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8 Best Unzip Programs

Best Unzip Programs

So you’re looking for the best unzip programs to decompress archive files. Well, you’ve stumbled upon the right place as we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 8 gems that are currently capturing the hearts of millions across the globe. Zip files certainly come in quite handy when you want to compress loads of content. It could be because you crave some much needed storage space on your computer or maybe even because you want to seamlessly send files across to colleagues, friends or family members without worrying about the size of the data.

1 – 7-Zip:


The open source software dubbed simply as 7-Zip can be exploited without dabbling in any payment woes or signing on the dotted line. It’s a great option to use especially when you’re working with different file formats like XZ, GZIP, ZIP, 7z, BZIP2, TAR and WIM. According to the developer, the software offers a compression ratio that’s around 2-10% better when pitted against the likes of WinZip and PKZip, while dealing with GZIP and ZIP formats.

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Some of its other attributes include a self-extracting capability for 7z format, powerful file manager, plugin for FAR manager and Windows Shell integration. 7-Zip can be utilized with Windows 7, XP, Vista and a few other systems as well. There’s even a command line version port for Linux and Unix.

2 – WinRAR:


A powerful archive manager roars into our unzip programs roster christened WinRAR. It’s a great tool to turn to especially when you need to back up all your vital data as well as reduce email attachment sizes. And since it’s featured in this very segment, you can also expect the software to decompress ZIP and RAR files as well as unpack other archive formats such as CAB, LZH, ACE, ARJ, TAR, UUE, 7Z, JAR, GZ and TAR.GZ.

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Before taking out your wallet, you can give WinRAR a try by simply downloading the trial version.

3 – ExtractNow:


Sounds almost like the name of a science fiction movie, doesn’t it? Well, ExtractNow is actually a simple utility for extracting multiple archives without any hassles. Claiming to support nearly all major archive formats, the software in question offers a simple, intuitive user interface as well as the ability to control the actions that take place post-extraction. You can also search through archives and even employ password lists for zeroing in on the right code. The minimum system requirements stated by the developer are Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 5.5. And did we mention that it’s free?

4 – WinAce:


Yet another archiving software option makes its way into our unzip programs array. Going by the tagline, ‘because sometimes, size does matter,’ WinAce boasts of its very own compression format ACE and even provides integrated support for other compression formats such as RAR, ZIP, JAVA JAR, LHA and MS-CAB. It further supports the decompression of all these types in addition to ARC, GZip, ARJ ZOO and TAR.

You can also be sure that all your data is protected, thanks to the inclusion of password encryption and recovery records. Other attributes include SFX and repair functionality for ZIP and ACE, full drag and drop support, and optimization of existing archives.

5 – ZipGenius:


ZipGenius is noted to be a powerful archive manager fashioned exclusively for Windows. As announced by the maker, the software at hand can handle over 20 compressed archive types, which makes it an ideal virtual pal either at work or home. This freeware product can further be taken complete advantage of and installed in any type of environment, be it corporate, private, educational, professional or professional.

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And although it hits the scene in English and Italian, you can also acquire the same dubbed in other languages like French, German, Dutch, Hungarian and Spanish.

6 – StuffIt Expander:

StuffIt Expander

Endowed with the title StuffIt Expander, this software selection lets you gain access and uncompress StuffIt X and ZIP archives with ease. Besides foraying across the scene for the Windows system, Expander also makes its way to devices infused with a helping of iOS like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as well as Mac OS X systems.

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The app for the former lot allows you to open ZIP and StuffIt X archive attachments plucked right out of your webmail. Some of the file formats that can be previewed include numbers documents, Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, pages documents and keynote documents, to name a few.

7 – AndroZip File Manager:

AndroZip File Manager

Our lineup of unzip programs is also filled with more mobile applications. ‘Functionality and simplicity’ is the tagline attached to the next contender namely, AndroZip File Manager. Besides unziping and unpacking files, the app also aids in deleting, copying, searching and compressing them all. You can also organize all your music, folders and pictures just the way you would on your desktop. It further lends support to ZIP and encrypted ZIP as well as TAR, RAR, BZIP2 and GZIP files. So those of you who possess an Android-powered handset or tablet can simply hit the download button without worrying about the price tag as there is none.

8 – SecureZIP Reader:

SecureZIP Reader

Our final inclusion is also a mobile solution which you can access anywhere, anytime. With the SecureZIP Reader app fitted in your Android- or iOS-powered handset, you’ll be able to extract and view all your ZIP as well as encrypted and secured sensitive files from emails as well as cloud providers like Dropbox and Box.Net. As the company reveals, the PKWare solution is an amalgamation of ZIP decompression and decryption. And like some of the earlier entrants, this one can also be availed of absolutely free of cost.


Want a software option that seamlessly decompresses the reduced files sent over by your boss? Or need an apt solution to unzip the required files stored on your laptop or computer? Well, you can choose any of the best unzip programs to satisfy each of your requirements in this particular perspective. So which ones would you like to use? Have we covered a few of your favorites? Do enlighten us with your choice by typing them into our comment box below.