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9 Best Terraria Texture Packs (And How To Install Them)

best Terraria texture packs for your world Downloading the best Terraria texture packs created by the community of dedicated fans of the sandbox game is an excellent way of improving its look by adding new content and making minor tweaks to the existing ones. In this guide, we will list out some of the most sought-after texture packs for Terraria 1.4x.

While some of the options we mention are extensive and customize the entire visual appearance of Terraria, others are specific in tweaking only select elements (for instance, the Captain America Shield Pack). Moreover, others modify the look to resemble other popular games. We have tried to cover the comprehensive range of these mods, and hopefully, everyone will find a pack to their liking on this list.

Why Use Texture Packs?

Terraria is a successful 2D sandbox game developed by Re-Logic that challenges players to explore the in-game world, create items, and engage in combat. The game uses a procedurally-generated world with 2D sprites as major building blocks. You can enjoy Terraria alone with the single-player mode. In addition, you can find a great server using the Steam browser to enjoy it in multi-player format.

Using texture packs, you can enhance your experience, modify the game’s look to match other games’ themes, add variety to cut out boredom, and generally make cool tweaks to its appearance.

Mods have become an essential part of many games these days. Players are no longer satisfied with just the original vanilla versions if they can expand their gaming experience for the better. By exercising their creativity to develop exciting new functionality and visual elements, people can enjoy their favorite games even more. Indulging in more immersive way of playing Terraria is as simple as adding a texture pack to it. Most of these mods are available for free after all.

If modifying your Terraria experience interests you and you want to enhance its appearance, you should try some of the options mentioned below.

List of the Best Terraria Texture Packs

#1. Calamity

calamity Why Choose It? – Comprehensive with more than 1000 sprites; ideal for fans of the popular Calamity mod.

The Calamity tweaks the vanilla look of Terraria to match the famous Calamity mod’s theme. There is a bustling community behind this pack, and its members keep contributing all their interesting additions.

The Calamity’s vast collection features updates for almost every visual element, including items, weapons, and bosses.

Get Calamity

#2. Melster’s Minecraft

Why Choose It? – Ideal For Minecraft lovers; you can enjoy the best of both games with it.

Melster’s Minecraft Melster’s Minecraft lets you tweak Terraria to appear similar to Minecraft. However, the variations are subtle, and the original feel remains intact.

The best part about Melster’s Minecraft is that its enthusiastic developer rolls out frequent updates.

Get Melster’s Minecraft

#3. Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls

Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls Why Choose It? – Best for tweaking individual characters.

We have to accept that Terraria’s original characters can at times look blocky and boring. Use the Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls pack to change their looks and lend them a different aesthetic.

It affects both player characters and NPCs.

Get Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls Here

#4. Clockwork Mechs

Why Choose it? – Perfect for steampunk lovers and gearheads.

Clockwork Mechs Clockwork Mechs is one of the specialized packs on our list catering to fans of steampunk. It touches up bosses to make them look like characters of this genre.

Add a refreshing dose of variety with this pack while enjoying the fun of fighting retrofuturistic maniacs.

Get Clockwork Mechs

#5. Better Ambiance

Better Ambiance Why Choose it? – Comprehensive pack changing almost all in-game elements; immersive experience.

Moving on to a pack that doesn’t fit a simple niche, here’s one with the most sweeping all-around changes. The Better Ambiance tweaks the minutest details and entirely transforms the game’s aesthetic.

You will notice a more vibrant color scheme, with elements such as the trees, snow, and water looking so much better after installing it.

Get Better Ambiance

#6. Captain America Shield

captain america shield Why Choose it? – A badge for Marvel fans, unique in the sense that it replaces only one item.

Marvel fans like us don’t miss a chance to express our enthusiasm for the fantastic franchise. Captain America Shield caters to this segment of Terraria players by making a single tweak in honor of the Marvel universe – putting Captain America’s shield in place of the “Sergeant United Shield.”

What’s better than enjoying endless exploration in a free sandbox world while brandishing Captain America’s famous shield?

Get Captain America Shield


prime Why Choose It? – Complete pack with over 700 textures. Get a subtle makeover while still retaining the game’s vanilla look.

The PRIME maintains Terraria’s original aesthetic and makes it more pleasing with some delicate tweaks.

PRIME enjoys the support of one of the most active communities behind it. Use it for making sweeping changes across many game elements to enjoy more beautiful visuals during gameplay.


#8. Legacy

Why Choose It? – This is our honorable mention pick; a decent pack of 250 sprites without any additional bells and whistles.

Legacy You will either love the Legacy, or you will find it irrelevant; there’s no in-between. It is a small pack that just about ticks the right boxes to improve the game’s textures without promising you the moon.

We suggest you try it once. Chances are that you won’t want to discard it.

Get Legacy


kattui Why Choose It? – Tweaks UI rather than the look; expect to get a more intuitive experience with it.

KATTUI is different from the others on our list for targeting changes to the game’s UI. It seeks to improve navigability and discoverability to make for a better user experience.

You can expect your menus to be right-sized and aligned better after the pack files are installed.


Where to get Terraria Texture Packs and How to Install them –

Terraria was initially released only for Microsoft Windows. However, the game was later ported to most other popular platforms. At the time of writing this post, you can also play it on Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile (apps for both Android and iOS are available).

Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls It is present on Steam for download — this service is best for downloading user-created mods and resource using Steam Workshop. Moreover, players can share worlds with others on this platform.

Another thing to note is that Steam displays pop-up ads about new content and games while you play. You need to tweak the proper settings to get this issue fixed and stop annoying ads from ruining the fun.

Barring these minor glitches, Steam Workshop on is an excellent option for getting Terraria texture packs.

You can also visit any relevant website such as the Terraria Community Forums to download your favorite texture pack file. Follow along with the instructions below to install it manually.

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To Install A Terraria Resource Pack Manually:

  • Press the “Open Folder” option under the Resource Packs menu from inside the game.
  • When you do this, you can access the ResourcePacks folder.
  • You can now install your favorite Resource Pack by placing the downloaded file in this folder.
  • Mac users can access this folder by typing “~/Library/Application Support/Terraria/ResourcePacks” in the Go To Folder option under Finder.
  • You can switch between “Available Packs” and “Enabled Packs” in the main menu to enable/disable any installed resource packs.

If you instead use Steam Workshop, these add-on files are downloaded and automatically updated in it.

FAQs Section

Q. What are the best Terraria texture packs?

You can choose one of the options on our list above. The Calamity and the Captain America packs are our favorites.

Q. Where do you get texture packs for Terraria?

You can use SteamWorkshop to install them. Alternately, you can look up Google for these files on the web, visit the relevant site, and manually downloaded them.

Q. Do texture packs increase FPS?

Yes and no. The GPU inside your PC handles add-on texture packs. You will note an increase in performance at higher FPS only if your GPU was acting as a bottleneck to the vanilla default textures in the first place.

Q. How do you install texture packs in Terraria 1.4 2?

If you use SteamWorkshop, you can automate the process of installing and updating texture packs.

Otherwise, use the step-by-step instructions in our mini-tutorial above to place texture packs manually in the ResourcePacks folder.