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8 Best Simulation Games For PC

Our list of the best simulation games for PC is packed to the hilt with different themed titles. Through these simulation games, you’ll be able to dabble with WWII vehicles, aircrafts and submarines as well as build cities, create fantastic creatures and even shape someone’s destiny, well virtually of course. This engaging genre boasts of quite a few sub-categories like construction and management, sports, life, flight, racing combat and more. Well, you’ll find that the compilation we’ve gathered for you right here all share these very same flavors. So go ahead and check out the delectable options.

Best Simulation Games For PC

1 – SimCity:


This urban planning and city-building game made its way onto the scene just last month and is the first major installment in the acclaimed series since SC 4 was unveiled nearly a decade ago. SimCity allows you to play either just one region or up to 16 cities simultaneously, complete with different specializations.

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Developer Maxis and publisher EA have also added a multiplayer mode into the latest amalgamation where you can compete or collaborate with others to earn achievements.

2 – The Movies:

The Movies

It’s now time to head straight to Tinsletown where you’ll be the one who’s calling the shots. Here you get to take on the role of a movie mogul, talent spotter, script writer or film director. Fulfill your dream of generating a slew of box office hits while you sit comfortably in the director’s helm. You’ll be able to make superstars out of random people and even send them to fat farms and plastic surgeons when they get too old to take on the lead role in your films. Create low budgets flicks and epic titles in the world of show business and upload them for all to enjoy. It’s lights, camera, action all the way.

3 – ARMA II:


Noted to be of the military sort, this entrant in our simulation games for PC roster released 4 years ago for the Windows platform. ARMA II plunges you into a realistic combat environment which is set against the fictional ex-soviet state of Chernarus. There’s 225 square kilometers of detailed landscape available for you to explore.

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You can command your troops and make your way through engaging campaign missions. You’ll also be able to wield 81 weapons and take more than 120 vehicles for a spin. There’s even a mission editor roped in here as well as an optional anti-cheat BattleEye. What’s more, a free-to-play version which includes multiplayer as well as limited single player modes is also up for grabs.

4 – IL-2 Sturmovik:

IL-2 Sturmovik

While still on the subject of military combat, here’s one that puts you in the cockpit of brilliant planes during the WWII. You’ll be able to fly 31 types of German, Russian and American planes and depending on the time of the year, you can see them splashed in different paint schemes and camouflages. Besides a variety of single and campaign missions, IL-2 Sturmovik also features 2 multiplayer modes namely, dog-fighting or cooperative missions.

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You can also build new missions and scenarios thanks to the integrated ‘mission builder’ feature. During air-to-air and air-to-ground battles you’ll be able to destroy enemy planes flying mid-air and even buildings and bridges situated on ground level.

5 – Spore:


No simulation games for PC lineup can ever be complete without the mention of Spore. Besides just the theme in question, it’s even infused with other aspects like RTS, action and RPG. The brains behind this endeavor calls you to ‘evolve your creature from single cell to galactic god.’ There are 5 evolutionary stages to take advantage of namely, Creature, Civilization, Cell, Tribe and Space, each with its own individual characteristics.

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You can employ a plethora of user-friendly creation tools for fashioning vehicles, star-ships, creatures and buildings. You’ll also be able to explore other players’ galaxies and share your masterpieces with pals.

6 – GTR Evolution:

GTR Evolution

This option is actually an expansion pack for the racing game Race 07 which was released in 2007. Among the different types of content present in this virtual treasure chest, you’ll find 49 unique cars spread across 12 classes, which means you can exploit more than 500 combinations.

Looked upon as a race driver’s haven, you’ll also get to experience what it’s like zooming across the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, Germany’s 22,8km long racetrack.

7 – Silent Hunter III:

Silent Hunter III

Developed and published by Ubisoft, this engaging contender in our simulation games for PC roundup released more than 8 years ago. This installment boasts of incorporating new crew command features, a 3D engine, movie-like graphics and realistic WWII naval action. You’ll be pulled into a suspense-filled atmosphere that includes day/night cycles, historically accurate subs and realistic 3D water modeling.

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Some of the playable U-boats read as Type II, VII, XXI and IX submarines. You can also opt for multiplayer cooperative play which can be conducted via LAN with up to 8 players.

8 – The Sims:

The Sims

Our final option is indeed no stranger to this genre. Created by Will Wright, in The Sims you get to control individuals and place them in any sort of scenario you please. Through their escapades, you’ll be able to foray into haunted houses, excavate an ancient tomb in Egypt, buy a pet and even get married in the local chapel.

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There are plenty of expansion packs to avail of under this franchise.


So whether you like to set the racing tarmac ablaze or create wonderful skyscrapers, you’ll be able to do all this and much more via the aforesaid best simulation games for PC. Simply invest in a computer or laptop, procure your favorite title and enjoy hours of virtual reality fun. Now if you want to experience the same while on the go, you can also check out our picks for the iPhone and Android devices. So go ahead and feast your eyes on the available options. You can also leave your comments in the space allotted just below.