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8 Best Stylus For iPad

Best Stylus For iPad

Want to procure the best stylus for iPad so that you can avail of a more precise digital input experience? Well, we’ve jotted down the best products that’ll let you take notes more accurately without leaving any annoying smudges or fingerprints on the screen of your precious Apple device. And if you thought that this sort of pens were simple, boring writing apparatuses, well we urge you to think again. They are anything but dull or drab, and come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and functions. To help drive home our ‘point’, here’s the acme lot of them.

1 – Bamboo Pocket:

Bamboo Pocket

Smooth, responsive and fluid are the adjectives the developers at Wacom choose to use while describing this pen. The pocket-seized delight even has the ability to expand when the occasion calls for it. The slate’s accessory measures 12mm and 89.5mm in diameter and length, respectively and 118mm when extended.

And as you might have already figured out by glancing at the name, you can seamlessly fit it into your pocket, or even plug it into the headphone jack to prevent it from getting lost. ‘Don’t let your ideas escape,’ cautions the brains behind this endeavor.

Price: $34.95

2 – Pogo Sketch Pro:

Pogo Sketch Pro

This particular roster is noted to be an amalgamation of a natural ergonomic grip and a balanced unibody aluminum handle. Irrespective of what angle suits you while writing, the pen will always proffer a responsive touch.

Claiming to provide a ‘weight you’ll appreciate,’ it also comes with a new patent pending Pro tip technology with patterned structures for incredible sensitivity. The peripheral also comes with a soft travel pouch.

Price: $24.95

3 – Cosmonaut:


Tired of those ultra-thin Styli that always manage to slip your grip? Well, if you find yourself nodding in agreement then we suggest you take a look at this puppy. It’s made up of a wide rubber-grip and hence lets you doodle across the Apple device’s large screen surface with absolute ease and comfort.

What’s more, this pen can even be used while wearing gloves. And owing to its special form-factor, anyone from a kindergarten kid to an elderly person can employ the gadget.

Price: $25

4 – Sensu Brush:

Sensu Brush

If Picasso or Vincent Van Gough were alive today, they would’ve surely invested in the Apple tablet and of course this interesting entrant in our array to create their stunning works of art. This 2-in-1 solution lets you use it as a brush or a digital writing instrument. For exploiting the former, you can call upon the various drawing and painting apps present in iTunes namely Sketchbook Pro, Procreate, ArtRage, Paper by Studio 53 and SketchTime.

And when you want to pen down your ideas, all you have to do is insert the brush tip into the handle chamber. Now all you’re left with is a rubber nib at the top.

Price: $39.99

5 – Adonit Jot Pro:

Adonit Jot Pro

You can expect this digitizer to provide quieter and more accurate strokes on your iDevice. Wondering how? Well, the Jot Pro is blessed with a transparent precision disc that simply glides onscreen as well as a sound dampening tip for natural contact on the surface. It further sports a rubber grip as well as sleek brushed aluminum and steel body.

There’s also a locking cap that accompanies the pen. Highly portable in nature, the accessory even has the ability to magnetically attach to the Apple gadget. You can pick up this sleek peripheral dipped in a host of colors such as gun metal, red, silver and turquoise.

Price: $29.99

6 – Hand Stylus:


Sporting a 4mm conductive-silicone rubber tip, this inclusion in our roundup is a great tool to turn to especially when you want to draw, write, take signatures or play games on your trusty Apple tablet. As the developer reveals, the pen that’s crafted out of anodized aluminum, can also be wielded while wearing gloves or even if you have long fingernails.

It further comes complete with a removable pocket clip which sticks right onto the slab’s Smart Cover magnet. Here you’ll also be spoiled for choice with a plethora of hues available like blue, orange, red, pink, green and black.

Price: $29.95

7 – Griffin’s Pen Laser:

Griffin Pen Laser

By shelling out just under $30, you’ll not only be endowed with a fancy digitizer but also a laser pointer and ballpoint pen. And the great part is that all these three facets are packed into one neat little bundle that you can port around with you wherever you go.

It features a high-sensitivity balanced pointer complete with a soft rubber tip as well as an integrated clip.

Price: $29.99

8 – Just Mobile AluPen Pro:

Just Mobile AluPen Pro

Similar to a couple of the earlier entrants, our final option also packs in more goodies than just its primary one. Fashioned from aluminum, the writing apparatus features a soft rubber nib and a retractable ballpoint pen on either end of its body.

So besides just scribbling across your iDevice, you can even doodle on the good old paper pad without having to pick up another pen. This gadget comes drenched in a trio of color options namely, red, black and silver.

Price: $39.95


Whether you want to be a modern Leonardo da Vinci or simply need to jot down notes more precisely, you’ll be able to take complete advantage of any option from the aforementioned best stylus for iPad choices. The accessories lined up here have different attributes and flavors to offer so opt for the kind you find most appetizing. What’s more, a few of these delights even manage to juggle more than one feature, so do you need to look elsewhere when everything you require is right there ‘in the palm of your hand?’ Well, which ones managed to leave a good impression? Do leave your comments in the box placed just below.