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Best SEO Tips And Tricks To Boost Website Traffic

seo copywriting SEODespite some naysayers, SEO is alive and well in 2020. That being said knowing how to maneuver your way around the ever-changing Google algorithm is critical if you want to boost your traffic and see that money rolling in. In this article, I will be giving you some expert tips from award-winning companies like pearllemon.com so you can boost your site traffic now.

Let’s dive in.

First, a look at pearllemon.com. Pearl Lemon is a full-service SEO company that provides every SEO service you could ever need and probably will at some point. Most importantly, they provide a free intensive audit of your site. This intel will help you see exactly where your site is missing valuable traffic and leads. Here are a few things that generally are slowing down your success.

#1: User Experience is Sorely Lacking

Your users are just like you. When they visit a site they want to be engaged and kept interested with valuable information on a site that is easy to navigate and keeps them clicking through. One of the top SEO tips to achieve this is by using medium-tail keywords.

If you are familiar with SEO you know that keywords matter but knowing how to use keywords is what will increase your rankings considerably. The ideal is being ranked for that keyword and thousands of similar ones so machine learning systems like RankBrain can tell Google to rank you higher.

The higher up on the ladder you are the more traffic you will get. Easy enough, right? Here are a few steps to get it done:

– Get an audit of all your pages

– Optimize with medium-tail keywords so the amount of searchers that click on you increases

– Create great content to keep the visitor interested for more dwell time

#2: Look for the Easy Fixes

Once your overall UX is good – take a look at Google Analytics to see which pages almost ranked high. This is the ultimate low-hanging fruit. By reviewing the content and keywords used on each page you can easily make changes and increase your rankings per page.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Acquisition – Search Console – Queries and set up an advanced filter
  2. Find which phrases show your rank as ten or higher
  3. Fix those pages – follow the E-A-T patten which is expertise, authority, and trust

Tip #3: Quality vs. Quantity

You know the adage, “more is more”? Well, it’s not at least not when it comes to more poor quality fluff pages that no one will want to spend any time on. Many young businesses make this mistake. They create hundreds of pages of superficial content and then usually keyword stuff a very short piece of content.

Quality matters more than most people realize. The bots that crawl your website are looking for CTR, dwelling time, relevance, and errors as well. Make sure each page you create is something you would want to be framed on your wall. Outsourcing content is a great way to bulk up those pages with relevant content that will get the interest you want.

Last but not least,

In this digital age where we are consuming more visual content than ever many companies are missing out on this relative goldmine. Make sure your video content is optimized like this:

– Keep older videos searchable and relevant by updating the title and descriptions

– Enhance video audio as well as graphics and images for improved video quality

– Integrate videos throughout your site