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6 Best Video Chat Apps for Android

Best Video Chat Apps For Android

A list of the best video chat apps for Android has been put together for all you users of this Google platform to keep in touch with your loved ones across the globe. Agreed, you can always engage in phone conversations or chat on the internet, but talking face to face is a totally different experience. More so, when the person is thousands of miles away from you. So here we are with a set of video calling applications, which will let you stay connected, wherever you are. Take a look.

1 – Skype – Free Video Calling:

Skype Free Video Calling

Next up on our list of video chat apps for Android is Skype which proved its worth across a number of other platforms before it was released for the Google OS. As the application supports Skype-to-Skype video calls, it lets you engage in video conferencing with friends using other platforms like iOS, Mac, PC besides Android. And if that’s not all, you can send SMS or make voice calls to mobiles and landlines at considerably low rates.

Along with video conferencing, you can send IMs to your Skype friends and share pictures, files or videos instantly. And Android devices running Gingerbread or higher versions can also take advantage of the rear facing camera in addition to the front facing one.

Price: Free

2 – Tango Voice and Video Calls:

Tango Voice and Video Calls

The Tango application claims to work seamlessly over the 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks and enables video calling with users who have this application installed on their phones, tablets or computer systems. The simple to use app lets you easily switch to video conferencing in the middle of a voice calls. And a latest feature update of this app allows you to leave video messages for your friends by following a simple procedure after long pressing their name.

It seems like a nice way to save up on money, as it supports free international calls to other Tango users. Also, it doesn’t require you to log in or have passwords and greatly reduces hassles by finding friends who happen to use the app.

Price: Free

3 – Yahoo! Messenger:

Yahoo Messenger

If you are wondering why Yahoo! Messenger has been listed on the roster of video chat apps for Android, then allow us to inform you that this application now supports video calling. But as the app is still in its Beta version, only those of you using smartphones running Android 2.3 or later versions can enjoy face to face conferencing with a little assistance from the voice and video Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in.

Needless to say the video as well as voice calls can be made free of charge. You can also chat with your Facebook or Windows Live friends or send free international texts in select countries.

Price: Free

4 – fring:


Another cross platform software that lets you be in contact with loved ones around the world is the fring, which not only supports face to face video chats, but also group chats with up to four friends. And like most other applications listed on the array of video chat apps for Android, this one also lets you make voice calls and send instant messages. Of Course, it requires your friends to download the application as well.

Besides Android, it supports other platforms like Apple and Nokia amongst others. Its key highlight is the Dynamic Video Quality (DVQ) technology, utilized for an improved video as well as audio quality on all operating systems.

Price: Free

5 – ooVoo Video Call:

ooVoo Video Call

While the fring application is restricted to group video chat between four friends, the ooVoo Video Call app supports 6-way video calling. And why only Android, it will let you exchange pleasantries with friends using a number of other platforms including iOS, Mac and PC systems. The free video calls are supported on networks like 3G, 4G as well as on Wi-Fi. And along with free ooVoo to ooVoo voice calls, you can also make calls to landline or other mobile phone numbers at lower rates through this application.

Price: Free

6 – Qik Video:

Qik Video

The last app on our roster for today is the Qik Video, that keeps you connected via video chats in addition to allowing you to share videos online or forward video mails to family and friends. Its integration with social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, simplifies the process of uploading recorded videos through the mobile device or streaming them onto the Android phone from the web.

You also receive feeds to view videos uploaded by your contacts on Qik and the app tells you who all are available for a video chat. Moreover, it saves all your videos in the cloud storage in case you’re using a premium subscription.

Price: Free

So that’s a wrap with our comprehensive list of the best video chat apps for Android. Do share your experiences of using these applications. And if we have missed out on something that you think is on par with the ones mentioned above, drop in a word to let us know about it.