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Best Software For Small / Home-Based Businesses

working-at-home When you have the right software for your workplace, you can not only make things easy for yourself, but improve the productivity of your employees as well. And it becomes easier for you to project your small business as one with a contemporary and professional bearing. So avoid spending and investing more money on buying software that doesn’t align with your business goals and processes. The best way to go is to make this happen by taking some time to consider every aspect of your business before reaching a purchase decision. This will not only render things convenient as far as running your home-based business but make your personal life a little easier too.

Here are some popular software that get you sure shot results and help you enhance your performance as a home-based business. The good thing about these applications/software is that you can easily find them online. Searching for the right software options can be made all the more convenient if you are using Mediacom high speed internet by for businesses. These applications and software are easy to use and will help streamline your business processes.

Microsoft Office:

This is one of the most popular suites that helps you make your business more productive. The suite comprises of many essential tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. There are many other applications available too, which essentially perform the same functions, but Microsoft Office makes things far more expedient and fruitful telling you it does not standardize procedures for large-scale organizations only – the reason why SMEs and other small-scale business concerns around the world use the capacity of Microsoft Office applications and approve of the same.


QuickBooks is one of the widely used accounting software that comprehensively caters to the user’s needs in the SME category. It is commonly employed for invoicing, maintaining records of customers, and keeping track of your inventory. Also, it can help you manage your business finances. Capable of performing activities pertaining to organization of data, paying bills and keeping a track of your Profit and Loss statements, it brings you different add-ons too, which assist with handling different aspects of your business such as payroll and other procedural bits and pieces.


If you think QuickBooks is a software that is too much for your home-based business, you can use Quicken to track and manage your personal and business expenses as well as help consolidate tax data. One of the most standardized financial management software, Quicken is user friendly, capable of storing financial information, and keeps a good track of your various accounts making payments very easy to manage.


RetailEdge is one efficient way to manage your inventory and sales while keeping track of customers – through this software you get access to an accurate view of the available inventory and sales data. RetailEdge gets integrated with e-commerce solutions such as Shopify and others so that users can sync data between the software and available e-commerce solutions, not to forget the credit card Point of Sale function it boasts.

Adobe Dreamweaver:

Adobe Dreamweaver is popular software that brings assistance to website developers and designers whatever the nature of the task. You can create your own smart & simplified code and also manage your websites conveniently and efficiently. So if you are looking for a dynamic design for your website with Adobe Dreamweaver you will be able to set up your site in just a few steps even if you do not possess extensive knowledge in this respect.

Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher:

This is a desktop publishing package used to design newsletters and other promotional material and can work well for your business. If however you are a small-scale or a home-based business not willing to invest much on the purchase of an enterprise-appropriate software, then this is not the thing for you. Instead you can go for a low-cost and more affordable alternative i.e. Microsoft Publisher – a very useful application which can get your flyers and brochures designed in no time.

Adobe Acrobat:

This is a very useful software package that can help you create PDF documents. From a business’ point of view having PDF documents presents an amazing option. Business processes always include purchase and sale (of products/services), and there are countless other aspects too which necessitate hard as well as soft copies of business data. Adobe Acrobat saves your documents in the PDF format making it easy for you to share files with clients and other members of the organization.


Xero is one affordable application that is compatible with Windows and works optimally with iOS too – an outstanding accounting program that allows integration with more than 500 third-party apps. The subscription of the application varies and many plans are offered to users while they have full liberty to change the package at any point they want.

No matter what kind of businesses you run, there are different software and apps present in the market which can align with your business needs. If you are someone, already engaged with or hoping to start a home-based business, you can consider using any of the aforementioned as appropriate. These apps and software will not only help you manage your business and the personnel involved, but also assist the growth of your endeavor. So get the ones that work for you.