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8 Best Weather Apps for iPhone

Best Weather Apps For iPhone

These best weather apps for iPhone are here to put an end to all those weather woes and keep you informed about what the situation will be like during the course of the day. While you can make use of these applications to know about unexpected showers and snowfall, they should particularly be helpful when you are visiting places for the first time and aren’t well-versed with the climatic conditions. Steal a glance at the list laid down for your consideration and choose the one you like the most.

1 – WeatherPro:


If you wish to have an app that will keep you updated about the conditions, regardless of where you are, this app seems like the right option for you as it claims to bring the reports from as many as 2 million locations around the world. Besides temperature, it displays wind direction and speed in the format you choose. Humidity, air pressure, precipitation and more are also chalked. It lets you pan and zoom images and know the accurate sunrise or sunset timings. And while you can sync your favorite settings through iCloud, it also allows you to let your friends know about the conditions via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: $3.99

2 – eWeather HD:

eWeather HD

This candidate has been added to our roster for all those of you who like applications that are complete with stunning graphics. It provides weather forecasts of 10 days for close to 130,000 locations across the globe and displays animated radar maps throughout the US.

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It features ‘Barometer’ – a diagram projecting the pressure changes of the last 24 hours, and alerts you every time it detects a change. Moreover, it shows the temperature right on your homescreen.

Price: $1.99

3 – Weather:


Now this is one application that tells you the climatic conditions of the area you are in, even if you do not know exactly where you are. The software makes use of the built-in GPS and eliminates the need to manually punch in the location. Besides GPS, it utilizes the internet to bring all the information to your fingertips in real time. It also informs you about the humidity, temperature and more through the info button.

Price: Free

4 – WeatherBug:


This entrant in our lineup claims to be the most accurate when it comes to offering forecasts in real time. As it takes assistance from the network of stations at the neighborhood-level, you can expect the application to come up with a personalized report. Some other features of this app include Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts by Earth Networks, automatic updates based on your current location, climatic conditions of any region across the US and interactive maps.

Price: Free

5 – Weather HD:

Weather HD

This app goes a step ahead when it comes to displaying the current climatic conditions as it does so with the help of stunning high definition videos to complement the Retina display of the iPhone.

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Featuring an on-screen clock, it brings the ‘accurate’ weather forecast of the next 7 days from around the globe. Compatible with iCloud, it recognizes gestures and lets you view the humidity levels as well as heat index, pressure, dew point and much more.

Price: $0.99

6 – The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel

Whether it’s about planning the next hour, day or week, this application in our queue will assist you with the task. You can swipe between locations and the key highlight should be the weather-triggered imagery, which alters the background of the tool on the basis of the actual weather conditions.

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Its homescreen has a built-in camera button to click images that can then be shared with friends via Facebook, Twitter, iWitness or emails. The developers have improved the location management system and added search as well as settings icons too.

Price: Free

7 – Weather+ Free:

Weather Plus Free

While some other applications in this array are limited to animated images, this app goes a notch higher by bringing information to your device in the form of full screen videos. Besides Flip clock and World clock, it puts up standard details such as temperature, wind direction, humidity, pressure, precipitation and condition description amongst others. Switching between selected locations is extremely easy through a single swipe gesture and it gives you an option to choose your preferred unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius as well as Kilometers and Miles.

Price: Free

8 – Living Earth HD:

Living Earth HD

A combination of a world clock, a weather forecaster and an alarm clock, Living Earth HD lets you enjoy a live 3D simulation of our planet. The app is updated every three hours and it can display global cloud patterns, tropical storms and hurricanes around the world on your smartphone.

YouTube video

In addition to letting you know about the sunrise and sunset times, this software also allows you to observe changing seasons, snow coverage and other such movements around the world. It has been optimized to suit the Retina display of the iPhone.

Price: $1.99

So these were some of the best weather apps for iPhone that we’ve plucked out from a plethora of options available in Apple’s App Store. But if you think we missed out on your favorite weather forecaster, drop in a line to let us know about it.