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7 Best Twitter Apps For iPhone

Best Twitter Apps For iPhone

The following best Twitter apps for iPhone let you do more than just tweet. These treats are chalked out for all you ‘Tweeple’ who feel that the social networking service’s official Apple software bite proffers only a limited set of features. Now, if you’re wondering just how to get the most out of the little blue birdie, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll be able to find all the best options that are packed to the hilt with some pretty interesting attributes. Tweet about current affairs, check what’s the buzz around your local neighborhood or rave on about your favorite celebrity even while away from your PC.

1 – Tweetbot:


Claiming to exuberate with a lot of personality, our first option sports an intuitive interface, brilliant animations and different audio effects. It also boasts of including a plethora of interesting features such as multiple timelines, smart gestures, native push notifications, mute filters, customizable navigation and sync timeline position.

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What’s more, it further lends support to other services like Instapaper, CloudApp, Pocket, Readability and Droplr. Though this program, you’ll be able to attach videos, photos and notes, add locations, save drafts and manage all your lists without breaking a sweat.

Price: $2.99

2 – Twitterrific 5:

Terrific 5

Also tagged at just under $3 is the next entrant in our roster. This elegant client flutters in with a brand new theme panel through which you can seamlessly choose just how you want to see your tweets displayed on the mobile platform. You’ll also be able to toggle between a series of actions such as changing accounts, responding to tweets and viewing conversation threads, all thanks to the presence of powerful gestures.

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Some of the other attributes featured here include a fresh user interface, color-coded timeline, brightness control, discussion view, in-app tweet type notifications, people search and advanced gap detection.

Price: $2.99

3 – TweetList Pro:

TweetList Pro

Just as the name suggests, this full-featured gem provides the ability to highlight all your micro-blogging lists. Now even if you aren’t a big fan of this feature, the software still entices you with an intuitive user interface and a platter of other goodies. Some of these read as dark and light themes, inline photo previews, multiple accounts, Twitlonger support and native push notifications. There’s also hashtag, user and client muting as well as support for other services like Instapaper, Readability and ReadItLater. You can avail of the full landscape mode as well. And if you don’t want to spend $5 on this program, there’s even a free version of the same available on iTunes.

Price: $4.99

4 – Flurry:


Get ready to be bombarded with a whole slew of features that will have you coming back for more. Endowed with a clutter-free interface, this contender in our roundup lets you dabble in multiple accounts and even gain easy access to tweet actions by simply swiping your finger on the respective tweets.

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What’s more, beautiful animations and text contrast slapped onto your timeline offer you an easy reading experience. It also lends support to Pocket, Instapaper and Readability.

Price: $2.99

5 – Tweetlogix:


Tweet the way you want right here. This software treat claims to deliver powerful filtering options such as muting clients, retweets, keywords, users and phrases instantly as well as reviewing filtered-out tweets. Highly customizable in nature, this delight also lets you design your own color themes, import new ones or avail of the integrated light and dark themes.

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A few of the other features found here include rich timelines, smart ways to compose tweets, lists, unread counters and synchronization, search, auto refresh and trends, to name a few.

Price: $1.99

6 – Echofon Pro:

Echofon Pro

This user-friendly inclusion in our array forays onto the scene dressed in a beautiful interface and flaunts attributes that are all set to ‘pack a punch,’ as revealed by the brains behind this endeavor. These features read as push notifications, view threaded conversations, photo previews in timeline and the ability to manage multiple accounts. You can even mute hashtags, clients and people from timeline without having to ‘unfollow’ them. And don’t forget that there’s a free version of Echofon just in case you’re holding onto those purse-strings a little too tightly.

Price: $4.99

7 – TweetCaster:


Here’s a freebie that boasts of hoarding some interesting inclusions like SmartLists, Search Party, Photo Effects, Smart Filters, Peekaboo Links and Zip It. Sporting a clean interface, it even lets all you social butterflies post to the micro-blogging and networking site as well as Facebook, simultaneously. You’ll even be able to seamlessly juggle multiple accounts and hide the desired tweets without having to ‘unfollow’ them.

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The company has further thrown in Replies and Conversation Threads, which means you’ll be able to view all your virtual chitchats in one place. Some of the additional features found here include push notifications, TweetMarker, geolocation/nearby functionality, multiple themes, advanced profile editing, long tweet support, draft manager, global or localized trends and photo/video uploading.

Price: Free


Dabbling in the social networking service that’s represented by the outline of a blue bird doesn’t just stop at speaking your mind out within a 140-character word limit. No, it’s definitely much more than that. And if you own an Apple handset, you’ll be able to take complete advantage of all the website’s features through the best Twitter apps for iPhone while on the go. Do tell us which ones made it to your handy gadget right after you scanned through the options.