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8 Best Tycoon Games

Best Tycoon Games

We have rounded up the 8 best tycoon games so that you needn’t waste time searching the terrain for formidable names and can dive right into your favorite ones. Amidst the sea of titles that’s scattered across various genres like first-person shooter, third-person shooter, action, adventure, strategy and more, there are a handful of exciting business simulation names as well. And the gems featured in this particular niche will certainly bring back fond memories for some. So whether you want to relive those glorious days or simply begin a new virtual escapade, here are the games you can take advantage of.

1 – RollerCoaster Tycoon 3:

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Want to experience all the ups and downs involved in owning your own amusement park? Well, you’ll be able to do just that through the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 game. You can watch the thrill on the in-game people’s faces as they enjoy the rides you place in your virtual park. The title is infused with stunning 3D graphics and a new Coaster Cam which lets you feel the excitement from a visitor’s point of view. Glance at your success or failure from a street level or blimp via the comprehensive camera control feature. You can also exploit other attributes such as new rides and attractions as well as Fireworks MixMaster and Sandbox mode. There are even 5 fun themes to explore here like Sci-Fi, Spooky, Generic, Western and Adventure. And remember to take into consideration the needs of not only children but also teenagers and adults as your park should scream ‘fun for everyone.’

2 – Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection:

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection

From riding the rollercoaster at the amusement park, we now dabble in some animal action. The next inclusion in our tycoon games array is known as Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection. Developed by Blue Fang Games and unleashed by Microsoft, the delight in question is an amalgamation of 3 titles namely, the original Zoo Tycoon game as well as the Marine Mania and Dinosaur Digs expansion packs. The maker calls on all players to ‘let their imagination run wild’ as they attempt to take care of over 100 land, prehistoric and aquatic animals that call the lively zoos their ‘home away from home.’

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You’re tasked with crafting, building and managing the animal enclosures and are also responsible for providing the animals with all the creature comforts available in the wild. You can create your dream zoo by using over 175 exhibit and construction materials which should be able to house various creatures that include cheetahs, lions, orca whales and even the mighty tyrannosaurus rexes.

3 – Lemonade Tycoon:

Lemonade Tycoon

Ever reminisce about the days when you would sell refreshing lemonade to the thirsty passerby for just a minimal fee at a makeshift stall near your house? Well, you can now relive those precious moments and even make it big in this lucrative business. The aim of the game here is to sell lemonade for profit so you must strategically set the prices as well as decide on the recipe and vital selling locations.

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And although the original game unleashed a decade ago, various iterations for different platforms have cropped up throughout the years. There’s also an iPhone version of the same which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store absolutely free of cost. Be the boss and follow the advice of the developer – ‘when life gives you lemons – build an empire.’

4 – The Movies:

The Movies

You can now call the shots in Tinseltown by acquiring The Movies. Wondering what this particular title in our tycoon games roster has in store for you? Well, you get a chance to feel what it’s like to be a movie mogul, film director, script writer and talent spotter. Aim to make it big in Hollywood and achieve fame and fortune by making a string of box office hits. You have the absolute liberty to spot raw talent and turn them into one of the hottest stars that ever walked the red carpet. You’ll even be at the director’s helm of epic titles and low budget films. You can also upload your masterpieces and trilogies for friends and family to enjoy. Step aside Spielberg and Peter Jackson, and make way for the next mogul in show business.

5 – SimCity 4:

SimCity 4

SimCity 4 is no stranger to the simulation section of the gaming terrain. The title is developed and published by Maxis and EA, respectively. You get to take on the role of The Maker and sculpt mountains, dig riverbeds and seed forests. But remember – the decisions you make here will diversely affect your city and all the indigenous individuals residing in it.

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You’re tasked with guiding the populous through good times and bad, and even helping your civilization flourish amidst the many hardships that are bound to come your way.

6 – Prison Tycoon:

Prison Tycoon

The developer of Prison Tycoon quips, ‘are you tough enough to run the Big House?’ In the game, you must strive to restore order among the notorious gangs and thieves that reside within the prison gates and barb wires. However, before heading a high-security facility, you’ll have to first start small with a low security prison. And similar to the other tycoon games, you must see to it that the inmates are happy and out of harm’s way.

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Follow the ‘your walls, your rules’ policy and find out whether you got what it takes to run the toughest joint in the city. Those wielding an iPhone can download Prison Tycoon from iTunes by shelling out just under $3.

7 – Hotel Giant 2:

Hotel Giant 2

Ever dreamed of creating the perfect hotel that could even be more successful than the Hyatt, Hilton or JW Marriott? With the Hotel Giant 2 game, your vision may just become a reality, well virtually of course. You’ll have to manage all your prestigious outlets strewn all across the globe. The goal here is to attract as many guests as you can and keep them happy in your luxury franchise.

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You will also be provided with more than 1,400 objects and furniture items which can be used to tastefully decorate the hotel rooms and lobbies. There are 26 unique hotels scattered across exotic places like Rome, Paris, Munich and Los Angeles.

8 – Wildlife Park 2:

Wildlife Park 2

Can’t get enough of those adorable critters? Then Wildlife Park 2 is just the game for you. You get to step into the shoes of a zoo manager and cater to every need of the zoo’s inhabitants. Get up close and personal with the fur and stripe kind as you’ll get to meet over 50 different animal species. Juggle different activities like keeping the creatures happy, satisfying the visitors and placing the enclosures with different play equipment.

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You can even deal with the likes of giraffes, tigers, turtles, camels, elephants, chimpanzees and pandas on a daily basis. A word of caution – Don’t forget to keep an eye on the zoo’s budget while splurging on the human as well as animal kinds alike.


Anyone who enjoys relaxing with a good simulation can reach in and pick out a fitting title from our best tycoon games list. If you’re a fan of this particular genre, then we’re sure you’ll want to try your hand at all 8 options scattered across here. And once you’ve done that, you can share your experiences with us by dropping a comment or two in the box situated below.