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7 Best Waterproof iPhone Case

We’re giving you a list of best waterproof iPhone case to keep your precious smartphone safe from damage. It’s no hidden fact that Apple devices don’t play well with liquids and many companies have managed to cash in from this shortcoming by taking steps to offer solutions that prevent harm to internal components. What’s more, some of them have taken things to new limits by offering unique designs and features. Have a look for yourself –

1. iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua:

iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua

The iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua is one of the most unique cases we’ve seen for the iPhone. This one is designed for the 5 and 5S models. What makes this option an attractive pick is that the company has managed to cram in an interchangeable 2200mAh battery which basically allows you to charge your smartphone. The power bank has a lifespan of around 300 to 500 charge cycles.

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The case is IPX8 certified which means that the device can be submerged at up to 3 meters. The accessory is also shockproof, snow-proof and dirt-proof. The main downside here is that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor won’t be accessible with the cover on. The iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua costs $119.95.

2. Hitcase Pro:

Hitcase Pro

Hitcase Pro is the waterproof iPhone case you should be looking at if you’re into adventure sports and love recording your experiences. This is one of the most durable options available on the market. The body is crafted from ABS polycarbonate and a textured rubberized surface. The case has a mounting system which is compatible with GoPro mounts and it provides full access to main functions such as calling, texting and shooting with the camera.

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You’ll also be able to attach a 3x wide-angle lens for capturing larger scenes. The Hitcase Pro is water-resistant up to 10 meters and it’s shock-resistant as well. The accessory is on sale for $129.99 and it supports the 4/4S as well as 5/5S.

3. Griffin Survivor + Catalyst:

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst

Griffin is one of the most popular case makers for Apple devices and its Survivor + Catalyst is a fine choice for the 5 and 5S models. This option features a very minimalistic design where the company has used transparent materials, a polycarbonate frame and rear cover as well as other components made from nylon. You’ll also find shock-absorbing bumpers.

While the Touch ID isn’t accessible with the case on, you’ll be treated to 3 meters of water resistance, 2 meters of impact minimization and dust resistance as well. The Griffin Survivor + Catalyst is priced at $69.99.

4. LifeProof fre:

LifeProof fre

What makes the LifeProof fre the best waterproof iPhone case on the market for the 5S model is its ability to provide full access to important features on the handset, including the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The accessory is pretty simple looking and it comes in multiple colors. With it on, your smartphone will be waterproof up to 2 meters and also resistant to dust, drops and snow.

The company has designed the fre with a scratch protector on the front and an anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens on the rear. The LifeProof fre is also compatible with the iPhone 5 and it costs $79.99.

5. Otterbox Armor:

Otterbox Armor

Otterbox is another popular name in the iPhone accessory market. The company offers high quality cases for the smartphone. The Armor series is what we’re recommending today which is one of the most robust options on this compilation for the iPhone 5. With the Armor, your Apple smartphone will be resistant to water at up to 6.6 feet for a period of 30 minutes max.

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The outside body features a reinforced plastic which is capable of withstanding up to 2 tons of force, while the inside has protective mesh layers. The case also keeps the device protected from drops of 10 feet max.

6. LifeProof nuud:

LifeProof nuud

Unlike the fre, the LifeProof nuud has a slightly innovative design. While all options on this waterproof iPhone case roster have screen protectors to keep the display safe from liquids and other damages, this one doesn’t have any covering for the screen. Well, you do get an optional screen protector, but it isn’t really necessary. What’s more, you’ll be able to use the Touch ID sensor.

Even with the case on, the camera, flash, volume buttons, microphone, speakers and headphone jack are all conveniently accessible. The accessory has a transparent rear design and it’s pretty slim as well as lightweight. Where water resistance is concerned, it can be submerged at up to 2 meters and it also provides protection against dirt, snow and drops. The LifeProof nuud 5/5S costs $89.99.

7. Ballistic Hydra:

Ballistic Hydra

The Ballistic Hydra is another sleek and simple looking case for the iPhone 5 and 5S models. Along with the usual dust and dirt resistance, the case is also waterproof at up to 7 feet for 30 minutes. This accessory has a high impact resistance and it can sustain drops from around 7 feet.

To make this possible, air gap suspension springs have been implemented which maintain 1mm of air so that the phone is less likely to hit the surface. Also, the display is covered by a polycarbonate screen protector. The Ballistic Hydra is priced at $79.99.


So what’s your pick on this waterproof iPhone case compilation? As you’ve seen, there are no choices for the iPhone 5C and that’s mainly because we couldn’t find any viable options to recommend. Now most of the aforementioned choices are pretty good-looking, but if you rather not spoil the appearance of your Apple smartphone by covering it up, your next best option would be to go for something like the Liquipel water-safe treatment that makes your device resistant to liquids by applying a preventative coating.