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8 Best Time Management Games

Best Time Management Games

The best time management games will have you running helter-skelter, just to please your demanding customers. The following games will take you from sweating it out in the kitchen to running about organizing a supermarket. All of the titles listed here are the best ones in the business. Games categorized under this particular genre are a dime a dozen these days, but the question arises which ones truly proffer some ‘time well spent’ qualities? Well, enough of guessing games or trial and error stints as we’ve formulated a list of only the acme ones out there.

1 – Diner Dash:

Diner Dash

Popular with a huge number of time management genre fans, Diner Dash lets you run your very own restaurant. The aim here is to keep your customers content by catering to their needs as quickly as possible. You must serve, clean tables and seat them in an orderly fashion. Your points depend on how happy your visitors are. You’re called on to aid the feisty Flo to transform her little restaurant into a sprawling 5-star endeavor.

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Now you’ll be able to relish this treat via a host of platforms like Windows and Mac OS X PCs as well as portable devices such as iOS and Android-powered phones and tablets. Console players can also try their hand at this game by diving right into the catering chaos through their PSP, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii systems.

2 – Cake Mania:

Cake Mania

Quite similar to the aforementioned delight, this entrant in our roster also lets you cater to all your customers’ needs, only this time around, you’ll have to satisfy their sweet tooth. Here you must help Jill run her own bakery and please all the ever-demanding clients that walk into the door. And with the cash she earns, the diligent protagonist can purchase upgrades for better service.

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What’s more, you can experience confectionery chaos across different platforms like the PC, Android gadgets and iDevices. There are also various installments to Cake Mania. So go check them all out.

3 – Delicious – Emily’s True Love:

Delicious – Emily’s True Love

Developed and published by Zylom, Delicious is a series of addictive time management titles that unfurl with tales staring Emily, a waitress who works hard to make her dream come true – to one day run her very own restaurant. Emily’s True Love episode takes place a year after she fulfilled her dream. This romantic-themed delight also brings you a bonus restaurant that’s managed by François and others.

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And apart from the standard version, there’s even a Premium edition that comes complete with 10 bonus gameplay levels, a strategy guide, 10 restaurant items and wallpapers. Delicious – Emily’s True Love is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac fans tagged at just under $10.

4 – Cook, Serve, Delicious!:

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Now unlike the other games, Cook, Serve, Delicious! is exclusively fashioned for the Apple iPad. You’re assigned to restore an old, worn-out restaurant to its former glory in the SherriSoda Tower. However, you get to start with just a few thousand dollars and only 20 food items on your menu. During your stay here, you can also play host to office parties, be cast in the Iron Cook TV show and even read virtual emails.

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There are loads of unlockables and secrets to unravel here as well. While the complete version of the title is priced at just under $5, there’s also a lite edition on iTunes that’s free to procure.

5 – Sally’s Spa:

Sally’s Spa

After satisfying the taste buds of all your virtual customers, it’s time to pamper them with spa treatments. Help Sally’s clients relax and unwind by providing them with sauna sessions, facials, manicures, massages, bath bombs and hot stones. Some of her patrons that come in looking to be spoiled rotten range from blushing brides to demanding fashionistas.

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With the cash you earn here, you can pick up spa upgrades and tons of extras to further better your customer’s experience. Available for the PC, Sally’s Spa is also up for grabs via Google Play and the Apple App Store in 2 forms namely, paid and free.

6 – Burger Shop 2:

Burger Shop 2

This contender in our roundup gives the term ‘fast food’ a whole new meaning. Your aim here is to keep your customers happy by serving them exactly what they ordered. Transfer the selected food items from the conveyer belt to their plates.

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You’ll further get to dabble in a trio of game modes namely Career, Challenge and Relax. Burger Shop 2 also proffers handy powerups that will help you excel in your endeavor like speed, lollipop and freeze patience powerups.

7 – Supermarket Mania:

Supermarket Mania

This inclusion allows you to jump right behind the cash counter and run your very own grocery store. Your job here is to make sure that all the 5 supermarkets are neatly stocked with the necessary provisions.

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You’ll be able to indulge in the portable iOS and Android versions by exploiting 50 levels in story mode, 7 types of customers, more than 30 accessories and an endless shift mode. What’s more, you won’t even have to shell out a penny to procure Supermarket Mania.

8 – Hotel Dash:

Hotel Dash

It’s now time for some ‘hotel hilarity’ to invade the scene. In Hotel Dash, you’ll have to cater to the needs of queer guests that include clowns, businesswomen and pet lovers. Just like a real hotel, you must see to it that your customers get extra blankets and prompt room service.

Playable across the PC and iOS devices, it can be exploited either free of cost or by parting ways with just under a dollar for the Deluxe edition.


Ever wanted to be in charge of your very own fun franchise? Well, now is your chance to strut your stuff by putting your best foot forward in different areas like cooking, serving and just being the top boss in your very own organization. Deadlines can be a real killjoy at your workplace but it’s a whole different scene when it comes to meeting targets on the virtual gaming terrain. Titles like the aforesaid best time management games can be really fun and addictive. So without wasting another minute, go ahead and give them all a go. And don’t hesitate to leave the names of your favorite mentions in the space allotted right here.