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5 Best Ways to Save Space When Storing Videos


As much as it is convenient to have videos saved on your hard drive, the fact of the matter is that videos can take up a lot of space. If you’re using a PC with several terabytes of storage then that might not matter so much – but if you’re using an SSD, or mobile device then you may very quickly fill it up to capacity.
Fortunately, there are several ways that you can save space when storing videos:

  • Use video formats and codecs with better compression

Some formats and codecs offer better compression than others – particularly newer codecs such as x264 or x265. Not only will this help to immediately reduce the file size of your videos, but you will also find that it will offer a better quality vs. file size if you choose to adjust the video parameters to shrink the file size further.

  • Adjust the framerate, bitrate, and resolution

If you want to adjust the video parameters to shrink the file size of your videos then the three areas you should look at are the framerate, bitrate, and resolution. It goes without saying that adjusting any of these parameters will affect the quality of your video so the trick is to find a balance. In some cases, your video may exceed the specifications of your device, in which case you can optimize it without really losing anything.

  • Only save video highlights

Do you sometimes store entire videos when you’re really only interested in a particular part of it? If you have a 20-minute video but you really are only interested in 5 minutes of its content then you could just cut out the highlights rather than saving the entire video. Naturally, this will help to make sure that less space is wasted, and it will also make it more convenient for you when you refer to the video.

  • Store videos on the cloud

Rather than saving videos on your hard drive, you could instead choose to save it on the cloud. Keep in mind that if you choose to do so then you’ll need to be online when you access it – and sometimes uploading large videos may take time as well.

  • Save videos as audio files instead

Make no mistake this is highly specific – but many people often store videos that they could easily save as audio files instead. Essentially if you have any music videos, discussions, Skype conversations where the visuals aren’t that important you can save them as audio files so that they take up much less space.

To start conserving space when you store videos you will need a video converter that can help you to switch the format and codecs of your videos. In that regard, Movavi Video Converter will help you out – not just with that but also when it comes to other ways of saving space when storing videos.

With the features in Movavi Video Converter you can opt to adjust the video parameters, compress your videos, cut out any segments you don’t need, save video as audio files, or just use it as a video converter to MP4. It will even let you improve the quality of your videos, add customizable text, create animated GIFs out of video clips, and so on.

Effectively Movavi Video Converter will let you pick and choose how you want to save space when storing your videos. Because of how easy it is to use you should be able to pick it up right now and start applying it in just a few minutes.