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6 Best Song Identifier Apps

Best Song Identifier Apps

You can rely on the best song identifier apps to put a name to that tune stuck in your head. It could be just the rhythm, lyrics or an excerpt from a track you’ve heard at a party or over the radio. Even those music pieces you hear at the mall or airport can be quite catchy at times. It’s these finger-snapping, foot tapping tunes that leave you no choice but to pester a friend by humming, whistling or singing the song just to acquire its title. But with our comprehensive picks, you can give your pal a break and instead turn to your iOS or Android-powered device for indentifying the track.

1 – Shazam:


Shazam may sound like something that would probably get you all nostalgic. However in this case, the term pertains to the Shazam app which finds any song of your desire by simply listening to the track that’s being blared out. After locating the song you want, the application allows you to save and listen to it anytime you want. Sing along to the streaming lyrics that pop up onscreen in time with the music. Like the artist or band that’s belting out the buzz? Well, you can also watch music videos and concerts from YouTube as well as share the same with all your friends via email, Twitter and Facebook. You may even be fortunate enough to catch them on tour, all thanks to the free Shazam app.

2 – SoundHound:


Another noteworthy name in our song identifier apps roster is SoundHound. Claimed to be one of the fastest ones on the block, this software has the ability to name tunes that are booming through the air. All you need to do is hold up your portable gadget to the speaker and voila, it finds the exact song in less than 4 seconds. And if that wasn’t enough, it can also recognize tracks when you sing or hum them out loud. As a bonus treat, lyrics that flow in time with the music are also provided for the songs.

Audiophiles owning an iPad need not sport a frown as there is a SoundHound version for the same complete with full-size lyrics and YouTube pages. Furthermore, social butterflies will be pleased to hear that real time Twitter and Facebook updates from their favorite artists and bands can be acquired with just a single tap. All this is up for grabs absolutely free of cost.

3 – MusicID with Lyrics:

MusicID With Lyrics

Did you take an instant liking to that awesome tune that was playing over all the noise at your local supermarket? Or loved a particular soundtrack of a movie that you and your pals went to see yesterday but can’t put a name to it? Well, let the MusicID with Lyrics app take care of that bit without you undergoing any hassles. Once the software recognizes the song, it will not only display the lyrics but also artist biographies and corresponding YouTube videos. You can even search for a particular track by punching in the lyric phrase if you don’t know the artist or song name. Although the previous apps were minus a price tag, this particular one will cost you a little less than a dollar to download.

4 – SoundTracking:


Music was always known to transcend across barriers and bring people closer together. And the next entrant in our song identifier apps lineup has the ability to do just that. The SoundTracking app enables you to share your favorite tunes with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. It identifies the song that’s being played in your background and even allows you to add a little something extra in the form of location, picture and comment.

Besides giving your loved ones something to groove on, you can follow friends, music artists, bands, DJs and celebrities. Easy search capabilities are also on the cards here. So start a trend on the social highway by making a musical postcard and showing your pals just how much music means to you. The SoundTracking app can be procured without shelling out even a penny.

5 – MusicDNA ID:


With the MusicDNA ID app sitting in your handset or tablet, that catchy, unknown song no longer needs to remain a mystery. Whether you heard the tunes at a bar, disco or grocery store, the software will still be able to identify the track with ease. All it needs to hear is a short snippet of the same. It will then pop back with the name of the song as well as the performing artist or band. It beams in bearing other interesting features as well such as unlimited song tagging, link to download the track from iTunes and ability to overview previous results. You can even expect to be pleasantly bombarded with loads of song information bits which include audio analysis and more.

6 – Verizon iD:

Verizon ID

Last but not least, the Verizon iD app jumps into our song identifier apps roster. Like the aforementioned software options, this delight can also cleverly recognize the song that’s playing out aloud at a BBQ party or in a friend’s car. Besides just giving you the main course which is the song name, it even offers you hors d’oeuvres on a platter like artist biographies, song lyrics, YouTube videos and previews.

Make your favorite song the talk of the town by sharing the track on Twitter and Facebook. You can also download and keep the track as your ringtone for all to hear. Wondering what’s the price tag on this application? Well, it’s $0 so you don’t have to worry about losing even a few pennies here.

The best song identifier apps eliminate the need for you to go humming into your friend’s ears. Instead employ any of the apps mentioned above and you’ll get your song in an instant. Do drop in a comment or two telling us about your desired delicacies.