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Best Subwoofer For Music

Best Subwoofer For Music

Need to know about the best subwoofer for music that will give you your money’s worth? Take a look at the contenders in our list. Each of these best options possesses some noteworthy features that will help fill any room with bombastic bass beats. And adding to all these attributes are their individual appearances that make the sound solutions not only audibly pleasing to the ears, but also brilliant eye-candy treats. You can turn any space into a club-like atmosphere complete with vibrating window panes, so go ahead and pick your boom buddy.

1 – BIC America Formula F12:

BIC America Formula F12

The front-firing 12-inch 475 watts peak powered delight hits the scene combined with a 12-inch injection molded long-throw driver. It boasts of incorporating a patented BIC ‘Venturi’ vent which aids in cutting off any port noise that might be heard while playing your songs. Measuring around 7 x 14 x 17 inches, this gem claims to proffer a frequency response of 25Hz – 200Hz and 90dB sensitivity. It further tips the scales at 42 pounds and comes complete with features such as adjustable volume control and crossover as well as high level inputs and automatic signal sensing. The chassis of the same is aesthetically appealing and sports a black laminate finish.

Price: $188

2 – Polk Audio PSW505:

Polk Audio PSW505

‘Have the need for a big, lifelike bass impact?,’ asks the company behind this endeavor. Well, if that’s what you desire, then we suggest you take a peek at this particular entrant in our roster. This single-powered puppy can be paired with any stereo or home theater speaker system so that you get top notch sound quality.

Sliding onto the scenario with a solid MDF construction, it further provides slot load venting, unfiltered LFE input and auto on/off circuit along with adjustable low pass crossover, volume control and phase switch. Featuring a 12-inch long throw driver, the speaker is also magnetically shielded. And finally, it’s been given the real wood veneer finish and is available drenched in a black hue.

Price: $190

3 – SVS SB1000:

SVS SB1000

Here’s another power-packed speaker main unit that will allow you to enjoy every tune that echoes from the system. However this time around, you’ll have to part ways with a little under $500 to acquire this sound solution. The audio gem hits the market with an interesting bunch of attributes. Some of these include a 300-watt Sledge DSP amplifier and long-stroke 12-inch cone driver as well as FEA-optimized motor technology and high-power voice coil. And owing to its compact form factor that measures just 13 inches on all sides, you’ll be able to accommodate it anywhere in the room. Talking about its overall appearance, the cubic wonder sports a premium black ash finish and black cloth grille.

Price: $499

4 – Sonos Sub:

Sonos Sub

Tired of gazing at audio powerhouses that exuberate with a bland, monotonous shape? Well, this one sports an interesting form factor and is hence in our list. Another feature that helps it score some major brownie points is its wireless aspect. According to the maker, the smartly-crafted gadget comprises of 2 force-cancelling speakers that are positioned face-to-face.

What’s more, you can place it just about anywhere in the room, either horizontally or vertically. It further offers a hassle-free, one-button setup so that you can enjoy all your favorite tunes almost immediately.

Price: $699

5 – Premier Acoustic PA-150:

Premier Acoustic PA-150

Listening to bass guitar and drum acoustics with the help of this main unit should get you soaring into boom bliss in no time. Comprising of an integrated 1000-watt peak amplifier, it further features a large 15-inch polygraphite driver and rear port design. Weighing 87 pounds, this compact accessory bears measurements that read as 21.1 x 17.9 x 19.2 inches. A few of the other attributes found embedded here include 85dB sensitivity, 4 Ohms and frequency responses of 25Hz – 180Hz. Lastly, you’ll be able to procure this power-packed product in a stunning black hue.

Price: $425

6 – Aperion Audio Bravus II 8D:

Aperion Audio Bravus II 8D

Fashioned to fit neatly into ‘fair-to-middling-sized spaces,’ this contender in our lineup is compact in nature and comes with a whole slew of impressive features. It boasts of incorporating a down-firing 8-inch driver that’s coupled with a pair of 8-inch side-firing passive radiators. You can expect to sway to brazen bass beats as the solution includes a 300-watt class D amplifier. There’s also a USB power jack, virtually vibration-free cabinet and a small ¾-inch HDF sealed enclosure thrown into the amalgamation. And adding that touch of class is the high gloss piano black lacquer finish.

Price: $419

7 – Yamaha YST-FSW050:

Yamaha YST-FSW050

Our final entry shines brightly with a slim form factor that strays away from your typical main unit appearance. It sports a down-firing design and includes a linear port, advanced YST II and 100-watts high dynamic power. The rack mountable device further provides a frequency response of 35Hz – 160Hz and a 6.5-inch cone multi-range driver. Coming to its exterior dimensions, the powerhouse is noted to measure around 13 x 6 x 13 inches and weighs 18.7lbs.

Price: $115


So if you’re ready to feel the thump, we suggest you start saving up and zero in on your desired device from our best subwoofer for music array. Some of them may just be a bit on the expensive side but if you’re an audiophile and want to immerse yourself in some brilliant bass beats, we’re sure you wouldn’t mind shelling out those extra bucks. Now before you insert your CD into the tray, we urge you to leave your favorite mentions in the box below.