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9 Best Remote Access Software

You’ll need a best remote access software option from our roster if you wish to view files on your home or office computer from miles apart. And to efficiently get the work done, you are required to install a program that is loaded with all the necessary features. In order to make it easier for you to choose the best alternative, we have shortlisted a few which seem promising. A short description about each of the contenders should help you take the all important decision. So go right ahead and take a look.

Best Remote Access Software

1 – TeamViewer:


TeamViewer is meant for online meetings and supporting or operating a PC without having to be in front of it. And it merely takes a few seconds to connect a system to another computer or a server. This all-in-one solution can be used for using unattended systems, making presentations, holding training sessions and for efficient team work amongst a number of other things.

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An advantage is that the other PC you are operating need not have a TeamViewer license and the developers claim that the connections are fully encrypted. And as it is available for mobile platforms, you have the option of controlling your PC via a handheld gadget too.

2 – Remote Access Plus:

remote access plus Stay compliant to HIPPA and access your enterprise computers remotely with Remote Access Plus. Make troubleshooting process seamless for administrators and technicians juggling with computers and laptops.

Experience unlimited video, voice call and chat, access windows terminal and essential system manager tools directly from the console, transfer files securely during remote sessions and perform much more remote operations ManageEngine Remote Access Plus.

It’s absolutely your choice, pick on-premise or cloud edition based on your enterprise environment, Remote Access Plus will cater for both your needs. Start your 30 day free trial now!

3 – Zoho Assist:

Zoho Assist Logo Zoho Assist is cloud-based remote support and remote access software that helps technicians provide support by controlling, managing, and troubleshooting remote computers at anytime. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Chrome OS. Zoho Assist supports screen sharing, file transfer, session recording, voice and video chat, mobile apps, multiple deployment methods, and more.

Super Admins can use the rebranding feature to customize Zoho Assist to match their organization’s image. With the Service Queue feature, customers can reach technicians directly and join a session instantly. The technician and the customer can mark up and highlight on the remote screen using the Annotate feature during the session. Users can choose between the Free or Paid version of Zoho Assist for both personal and professional use, and take advantage of a 15-day free trial to test all the features.

4 – LogMeIn Pro:

LogMeIn Pro

The next option to have found one of the top spots on this roster is LogMeIn Pro that lets you work on your computer from almost anywhere in the world. It works over the internet and brings your content to you in HD, thus facilitating file transfer, system updating, printing and much more.

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The tool lets you share your desktop with your friends or colleagues, regardless of the OS and enables connecting your PC to a mobile device running iOS or Android with a little assistance from dedicated applications.

5 – Mikogo:


Mikogo has been described as a desktop sharing tool that enables you to conduct online meetings and web conferences, without digging a deep hole in your pockets. You can display your desktop on 25 other systems at the same time over the internet without compromising with color quality.

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Apart from the aforementioned tasks, it allows you to demonstrate products, make web presentations, conduct webinars, offer online support and do a lot more without leaving your desk. Also, there are different shortcuts in the Mikogo interface for the connected PC, so you do not end up giving commands to your local computer.

6 – Chrome Desktop:

Chrome Desktop

Those who are the proud owners of Chromebooks or use the Chrome web browser, can make the most of this alternative listed on our catalog. Chrome desktop lets you operate almost any computer on short- or long-term basis. The fully encrypted solution is compatible with all top operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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But unlike some of the other alternatives which require licensing for only a single system, this application should be downloaded on all the concerned PCs. It is available through the Chrome Web Store.

7 – GoToMyPC:


GoToMyPC offers flexibility as it lets you view files, print from the connected computer and even cut, copy and paste content between two systems over the internet. Once you download the program, it launches, install and configures without requiring you to restart.

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Compatible with Windows as well as Mac, it tags along security features like 128-bit AES encryption and dual password to name a few. And for those of you who are constantly on the run, the developers have introduced applications for mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android-based gadgets and even Kindle Fire.

8 – Radmin:


If you are looking for a safe and fast solution for connecting Windows-based computers over the web, then this contender on our compilation seems like the right option. Radmin 3 lets you choose whether you want to view the other system in a window on your monitor or in the full screen mode.

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It goes without saying that you get to use your mouse and keyboard to control the device that you are operating on. The tool also boasts of integrated text and voice chat so users of the connected desktops can interact with each other while collaborating.

9 – ScreenConnect:


ScreenConnect can be used on any computer or mobile device which operates with the assistance of the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android or iOS platforms. It gives you the ability to deal with all your system issues from far off with an internet connection.

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You can connect your system with multiple other desktops at the same time. In case the network strength is poor, the automatic reconnection function of the app comes in handy to keep the session going.

9 – Ammyy Admin:

Ammyy Admin

And now the final option that we bring to you by means of this rundown is Ammyy Admin which doesn’t require any lengthy installation procedure and is good to go within a few seconds after you download it. All you need to do to connect systems is enter the automatically generated ID and start sharing instantly.

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The program for Windows PCs allows you to carry out various operations on the system on the other end and claims to maintain high standards for data transfer security. The voice chat facility has also been added to it.


So have you decided which the best remote access software will be your arsenal for operating a distant system? Do tell us. And in case your preferred option has not been mentioned, feel free to drop in the name below.