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7 Best Sports Apps For iPhone

Best Sports Apps For iPhone

The best sports apps for iPhone are sure to tug at the heartstrings of any ardent fan. If couch potatoes have been endowed with loads of sports-centric channels then why not give ‘aficionados on the go’ their entertainment in this genre? With these applications downloaded directly to your Apple handset, you can stay abreast of the scores, penalties and goals as well as enjoy all the spicy drama that takes place on and off the field. Whether you’re attending an official meeting or simply visiting your local restaurant for a quick lunch, all the action stays well within your reach. So get out your vuvuzela and throw a glance at our sporty choices.

1 – ESPN ScoreCenter:

ESPN ScoreCenter

The ESPN ScoreCenter app claims to sprinkle your portable device with news bits, in-game stats, scores and standings plucked from the various sports leagues that are making noise around the globe. So if you’re residing in England and happen to be a huge cricket fan, you can obtain information on the fly about a match between India and Pakistan that’s taking place half way across the world.

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It covers all tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, NFL, NBA, MMA, NHL, MLB, Ashes and Formula One among others. You can easily follow all your favorite teams on one card itself and even acquire breaking news and analysis as well as just-cut video clips. This free app also unveils full season and single game scoring alerts.

2 – ScoreMobile:


For those who are still screaming, ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’ in true Aerosmith style, we’ve included ScoreMobile into our sports apps for iPhone array. Touting to provide you with the ultimate mobile sports experience, the free software offers push alerts that cover goals, crucial in-game moments and ends of quarters for any match of your desire. Get ready to soak in up-to-the-second sports scores, player stats, betting odds, box scores, recaps, game previews, schedules, top stories and league standings.

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Complete with iOS5 support, it beams real-time alerts and even incorporates fantasy sports tools. Other specialties of the app include Team View, My Score, Player Card Profiles, Horizontal Stats Viewer and more. Whether you’re a baseball, hockey, golf, tennis or soccer fan, all you need to know about your favorite sport can be found right here.

3 – Sports Tap:

Sports Tap

As the name suggests, the Sports Tap app enables you to gain access to all sports data and information bits with just a single tap of your handset. Be it schedules, detailed news, fantasy intel or stats, the software will cater to all your needs and then some. The MyTap feature puts all your desired teams in one place so that you can view photos, standings, team scores and news with just a flick of the wrist. The various statistics pertaining to the top leagues like PGA, ATP, MLS, MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, NASCAR and CFL as well as the finest soccer leagues from Brazil and England, are at your portable disposal. And did we mention that it’s a free offering?

4 – Fox Sports Mobile:

Fox Sports Mobile

For those who don’t want to miss out on all the fun that’s playing on their television sets can grab the Fox Sports Mobile from our sports apps for iPhone roster. You can expect to recieve news and exclusive analysis from the expert team of writers and on-air personalities at Fox Sports. Integrated with Live GameTrax, it clearly lays out stats, standings and scores for major sports events that take place on the greens, clay, mud or tarmac. To ignite your visual senses, the software is also embedded with videos of pre- and post-game interviews as well as game highlights. The original programming from ‘Lunch With Benefits’ and hourly ‘Fox Flash’ updates of all the top stories are the other forms of eye-candy featured here. And the cherry on the cake is the built-in Fox Sports Radio, which can be enjoyed while flipping through the app that’s up for grabs absolutely free of cost.

5 – SportsCaster:


In the fast-paced world of sports, getting up-to-date information is quite crucial. Realizing this fact, the SportsCaster app splashes forth with real-time play-by-play content as well as quick updates of all the stats and scores. Besides seeing the usual stuff like time remaining, vital numbers and last play, you can also view real-time stream of comments from analysts, writers and bloggers, so you have all the nitty-gritty details of the game right at your fingertips. This free app not only comes in handy when you’re away from your TV set, but also proves to be a great companion while watching the game, either indoors or at the venue itself. Major sports like pro and college basketball and football, pro baseball and hockey as well as auto racing and soccer leagues are all covered in one virtual space.

6 – Fantasy Monster Pro:

Fantasy Monster Pro

The Fantasy Monster Pro app jumps into our sports apps for iPhone lineup to eliminate the need of downloading multiple software options just to manage your fantasy teams. By combining NFL.com, ESPN! and Yahoo into the whole experience, you will be able to neatly store all your teams in one safe place. Whether you’re a basketball, hockey, baseball or football fan, you can quickly search for players from that field by utilizing the auto-complete feature. Other attributes include add and drop players, trade players, check weekly matchups, live NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB scores, injury reports and individual player news. You can even read and post to the message board and view sports headlines, team notes and the latest transactions. The Fantasy Monster Pro app can be yours for just $4.99.

7 – Sports Scores & Alerts:

Sports Scores & Alerts

Have you ever missed the match-winning goal, that awesome six or crucial penalty corner just because you were away from your television set or radio? Well, with the Sports Scores & Alerts app sitting in your smartphone, you will be able to receive instant game and player alerts so that you can also shout out, ‘Goal’ along with your counterparts. The various alert types available here include game start and end, inning/period end, overtime/extra inning game, 1 hit away from the cycle, 12+ strikeouts, 300 and 400 yards passing, 20/20 game, hat trick, 20 assists, 4 receiving TDs and much more. And making sure to grab your attention are 12 custom sports-related alert sounds that will chime at the right time. Although up to 10 alerts can be set absolutely free of cost, you can activate the unlimited lot for just under a dollar per month. And you don’t even need to shell out a penny in order to acquire this app.

With the best sports apps for iPhone, you are never too far from a goal, touchdown or wicket. So which ones did you pick? Do you have any favorites of your own that you’d like to share with us? Simply leave your suggestions in the comment box below.