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8 Best To Do List App For Android

The best to do list app for Android can be a lifesaver especially when it comes to remembering all those important errands you have to carry out before you call it a night. No more will you need to jot down random thoughts that pop into your head on the palm of your hand or a piece of paper. Simply pull out your handset or portable tablet and punch in your best to do list, ideas, tasks, reminders or any other sort of quick notes.

1 – Remember The Milk:

Best To Do List App For Android

‘Eggs? Check. Butter? Check. What else am I forgetting?,’ you might wonder. Well, never give another item a miss the next time you’re at your local grocery store. Also known as RTM, this handy program lets you add tasks and reminders through your mobile device. It even automatically syncs with the company’s online service so that you can access your notes through the internet.

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What’s more, you can easily arrange the lineup by categorizing them under due dates, tags, priorities and time estimates. You’ll also be able to search through the entire compilation and save your desired ones in a special section. The Pro version of this software brings in more features like widgets and badges on the homescreen, reminder notifications and unlimited auto-syncing.

Price: Free

2 – Astrid:


This entrant in our roster acts as your personal assistant, someone you can rely on to remind you about your day’s errands, which items to pick up from the grocery store and even to stop by the mall and shop for your friend’s birthday gift. Now in order to help you remember all these things, the program resorts to fun reminders, widgets and sub-tasks.

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Additionally, you can sync all your important information bits with your smartphone, tablet and even the company’s official website. You’ll further be able to collaborate with loved ones through this application so that tasks can be equally delegated amongst everyone the next time you’ll decide to go for a picnic. There are also a few power ups you can avail of here like Power Pack and Locale Add-on.

Price: Free

UPDATE: The app has been pulled by the developer.

3 – Wunderlist:


Besides just helping you keep track of your daily chores and errands, this interesting program also lets you share your reminders with friends, family members and colleagues concerned with a particular project. There’s no limit set for the number of notes you can maintain here. What’s more, all the content you jot down via your portable device is automatically synced across all your gadgets.

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This one comes in handy for meeting deadlines and penning down smart ideas that randomly pop into your head when least expected. There’s also a Pro version available which boasts of unlimited sub-tasks, assigning and 8 new backgrounds. The monthly and annual price schemes read as $4.99 and $49.99, respectively.

Price: Free

4 – Trello:


‘Organize anything, together,’ is the tagline attached to this inclusion in our array. As the brains behind the endeavor reveals, it’s an ideal treat for tracking sales leads, staying organized and even planning a surprise birthday party for your close buddy. All the data you jot down is synced and saved on the company’s official website. And if it’s a group effort, you can seamlessly collaborate with family and friends. Your cards can comprise of checklists, comments, videos, photos and the names of the people currently working on that particular card.

Price: Free

5 – Any.Do:


‘Make things happen’ by successfully remembering errands and chores. Some of the features embedded here include Moment, Google Task sync, sub tasks, repeating/recurring tasks, auto complete, gesture support, cloud sync, alerts, Snooze tasks, speech recognition, notes and widgets. Sporting a simple, user-friendly interface, it even allows you to share your reminders with the people concerned like maybe sharing a grocery lineup with your family members so you know exactly what to pick up the next time you’re at the grocery store.

The program further speaks a host of languages like German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Arabic and Russian.

Price: Free

6 – Google Keep:

Google Keep

The Mountain View based company also pitches in with an interesting program to help you remember daily tasks and chores. This contender in our roundup lets you jot down your thoughts so that you can recall the same anytime, anywhere. These ideas can also be decorated with annotations, photos and voice notes.

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The content you save even syncs with other devices as well as your desktop. The software further provides homescreen widgets, color-coded notes, add checkboxes and more.
Price: Free

7 – TinyList:


By shelling just under a dollar, you’ll be able to bargain for a beautifully animated application that’s extremely easy to use. Through this software, you can easily create simple checklists which can be pinched and moved around just the way you like.

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It’s best for creating shopping lists, score keeping, guest lists and to-do lists. There’s also an integrated number incrementer to alter the digits on your notes.

Price: $0.99

8 – Task List – To Do List:

Task List

Our final option lets you seamlessly organize tasks and even endow your lists with 160 useful icons. A few of its other attributes read as task reminders, widgets, repeating tasks, search, drag and drop, speech to text and backup/restore. Highly customizable in nature, you can easily tweak a number of settings and even assign swipe movements and buttons accordingly. There’s also a Pro version for syncing more than one list.

Price: Free


Just a few days ago, we compiled a collection of best reminder programs for those of you wielding the Apple iPhone. Well, this time around, we’ve laid out a virtual carpet of the best to do list app for Android options which can be procured from the Google Play Store. So which one are you planning on picking up? Do let us know by leaving your favorite mention in the box situated just below.