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10 Best Steam Games

Best Steam Games

This lineup of the best Steam games is aimed at those who have their gaming rigs all set up, but are wondering which title to start with. The phenomenon that is Steam made its foray onto the gaming scene back in 2003. Valve, the maker of iconic titles under the multi-million unit selling Counter Strike, Half Life and Portal franchises, created this digital distribution platform which came as a godsend for PC gamers who wished to stay away from consoles. Although the initial launch of Steam wasn’t a breakthrough one, the service soon caught on with its user base by delivering high-end games from big publishers like Sega, Bethesda, Rockstar Games, Activision, Square Enix, LucasArts and the likes. Here, we’ve catalogued some titles that are worth all the money you will spend on them.

1 – Portal 2:

Portal 2

The entire extravaganza of Portal games revolves around the ‘portal gun’ that gives you the bizarre power of generating human-sized wormhole-like connections between almost any two flat surfaces. This excellent formula coupled with a gem of a story and other interesting gameplay elements are sure to appeal to players.

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And adding to that there’s a co-op component which comes complete with its own story. The new Steam Workshop integration allows gamers to create maps of their own and share them with other players.

Price: $19.99

2 – Deus Ex Human Revolution:

Deus Ex Human Revolution

This second title in our list is aimed at endowing you with an ideal blend of combat, stealth and role-playing gameplay.

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Here, you get to step into the shoes of Adam Jensen, a mechanically augmented agent who has all kinds of futuristic weapons and gadgets at his disposal.

Price: $29.99

3 – Bastion:


Released in August last year, Bastion rode in like a dark horse and took many by surprise owing to its spectacular storytelling and catchy hand-painted environments.

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A large part of this action RPG’s appeal rests in its reactive narration and spectacular soundtrack. Apart from Steam, it is also available to purchase via Xbox Live, Google Chrome and Mac App Store.

Price: $14.99

4 – Counter-Strike Source:

Counter-Strike Source

The first-person shooter intensity that’s on offer with Counter-Strike games can seldom be found in any other. This is a more refined version of the earlier games, but offers the same amount of exciting online multiplayer thrills claimed by those titles, if not more. Developed by Steam-creators Valve themselves, this game is being offered at a discounted rate till June 20, 2012, after which it will sell at $19.99.

Price: $6.80 (discounted rate)

5 – The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim:


Anyone with a fetish for open-world games must have a go at this fifth title from our roster.

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This iconic game sweeps you off your feet while delivering a definitive fantasy role-playing experience. And the Steam version has something special on offer that no other platform has. It’s the Steam Workshop integration that gives you full liberty to make your own mods and have them shared online.

Price: $59.99

6 – Terraria:


Minecraft can’t be played on Steam, but there are a number of Minecraft alternatives out there, one of them being Terraria which ranks among the most played games on the service.

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This sandbox title comprises randomly generated worlds that are sure to keep you busy for hours. Moreover, multiplayer gameplay also forms a part of the game.

Price: $9.99

7 – Team Fortress 2:

Team Fortress 2

This next entrant in our collection can quite easily be counted among the most popular titles in the free-to-play category.

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It contains simple team-based multiplayer modes that are good to keep you hooked onto your PC for really long hours.

Price: Free

8 – Amnesia The Dark Descent:

Amnesia The Dark Descent

Quite doubtlessly, Amnesia The Dark Descent is one of the scariest games of all time. This indie title will waste no time in giving you the creeps with its scary first-person survival horror gameplay.

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You play as Daniel who has awakened in a haunted castle and is trying to get back his memories. And these can only be gained by traversing through the nightmarish environments of the mysterious castle.

Price: $19.99

9 – Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition:

Grand Theft Auto IV

We’re all familiar with GTA games mainly due to their controversial content. But let’s face it, that’s what makes them so enjoyable.

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Veteran developer Rockstar Games’ GTA IV arrived in 2010, and has since been grabbing rave reviews for its trademark sandbox gameplay. The Complete Edition will provide you with added content that wasn’t a part of the original release.

Price: $29.99

10 – Limbo:


This last entry in our catalog goes on to prove that sometimes, simplicity is the key to games clicking with players.

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It’s got straightforward puzzle-platformer elements that are complemented by minimalistic sounds and monochromatic visuals to make it one of the best indie games out there.

Price: $9.99


So there you have them – 10 options on which you could spend your hard-earned time and money without any regrets. Make sure to jump into all the best Steam games we’ve mentioned above, and get back to us with your experiences. Happy gaming till then!