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7 Best Space Games

Best Space Games

The best space games for PC that we’ve gathered for you right here are all beautiful adventures that are just asking to be experienced. The titles which have made it to the list will definitely succeed in satisfying your need for some inter-galactic action. Titles of this sort usually have a distinct charm of their own. Roaming in unfamiliar territory, encountering alien creatures, fighting or creating alliances with them, and more such activities constitute scenarios that are at times awe-inspiring. Back in the days, titles like Space Invaders and Elite had managed to establish the sci-fi genre in the world of video games. Their legacy today is being carried forward by a number of titles that have developed themselves into full-fledged franchises thanks to their magnanimity. Let’s have a look at the best in the genre.

1 – Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Released in January last year, this game succeeded the immense triumph achieved by its predecessor with its incredibly polished third-person shooter survival horror gameplay. It takes place on a civilian station called The Sprawl which has been built into a fragment of Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.

It comprises a poignant story, but its main highlights are the many scary moments that its developer has packed into it. Besides, the shooting mechanics are superb, and so are the graphics with their excellent lighting and other effects. A sequel for the game is gearing up to release in February next year.

2 – StarCraft II

StarCraft II

StarCraft II, the second entry to our catalog, takes place during the 26th century, and is set in a remote part of the Milky Way galaxy. The story of the game revolves around three species named Terrans, Zerg and Protoss.

This title offers you engrossing real-time strategy gameplay, and it is one of the fastest selling titles of all time from the said genre. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft II impresses you at each and every point. It offers single-player as well as multiplayer experiences, and is available now for PC and Mac.

3 – Eve Online

Eve Online

Eve Online is a game of gigantic proportions; it’s one which has a massive amount of players under its belt as well. Being an MMORPG, it opens up many activities that you can indulge in. You are able to partake in distinct in-game professions including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading exploration and of course, combat (PvE as well as PvP).

Characters are made to pilot customizable ships that move through a galaxy of over 7,500 star systems. Developer CCP has created a universe that’s hard to get off your minds once you start playing the game. Be warned however, that the game has a really big learning curve.

4 – Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire

Another RTS game in our catalog is Sins of a Solar Empire which came out for PC back in 2008. It is a game which involves a 3D web of planets as well as additional extraterrestrial objects situated in the orbital plane of one or more stars. Its gameplay engages players in conquering neighboring planets and exploring distant star systems.

The latter part takes place in a beautiful 3D environment filled to the brim with entire galaxies, planets, clusters of asteroids, dust and radiant stars. This is an excellent game with respect to its tremendous visual attributes. Three expansions have been released for it so far, with the last one having been launched only in June this year.

5 – Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Developer BioWare’s Mass Effect series has had such an impact on popular culture that it’s at times referred to as the Star Trek of the video game industry. Its third edition was released earlier this year, and marked an outstanding end to the trilogy. Set in a distant future where inter-galactic travel is made possible by a network of advanced machinery called mass relays, this game proffers you a brilliantly-imagined universe complete with alien races, cool ships and more.

Being an RPG, it asks you to make political decisions all throughout the campaign, that in the end determine the fate of the entire galaxy. And those for who crave some straight up action, it features third-person shooting gameplay as well.

6 – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Nothing spells the vast expanses of the galaxy better than Star Wars does. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic which is believed by many to be better than some of the films themselves.

We won’t make any such claims, but we’ll sure mention that this is one of finest role-playing experiences we’ve ever had. The game exudes quality in each and every second you spend in it. It takes place approximately 4,000 years prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire.

7 – Spore


Spore is something unique; to the tune that it covers a number of genres including action, real-time strategy and RPG. Released in 2008, this title is the brainchild of Will Wright, the designer who has given us gems like SimCity, The Sims and more.

In Spore, you are required to develop a new species from scratch. You need to grow a microscopic organism into a complex animal, while taking care of several aspects of its life, and finally sending it into space to interact with alien species across the galaxy where it can develop its species further. Spore is an incredibly engaging experience which is worth diving into by fans of any genre.


That ends our rant about some of the best space games out there. Each and every title in this list is worth indulging in at least once. So be sure to play as many of them as you can, and do get back to us with your views on them.