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7 Best Romance Animes

Best Romance Animes

The following best romance animes invoke a strong feeling of love. The various charismatic characters that star in each of these delights have been struck by cupid’s arrow and how. We know that Valentine’s Day has passed, but do we really need a specific day in order to celebrate love? Well, if you feel like watching the best titles that will surely melt your heart, then we suggest you soak up every single one of the Animes littered right here. You could even earn bonus points with your Otaku loved one when the two of you sit together and watch these treats.

1 – Clannad:


The storyline revolves around Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent who has developed a strong hatred for life. When he was just a young boy, his mother tragically died in a car accident and since then, his father has taken to alcohol and gambling. However, things seem to brighten up a little when he meets a strange lass called Nagisa Furukawa.

She is forced to repeat the scholastic year due to a severe illness and hence is a bit older for her class. As days pass by, the duo becomes friends and forms a close bond. They even hang out with a group of fellow girl students. And through their frequent meetings, Okazaki finds that life as he knows it isn’t all that bad.

2 – Bokura ga Ita:

Bokura ga Ita

This entrant in our roster of best romance animes sees the protagonists Nanami Takahashi and Motoharu Yano developing a close relationship with each other. Now, this sweet bond wasn’t formed immediately. On Takahashi’s very first day at school, the most popular guy Yano played a practical joke on her. And although things didn’t start on a right note, the pair eventually ends up falling in love.

However, complications in their relationship emerge due to Yano’s past and the death of his previous girlfriend. He still seems to have unresolved feelings for her and Nanami must strive a bit harder to understand him if they want the relationship to blossom.

3 – Maid Sama:

Maid Sama

The female protagonist here is the lovely Misaki Ayuzawa, the first female student council president at the school. And although you’ll see that she always employs a strict, disciplined stance while on campus, she is totally different when away from the school’s premises. She works as a waitress at a maid café. What’s more, Takumi Usui, a popular student at her school happens to find out about her little secret and plans to exploit it to the fullest.

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He agrees to keep her identity under wraps only if she is willing to spend more quality time with him. Thereon, the two form a beautiful bond with each other. There is also a ton of laughs to be had right here.

4 – Kimi ni Todoke:

Kimi Ni Todoke

The question we put forth to you is ‘will you be able to love someone who looks like Sadako, the horror from the movie series, The Ring?’ Well, we guess your answer would be a definite no. But there is one brave lad who wouldn’t mind at all. This inclusion in our best romance animes array tells the tale of a young girl called Sawako Kuronuma who very much resembles the scary character from the film.

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As time passes, she gets better acquainted with one of the more popular boys in her class namely, Shōta Kazehaya. Soon, their friendship blossoms into something much more. They fall in love and stand by each other through thick and thin, overcoming the odds that stand in their way.

5 – Lovely Complex:

Lovely Complex

Here’s another couple who are quite different but yet share a special bond with each other. The two individuals involved in this title portray contrasting appearances. Risa Koizumi is taller than the other girls while the love of her life Atsushi Ootani is shorter than the average boy.

But amidst all these differences, the pair still shares a special bond. They have a love-hate relationship and even share similar interests. Will love overcome all these hurdles?

6 – Itazura na Kiss:

Itazura Na Kiss

The leading pair here includes the likes of pretty Kotoko and senior student Naoki. The dashing lad is an all-rounder who is good at both studies as well as sports. He is also often addressed as ‘super-ikemen’ or handsome male by admirers. Kotoko falls head over heels in love with him but is turned down in a heartbeat.

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However, fate seems to have other plans for them. Due to a mild earthquake, Kotoko is forced to live with her father’s friend. Now as luck would have it, this pal of her dad’s just happens to be Naoki’s father. This contender in our lineup has some light moments as well.

7 – Vampire Knight:

Vampire Knight

Our roundup of best romance animes simply won’t be complete without this particular option. The female lead, Yuki Cross has managed to grab the attention of not one but two handsome guys. Here you’ll be introduced to a charismatic vampire called Kaname who saved Yuki’s life when she was younger.

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The third individual is Yuki’s childhood pal named Zero Kiryu. The story also sees the peaceful co-existence of both the human and supernatural factions.


Whatever be your mood, you can be sure there are a plethora of titles that are dressed just for the occasion. Be it horror, comedy, shoujo, mecha, fighting or drama, you’ll find that there are separate sections for these themes. And if love is in the air, you can always check out the aforesaid best romance animes. What’s more, most of them are blessed with extra sprinkles of comedy, drama and action bits as well. So which ones are you planning on watching first? Don’t forget to leave your favorite mentions in the box situated just below.