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Best Sanctum of Domination Gear Overview

sanctum of domination World of Warcraft always pleased players with the well-designed progression system. Endgame high-level content like raids was always full of gear that players desired as it guaranteed them the most hardcore and exciting experience. Gladly, today you can get the loot you want from the most recent raid with the help of the services like Leprestore that offer Sanctum of Domination boost. However, SoD carry will be a good option not only if you want to become well-equipped. The raid offers a range of gear-centered mechanics, the legendary weapon, and the transmog that symbolizes the grim atmosphere of the Jailer’s lair. We would like to tell you the most important things about gear from Sanctum of Domination in our brief overview. Tune in!

The new challenges wait for you. Gear up well to prepare for them!

Item level and the Great Vault

The new raid became the fresh air for the hardcore WoW players because the overall difficulty of all endgame activities has increased. Those of you who plan to use Sanctum of Domination boosting for gear upgrade should keep in mind that the item level of this raid won’t “overcome” Mythic dungeons because the loot level has also increased in this activity. Take a look at which difficulty can grant you the best gear from SoD.

Raid Difficulty Item Level (Last Bosses Gear ilvl)
LFR 213 (220)
Normal 226 (233)
Heroic 239 (246)
Mythic 252 (259)

If you want to gear up for the Mythic difficulty and don’t want to buy Sanctum of Domination run from boosters, the best way to do so is to finish high-level keys and to get the reward for them from the Great Vault at the beginning of the next week.

great vault Anduin won’t be merciful to those with a low item level…

Remember that you can get the reward from the Great Vault for killing raid bosses. The item level of the received loot depends on the raid difficulty. You may have a choice from the three items maximum. It will be defined by the number of bosses you have killed. Dealing with three bosses will grant you only one item to choose, six bosses will deliver two items in the Vault, and thanks to nine bosses, three items will become available for the player.

Legendary Weapon and Specific Items

legendary weapon There is a reason why WoW players decided to create Hunter characters. Many Hunter characters. And no, it is not because the SoD boost would be easier with the Marksman guy. The answer is Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper. It is probably the most desired legendary weapon since the Cataclysm staff turned your hero into a dragon while used. Only Hunters can use it, and the special effect of this weapon gives them the new ability, Wailing Arrow.

It hits your target with Shadow damage, dealing additional damage of the same type to every nearby target within 8 yards. Moreover, if you hit the Lesser creatures with this attack, they will get stunned. If you decided to visit Sanctum of Domination buy raid carry just to obtain this thing that enhances your Hunter gameplay significantly. Remember that you can get the bow when playing Normal difficulty and then upgrade it with the Wraithwisp Sinew (in the Heroic mode) and the Ethereal Fletching (in the Mythic mode).

Another few items which should not be missed in this raid are the Edge of Night and the Dark Ranger’s Quiver. The first one is the Rogue dagger which applies the effect called Banshee’s Blight. It stacks up to 4 times and gives you a possibility to deal Shadow damage each time you spend combo points.

Dark Ranger’s Quiver will be an excellent addition to your Bow. Just don’t forget you should be Hunter to unleash their potential!

The Quiver is a back that any class can wear, but the unique effect will work only if you are Hunter. It will strike up to 5 enemies in front of you with the Withering Fire every five shots you make. A great reason to buy sod raid run would be to get two of these powerful effects together (from the Bow and from the Quiver). Your hunter will be unstoppable.

Shards of Domination system

shards of domination system In Sanctum of Domination, there is a new system of making your character a local equipment god. It is called Shards of Domination and assumes that the player should collect several new items. First, you should get Domination Sockets applied to the gear pieces you farm in the raid. Shards are the special gems you put inside these sockets, and they can be one of three types: Blood, Frost, and Unholy gems.

You can gear up to five shards maximum, and overall there are nine possible shards available. Each type has Defensive, Offensive, and Healing shards; thus, you can combine them accordingly to your role and class.

Forces of Azeroth allied with the Covenants to stop the Jailer. Will you help them with your Rune Words?

WoW Sanctum of Domination carry is especially popular because of the Rune Word system. You can get the special Rune Word effect when you have socketed three shards of one type. This effect will work in any Maw-related zone (Torghast, Sanctum of Domination, the Maw itself), while the effects of shards will be beneficial anywhere in the game world. The effects each Rune Word can make are the following:

  • Chaos Bane (Unholy Rune Word) – you can drain Soul Fragment from your enemies while casting a spell or any other ability. It grants you a ten primary stat increase for 30 seconds and can stack up to 15 times. When you reach the 15 stacks, the Chaos Bane explosion unleashes, dealing your enemies Shadow damage and giving you 300 primary stat for 15 seconds.
  • Blood Link (Blood Rune Word) – establishes a Blood Link with your enemy that deals damage to her each 3 seconds and heals you for 100% of the damage dealt. Overheal will be used on your ally instead.
  • Winds of Winter (Frost Rune Word) – each time you make a critical strike, the Winds accumulate 6% of it. Every 20 seconds, they unleash all the accumulated damage to the enemies around and absorb this damage, covering your character in it.

Sanctum of Domination is a treasure chest for the players that want to have the best in-game gear. The special effects of some weapons will grant you a fair Sylvanas kill, but first, you should get this loot. Don’t miss your chance and head to the Jailer’s lair as soon as possible!