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Best Uninstall Tools

The best uninstall tool will help you get rid of all those unwanted programs that are simply cluttering up your PC. You can turn to these great options when the Add/Remove feature that’s found in the Control Panel simply isn’t enough to eliminate entire applications from your computer system. With any of the following names by your side, you’ll be able to seamlessly do away with any leftovers or traces of the discarded program. Already excited? Well, read on to know the different options that are up for grabs under this topic.

Best Uninstall Tool

1 – Mighty Uninstaller:

Mighty Uninstaller

Want to uninstall any unnecessary Windows programs? Well, you can rely on this easy-to-use utility for this very purpose. Claimed to be packed with advanced and fast algorithms, it closely analyzes the desired software’s information bits so that it can be completely cleared from your system. This gem comes in handy for tuning your PC and eliminating leftover folders, duplicate files, junk folders and invalid registry entries. It will even disable unwanted start-up programs and safeguard your registry from errors, giving your computer a performance boost. Created for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7 and 2008, the uninstall tool can either be downloaded for free or acquired by shelling out just under $40.

2 – Revo Uninstaller Pro:

Revo Uninstaller Pro

This entrant in our uninstall tools roster forays onto the scene claiming to, ‘removes unwanted programs and traces easily.’ And in case more convincing is in order, the developer reveals that the software should come in handy for uninstalling stubborn programs, deleting leftover data and avoiding installation errors. You won’t even have to deal with update problems anymore.

To keep your worries at bay, this virtual option comes with a Quick\Multiple Uninstall command and Forced Uninstall feature. Even if you remove the desired program via its regular uninstaller, it will swoop in and get rid of any remainder traces. You can either opt for the freeware solution or directly bag the professional version which is tagged at just under $40 for 1 PC.

3 – GeekUninstaller:


The simple yet powerful utility sports a user-friendly interface and hoards a number of helpful features that will aid you in keeping your PC clutter-free. After you’ve given the program the standard removal treatment, you can call on this software to remove any leftovers that might have remained. And if you’re having trouble with broken or stubborn programs, you’ll be able to rid yourself of the same thanks to the Force Removal attribute.

What’s more, this free portable EXE file can be loaded onto a USB drive and seamlessly installed in both 32 and 64-bit Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista PCs. It’s even translated into 30 different languages such as Dutch, Italian, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and more.

4 – Ashampoo Magical UnInstall:

Ashampoo Magical UnInstall

Here’s another free option that helps you keep your PC spick and span by successfully getting rid of unwanted programs. This inclusion in our uninstall tools array forays onto the scene with a modern surface and can be opted directly from the Windows system tray, as the maker reveals. And in case you’re no whiz at this sort of stuff, you can always rely on the internal help feature that explains what each function does. You’ll also find a ReInstaller attribute embedded here for when you want Uninstallations to be undone. This one is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 2000 and complies with various languages such as German, Hungarian, Arabic, Korean, Russian and Polish.

5 – Advanced Uninstaller Pro:

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

This noteworthy gem for Windows PCs lets you ‘quickly and completely’ uninstall the clutter that’s clogging your system. The Installation Monitor tracks all the changes that take place while the software undergoes the installation process so that when you want to uninstall it at a later date, it will ensure all traces are successfully eliminated. Some of the other features that are roped into its kitty include the ability to clean non-functional Start Menu shortcuts, repair broken registry entries and uninstall annoying browser toolbars, hijackers and plug-ins. Sporting an intuitive user interface, the program runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 Ultimate, Vista, 7 and XP, and can be procured absolutely free of cost.

6 – ZSoft Uninstaller:

ZSoft Uninstaller

This freeware program in our uninstall tools roundup completely scans software pieces as they get installed so that it will completely delete the entire program when the time comes for it to be eradicated from the system. What’s more, it even has the ability to find and delete empty folders and temporary files. The latest version namely v2.5 brings to the forefront new tools such as startup manager, empty folder finder and post uninstaller. It also conducts automatic backups of installation-logs to the LogBackups folder. And last but not least, the software is translated into a number of languages such as Chinese, Hungarian, German, Spanish and Russian, to name a few.


What do you do when you want to delete all traces of a particular program you installed some time ago but have no need for it at present? Well, you can head straight to the Control Panel and opt for the Add/Remove applet or maybe uninstall the software directly via the ‘remove’ or ‘delete’ options within the program itself. Now if you want to completely wipe out the entire chunk of junk without employing these methods, you can always take full advantage of the aforesaid gems present within our best uninstall tool lineup. The amalgamation comprises of delights that are both free as well as paid. So take your pick and return with mentions of your favorites.