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7 Best SMS Apps For Android

Best SMS Apps For Android

The alternatives listed in our roster of the best SMS apps for Android will offer some handy features which the native messaging application of the Google OS could just have missed out on. With attributes like password protection for messages, private boxes, blacklisting and icon messaging amongst others, these software options will let you customize the way you text. So have a look at lineup to figure what your options are in this particular segment.

1 – Go SMS Pro:

Go SMS Pro

First up on our list of SMS apps for Android is Go SMS Pro that supports both SMS as well as MMS, while ensuring a fast and convenient user experience. It can be integrated with Go Chat and apart from SMS messages, it allows you to send files via the internet or over Wi-Fi. Along with Schedule SMS and Batch modes, it comes with features like Private box and recognizes handwriting, doodling or gestures. You can assign a password to the application or blacklist unwanted messages and configure its settings as and when you like.

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And if that’s not enough, it also backs up and restores all your messages as well as your app settings.

Price: Free

2 – Handcent SMS:

Handcent SMS

Pretty similar to Go SMS Pro, Handcent SMS is another application for customizing your messages. The developer claims that this app fully unleashes the messaging potential of Android devices and is integrated with the My Handcent online account to overcome limitations of the operating system. Its security options include privacy box that hides individual messages along with password protection, which is also applicable for the native messaging application.

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It supports MMS and lets you configure every aspect including the themes, skins, fonts and much more. The schedule tasks and blacklist functions form part of the Handcent SMS too.

Price: Free

3 – Pansi SMS:

Pansi SMS

Another one on our list of SMS apps for Android which claims to offer a great messaging experience on your device is Pansi SMS. An enhancement to the native messaging application, it brings better features, an intuitive interface and faster performance to your smartphone. Featuring both inbox and conversation style messages, the app provides popups and gives an option to send a quick reply.

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This multi-lingual software takes a backup of your texts on the SD card. It restores them if needed or hoards them as calendar content. Moreover, the customizable app lets you create your signature and send group messages or quick texts too.

Price: Free

4 – Chomp SMS:

Chomp SMS

This enhanced messaging application is meant for those of you who are bored of the stock app in your phone. Besides support for contact pictures and emoji icons, it boasts of other improvements like chat-style bubbles, signatures, blacklisting, scheduling, themes and a lot more. And similar to most others of its ilk, Chomp SMS even allows you to keep a passcode.

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This ‘souped-up’ replacement for the integrated app also facilitates sending instant quick replies to incoming messages.

Price: Free

5 – textPlus Int’l Free Messaging:

textPlus Intl Free Messaging

So you do not wish to spend a lot of money on text messages, but want to keep in touch with friends across the world anyway? Then textPlus is designed just for you. Besides free app-to-app messaging anywhere in the world, it lets you forward free text messages to any 10-digit mobile number in the U.S. or Canada, regardless of whether the intended receiver has installed the app or not. The latest update allows you to find Facebook friends on it and send voice texts to anyone you want.

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In addition to picture messaging and group texting, its other attributes include people tab, push notifications, popups for quick responses, signatures and more. Additionally, you can create communities or join those started by others to meet new people.

Price: Free

6 – Zlango Messaging:

Zlango Messaging

The next addition to our array of SMS apps for Android will surely add an extra element to all your messages with vibrant colors and icons. Moreover, these icons can not only be added to your texts, but also to status updates on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It appears to be a refreshing replacement for the integrated app and a personalized way of managing your SMS content.

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And if you don’t wish to use the icons, simply turn them off whenever you like. The application is also inclusive of basic features like notifications, quick reply popups, SkinZ and wallpapers amongst other things.

Price: Free

7 – SMS Popup:

SMS Popup

One of the most convenient Android apps, SMS Popup greatly simplifies replying to text messages with the assistance of its feature permitting you to reply from the popup window itself. Its personalization options mean you may assign specific sounds, vibrations and LED modes to contacts, separately. Other options in the popup window include the ability to instantly delete or close text messages.

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And you can have the app read out SMS messages to you or reply via the system voice recognition. Moreover, the optional privacy mode comes in handy to hide the sender’s name as well as the content of the text message.

Price: Free

So here’s where we bring our roster of the best SMS apps for Android to an end. Do share your experiences with us, once you are done using any of the applications mentioned above.