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Best Stylus For Drawing

Best Stylus For Drawing

The contenders in our best stylus for drawing list all help unleash the modern Picasso in you. Whether you’re a professional artist or simply someone who loves to doodle a lot, these options mentioned right here will allow you to create some wonderful pieces of art. Smooth strokes, quick fill-ins or fine lines – whatever be the task, they will surely rise to the occasion and aid you in sketching out magnificent masterpieces. The tools are apt replacements for paint brushes, charcoal sticks or pencils when it comes to scribbling across the virtual terrain.

1 – Sensu Brush:

Option 1

Crafted to suit the needs of digital artists, this interesting piece is set to deliver an authentic painting experience. The 2-in-1 tool lets you wield it as both, a brush as well as a digital writing apparatus. The brush tip can be seamlessly inserted into the handle chamber whenever you have to jot down notes on your portable gadget with the rubber nib.

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This multi-purpose instrument is further compatible with a host of devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Nexus S and Kindle Fire, among others. It also plays well with several apps such as ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro, Paper by Studio 53, Procreate and SketchTime.

Price: $39.99

2 – Cosmonaut:

Option 2

No, we aren’t talking about the astronaut sort. This entrant in our roster is a tool that offers a comfortable grip while you’re sketching or even penning down notes. It’s just the digitizer you need especially if you fall under the category of individuals who have a hard time wielding all those ultra-thin styli that are currently out there.

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This puppy sports a wide rubber-grip and can be used by just about anyone. And thanks to its special form factor, you can even create masterpieces while wearing gloves.

Price: $25

3 – Adonit Jot Mini:

Option 3

Are you an expert at creating portraits while on the go? Well, the next time someone asks you to sketch them, you can simply pull out the Mini and get to work. They say good things come in small packages and that’s exactly what this digitizer proffers. It packs in a transparent precision disc that has the ability to smoothly glide across your gadget’s surface. What’s more, the see-through aspect allows you to view exactly where you’re sketching. The pen even gives you up to a 45-degree writing angle when it comes to note-taking. In addition to all that, the apparatus also sports a protective cap and stylish pen clip for porting around with ease. It further comes drenched in 4 vibrant colors namely, green, purple, red and turquoise.

Price: $21.99

4 – HEX3 JaJa Pressure Sensitive:

Option 4

The next inclusion in our lineup jumps onto the scene claiming to provide ‘creative artistic control for your iPad or tablet.’ Fashioned for artists and digital creatives, this peripheral can effectively communicate the pressure that’s needed for you to get perfect brush strokes or an accurate painting flow.

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There are even 2 buttons that perform the role of mouse clicks which can be used to open menus and change colors, tools and brushes on the fly. A few apps that support this pen include SketchBook Pro, ArtStudio, ArtSense, Inspire Pro, Procreate and SketchClub. However, you would need to part ways with nearly $90 to procure this one.

Price: $89.99

5 – Pogo Sketch Pro:

Option 5

From a gem that would cost you a hefty sum, we now move on to a digitizer that’s priced a little less than $25. It comes dressed in a natural ergonomic grip as well as a balanced uni-body aluminum handle. According to the brains behind this endeavor, it further provides ‘weight you’ll appreciate’ and even a new Pro tip technology with patterned structures for extra sensitivity.

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Whether it’s painting, sketching or writing, you can hold the pen at any angle that suits you. You’ll even receive a soft travel pouch along with the device.

Price: $24.95

6 – oStylus:

Option 6

When accuracy is the need of the hour, you’ll find that this particular contender in our array delivers just that and then some. Crafted to feel just like a pencil in your grip, it can be smoothly used with different graphics and painting apps out there.

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The sleek digital apparatus was designed by a jeweler and claims to employ high quality materials like titanium, stainless steel and solid aluminum.

Price: $39

7 – Nomad Compose:

Option 7

Made up of precision-milled aluminum parts, this dual-tipped, hand-crafted delight includes a brush tip that measures 0.7 inches long and is made up of natural and synthetic fibers. There’s also a new glide bevel tip add-on as well as a stylish carrying case that accompanies the peripheral. The pair of nibs fixes firmly onto either side of the charcoal grey aluminum handle.

Price: $35


Think you could be the next Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Vincent van Gogh of the modern generation? Do you have the same passion and skill as they did? Well, if you’re nodding your head with gusto, then we suggest you invest in a good pair of tools that will help you progress closer to your goal. After picking out a tablet or smartphone which will pose as your virtual canvas, you’ll need to choose a good sketching apparatus.

So take your pick from among our best stylus for drawing lineup and pen down your favorites right here. And if you happen to own an iPad, we’ve also listed out some great accessories for the same. Take a look.