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7 Best RSS Readers

Best RSS Readers

The best RSS readers are here to provide you with your daily dose of news bits. The World Wide Web is currently bubbling with loads of interesting content that spans across a variety of topics. And what better way to get a whiff of the different internet treats than by taking in the aroma through a fantastic thing called RSS readers? There are loads of information suppliers out there and in order to save you from scouting the area for the acme lot, we’ve already jotted down the best ones. Take a look.

1 – Reeder:


Reeder is a Google Reader client that enables you to access news feeds via your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac computer. The application allows you to customize shortcuts and the interface, to your convenience. It also boasts of Readability, Fever and Google Reader syncing as well as support for multiple accounts from the latter 2 options.

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By performing simple gestures, you’ll be able to easily toggle between starred or unread content, open an in-app browser, zoom into pictures and return to the article list. The iPhone and iPod touch Reeder app can be purchased for just under $3 while the Mac and iPad versions are individually tagged at $4.99.

2 – Feedly:


Feed your mind with the latest virtual entrées and appetizers that are presently being served across the internet. You can access this inclusion in our array over the web via Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions or through your iOS or Android-infused device. Blessed with a stylish interface, the software aggregates data from YouTube channels, podcasts, RSS feeds and Tumblr blogs.

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Prepare to be pampered with a beautiful magazine-like experience without even missing a single important bit of news. And as the company behind Feedly states, ‘Stay current. Get inspired.’ All the applications available for the different platforms can be acquired absolutely free of cost.

3 – FeedDemon:


While still on the subject of feeding your mind, we have roped in yet another great gem that would help keep you well-informed at all times. It offers Google Reader synchronization which means you can easily access tags, feeds and shared items irrespective of whether you’re at the office, on the go or simply lounging out at home.

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You can further punch in your own keywords so that you’ll be able to seamlessly zero in on previously read articles as well as get alerts when they appear in any sort of feeds. As the maker reveals, FeedDemon can also download audio files and sync them with your iDevice or any other gadget. This particular reader is compatible with Windows-infused PCs.

4 – Google Reader:

Google Reader

‘Have trouble keeping up with the sites you visit?’ quips the developer of Google Reader. Well, if you find yourself nodding in the affirmative, then you could definitely use this particular entrant in our lineup. It hit the scene in 2005 and shed its beta status around 2 years later. Highly customizable in nature, the delight in question lets you easily choose the content you want to read.

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It could be browsing headlines in List View or hitting the Explore button to find feeds that are recommended just for you based on the existing subscriptions. Google Reader also allows you to share interesting bits of news with loved ones through the integrated public page.

5 – Netvibes:


Are you ready to experience some good net vibes? Well, if you are then we have just the thing for you. Christened Netvibes, this platform forays to the scene tagged with the slogan ‘dashboard everything.’ And staying true to this line, it puts everything that matters to you, into one single dashboard for easy viewing. You can expect real-time monitoring of all your feeds, apps, tweets and even enterprise systems.

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You’ll also be able to publish microsites and formulate custom layouts, all thanks to the personalization features offered here. Netvibes is available in a trio of editions namely basic, premium for one and premium for teams. While the former is free, the starting price for the latter 2 is $499 per month.

6 – Bloglines:


The web-based news aggregator called Bloglines enables you to track all your desired blogs and websites in real-time across one dashboard. It jumps onto our roundup complete with a plethora of customizable features such as drag and drop organization, multiple view options and exclusive widgets, among others.

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Sit back and enjoy reading news bits that are dipped in all your trending topics and interests. It’s looked upon as a formidable resource for events, news and local blogs, too. And it’s absolutely free to create an account and begin your journey with Bloglines.

7 – NewsBlur:


NewsBlur calls on all tech-savvy individuals to ‘focus on the stories from your friends and favorite blogs.’ The information is laid right before you as it emerges from the oven, piping hot. You’ll also have the ability to highlight the items you like and hide the ones that don’t really grab your attention. Seen something that you think may interest friends and family members? Well, you can simply share these stories on your blurblog. And besides the web, it also rolls out across the iPad, iPhone and Android-powered gadgets. The apps can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play, respectively without even having to shell out a penny.


Whether you’re seated at your PC or on the road wielding your trusty portable device, you’ll still be able to stay abreast of all the latest news and happenings from all over the world. Download any one of the aforesaid best RSS readers and you’ll never be too far from the fantastic fresh facts that are spread across the internet. And when you do, make sure you return to this space and leave your comments about the same, right here.

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