto the information superhighway.

Through any of the aforesaid gems in our best web browser for Windows 7 list, you’ll be able to seamlessly view your favorite sites, social networks, chat with loved ones and even play online games. Now before you go ahead and download your desired delight from the internet, don’t forget to leave your comments in the space allotted just below.