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7 Best Science Apps for Android

Best Science Apps for Android

The best science apps for Android are here to nourish and feed the hungry mind. Science boasts of many sub-sections and forms. And the nature of this interesting subject has never ceased to amaze us. In order to gain more knowledge on the same, we have turned to books and the internet as comprehensive sources. Now a burst of information can also be found right at your fingertips. Those wielding an Android-powered handset or tablet can gain access to a plethora of software options that provide them with a treasure chest of scientific-based data. So arm yourself with a virtual straw and get ready to soak up the science.

1 – Periodic Droid:

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Periodic Droid

The Periodic Droid app offers you a complete, configurable periodic table that can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. No need to rely on charts or paper notes for looking up the elements. Besides just listing out the 118 elements, the developer has also embedded 55 properties for each one. These cover various aspects like boiling and melting point, electrons per shell, state, discoverer, crystal structure, electron configuration, color, electronegativity and weight.

You can even avail of a handy search option that allows you to find the desired element by simply inserting the symbol, number or name. A lineup of isotopes that includes spin-parity, half-life, abundance and decay has also been declared for each element. The app further urges you to take a quiz and see just how much you know about the periodic table and the elements.

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The Period Droid app is proving to be popular with everyone from biochemistry students to those studying in a Master of Science in Nursing thanks to its easy-to-use layout and informative features. Whether you are on the bus or have a minute to sit down, this app is a go-to for those that want to keep their brains active with science facts that prove useful when studying.

The app further urges you to take a quiz and see just how much you know about the periodic table and the elements.

2 – Science Challenge:

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Science Challenge

If the Periodic Droid app offered you a quiz about the elements, the next inclusion in our science apps for Android roster is all set to provide questions pertaining to mind-boggling topics. Suitable for children, teachers and parents, the Science Challenge app puts forth a multi-choice science quiz that will enable you to have fun while learning a thing or two. The application addresses various themes like zoology, chemistry, inventions, physics, biology, earth and space. Want to indulge in something more challenging? Then opt for the mixed test mode which provides you with random questions taken from all the aforesaid genres. The Progress Meter even keeps track of your performance via a beautiful bar chart.

3 – Physics Reference:

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Physics Reference

Learning physics can be a little intimidating at times. So in an effort to make the subject more approachable to everyone, the Google Play service churns out the Physics Reference app. It provides different tutorials on topics such as motion, heat and temperature, dynamics, relativity, chemical kinetics, matter, gravitation, shock waves and sonic boom, physical constants, radioactivity and a few basic laws. Further simplifying this intense subject are flashcards and quizzes. If Isaac Newton had an Android-powered device, we’re sure he would download this goodie bag in a heartbeat.

4 – Science Facts:

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Science Facts

Bored on the bus and in no particular mood to indulge in any games? Well, why not simply glance through loads of interesting bits of information that would definitely get you intrigued? The Science Facts app throws light on various scientific topics. Some of the categories covered here include environment, geography, animals, chemistry, biology, dinosaurs, flight, general science, food, computer and much more. Did you know that 21% of dogs and 7% of cats snore? You can acquire similar fun facts through this awesome application that sits snuggly in our array of science apps for Android. And the next time you hear a loud snore in the middle of the night, take a peek under your bed to see if it’s your dog before accusing your spouse of the same.

5 – LHSee:

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Many science enthusiasts out there may be familiar with the Large Hadron Collider that was founded by the CERN. Through this scientific experiment that’s conducted on a large scale, scientists are attempting to unlock the mysteries of the universe, structure of space and time, origin of mass and other complex questions. Via the LHSee app, all knowledge seekers, expert or not, can also perceive the professionals’ findings. Live collision events from the underground detectors in Geneva are now accessible to all. They roll out in the form of full 3D graphics. The app allows you to find out how the various parts of the detector function and even how to spot the different types of collisions.

6 – ChemDoodle Mobile:

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ChemDoodle Mobile

The ChemDoodle Mobile entrant in our science apps for Android list enables you to sketch out chemical structures, simulate NMR and calculate properties. As the maker reveals, the application comprises of 4 main windows namely, draw, spectra, calculate and help. While the former opens a typical ChemDoodle sketcher, the next 2 options calculates properties and simulates NMR spectra, respectively. The calculations in question here include molecular mass, degree of unsaturation, hydrogen bond donors, molecular formula, monoisotopic mass, hydrogen bond acceptors, molar refractivity, logp and polar surface area.

7 – Solution Calculator Lite:

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Solution Calculator Lite

While still on the subject of calculators, we have another convenient piece of software that features this aspect. The Solution Calculator Lite app aids you in creating chemical solutions and diluting mixtures by employing a stock solution. It helps fathom just how much chemical or stock solution you would need to throw into your concoction. The application certainly comes in handy for chemistry students as well as researchers who work in biochemistry, biology or chemistry laboratories and require a quick solution calculator. Through this version, you can calculate the molecular weight of chemicals that are commonly used in the lab without even punching in the name or molecular formula. All you need to do is hit a few buttons and voila, you instantly get the molecular weight of the chemicals.

So with these best science apps for Android accommodated within the confines of your handset or PC tablet, you will be able to tap into a wide range of scientific stuff directly from your portable device. Do give us your feedback to let us know which applications allowed you to learn something as well as have fun while doing so. You can also pen down a few of your own suggestions in the comment box below.

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