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10 Best Sketch Apps

A mixed bag of the best sketch apps for various platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and BlackBerry has been laid down below for your perusal. Our list of best options has applications that not only let you unleash your creativity, but also help you create professional digital graphics and illustrations. We do not really need to mention that you can simply download these pieces of software to doodle on a device of your choice. It doesn’t matter if the real color pencils and canvases do not agree with you, these alternatives may just turn you into a sought-after digital artist. Try them out.

1 – ArtBoard:


Leading the pack is ArtBoard, a vector drawing application meant for Mac computers that allows you to create illustrations and computer graphics. Multiple drawing tools can be used in conjunction with over 1600 options in the built-in Styles & Clip Art library. All your objects stay organized, thanks to the included layers. While you can open and import various formats in the app, your drawings can also be saved, exported or printed directly from it.

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The tool even tags along a geometry panel, and makes use of Boolean operations to combine shapes. And in case you get stuck, you can turn to online tutorials or the help menu and learn to enhance your drawings even further.

Price: $12.99

2 – Pixelmator:


The second application to have found a place on our lineup is Pixelmator that is designed especially for systems running Mac OS X. Apart from proffering a platform for creating drawings and paintings, the multitasking alternative even doubles up as an image editor.

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It is compatible with iCloud, iPhoto and Aperture and is optimized for the latest MacBook employing Retina display. The software even lets you paint with the assistance of different brushes, shapes, modes, gradients and more. Some pre-drawn shapes are also provided along with tools for adding shadows and adjusting stroke settings amongst others.

Price: $14.99

3 – Artweaver Plus:

Artweaver Plus

Meant for beginners as well as professionals, this application for Windows OS lets you record all the steps undertaken for creating a sketch, which can be viewed later. The developers of this software have already included multiple pre-defined brushes, but they give you the option of configuring them according to your convenience. Its program window can be customized by replacing palettes and even adding a custom palette featuring frequently used tools and functions. Moreover, you can add effects to your drawings and even work on a particular project with friends over the internet or a network. It registers changes in real time and allows you to chat as well.

Price: €29

4 – iDraw:


According to the developers of iDraw, it is one of the most feature-packed drawing applications designed for the iPad and boasts of employing tools apt for technical illustrations as well as drawings. You can use its shape libraries, rulers canvas scales to your advantage and even take the help of the pen tool for selecting and editing images.

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Besides brushes and pencils to facilitate fluid drawings, the software features multiple layers in addition to gradients, images, text and much more. You can export images in PDF, JPEG, PNG or SVG formats and even forward them via email, save them to the library or send them to other iPad applications.

Price: $8.99

5 – ASKetch:

Option 4

And if you are an artist looking for software that lets you recreate real-life drawings and textures on iOS devices, you should definitely try this program listed on our array. It lets you create artwork that appears to have been drawn using charcoal. Zooming without pixelation permits you to add details to your creations and you can even rotate images for a better view. The intuitive tool also understands various gestures and lets you switch between the three different pencils by simply swiping a finger on the screen. Some other attributes included in the software are undo, redo and eraser.

Price: $1.99

6 – Procreate:


This program for iPad is said to be capable of handling illustrations as well as casual drawings. A range of more than 45 tools that include sketching pencils, paint brushes as well as abstract brushes ensure you always get the kind of effect you wish to have. Its advanced functionality can be attributed to Silica, an OpenGL ES 2.0 painting engine, designed especially for the Apple tablet.

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And it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake while creating your masterpiece, it features 16 layers and 100 redos and undos for your convenience. And as the application is meant for a touchscreen device, it naturally recognizes multi-touch gestures to carry out multiple operations.

Price: £2.99

7 – Sketchbook Pro:

Option 6

This program has been designed to meet the needs of all Android and iOS tablet users who love to draw. It integrates the same engine that is utilized by the desktop version of the software, which is basically responsible for rendering perfect brush strokes when using any of the 60 preset pencils, markers, pens or brushes.

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You can even customize settings to achieve the kind of effect you seek. Up to 30 levels of undo and redo are available too.

Price: $4.99 (Google Play), $1.99 (iTunes)

8 – Picasso:


Picasso for Android is another multitasking application that deserves a mention on our compilation. Whether it is drawing, painting or doodling, the application takes care of all that and much more. Besides you can even add a touch of creativity to your existing pictures. This tool’s preview feature proves to be of help as you can view how the effect will turn out to be on the canvas. This easy-to-use application also lets you share your drawings via social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, or via email.

Price: Free

9 – Drawing Pad:

Drawing Pad

This Android application compatible with the S Pen of the Galaxy Note devices, comprises tools that can reproduce effects of crayons, pencils, markers, paint brushes or stickers, right on your mobile device. You can easily save your drawings to the app’s built-in album and continue working on it whenever you want.

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It lets you show off your efficiency with digital brushes to friends via social networks and other photo sharing websites including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa.

Price: $1.99

10 – Scroodle:


And if you are the proud owner of the BlackBerry PlayBook and wish to become a digital artist, here’s an alternative just for you. Scroodle features two chalk board designs as well as a white board and lets you draw with your fingers on the multi-touch display of the BlackBerry tablet. The included brushes, markers and chalks should assist you with creating your artworks. It even permits you to pick different colors and brushes of various sizes for your doodles.

Price: Free


After reading through our catalog featuring some of the best sketch apps, you may have selected an application that you’d be downloading on your device. You are likely to find a tool for each of your gadgets, considering that we have taken into consideration multiple platforms. Do tell us know which one you’d pick. And if we’ve missed out on something that you think is equally good, do drop in the name to let us know.