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7 Best Reminder App For iPhone

The gems in our best reminder app for iPhone collection won’t allow you to forget an important event, errands, tasks or even birthdays. With any of the following names fitted into your handy Apple device, you’ll never again have to resort to memos slapped on the refrigerator or ask a friend to keep leaving hints about something you need to do over the weekend. From now on, you’ll only have to pull out your handset and espy the chore or activity that must be carried out when it bellows a loud sound from your pocket or purse.

Best Reminder App For iPhone

1 – Due:


‘The beauty of this app lies in its simplicity,’ claims the developer, and quite rightly so. You won’t find too many bells and whistles attached to this one. It neatly incorporates the essential things that matter in this aspect like jotting down a note and an alert for informing you about your priorities. You can easily set up a quick recall note through the time wheel feature. You’ll also be able to set the desired time by opting for any one of the 4 presets.

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This app is best for keeping track of tasks you want to see through the Smart Badges attribute. And until you mark a particular entry as rescheduled or done, the program will keep on flashing a recall. A few of the other treats include natural date and time parsing, time zone shifting, 12 various alert patterns and assignable alert sounds.

Price: $4.99

2 – Alarmed:


Besides just carrying out the main task it’s assigned to do, this entrant in our reminder app for iPhone roster also doubles as a timer program. Here you can expect to see pop-up alerts that are endowed with flexible snooze, Nag-Me, repeat scheduling and complete customization features. The timers further come with countdown/countup, custom messages and pause options. There are even pre-alarms and more than 80 custom sounds that range from sober to whacky available here. What’s more, it also provides iCloud syncing for keeping your notes and information bits up to date not only on your smartphone but also other iDevices. ‘Are you alarmed?’ If not, rush out and acquire this one from iTunes.

Price: Free

3 – TellMeLater:


With this particular software within your sights, all you have to do is punch in your thoughts, set a time where necessary and let the program alert you when the time comes. Whether it’s watching a movie at the theater, paying the rent or picking up groceries on your way home, you can rely on this one to point all these errands out for you. Sporting an intuitive interface, it even blurts out alerts via email and Twitter so you’ll never miss an important rendezvous.

Price: $0.99

4 – Any.DO:


Make sure the errands you have to run are never given amiss by exploiting this particular inclusion in our reminder app for iPhone array. Some of its key features at a glance read as time and location reminders, speech recognition, Any.DO moment, notes, calendar view, cloud sync, folders, gesture support and repeating tasks. Endowed with a simple yet beautiful design, the user-friendly treat lets you drag and drop data bits around to chalk out your agenda.

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And when you complete a certain task, you can easily swipe it off or shake your handset to clear the entire list. You’ll also be able to personalize your theme and share lists with friends and family.

Price: Free

5 – Orchestra To-do:

Orchestra To-do

When you opt for this one, you’ll be bombarded with features such as recurring tasks, voice capture and real-time sync, among others. Besides just making sure you hear all the important alerts you set, it also lets you seamlessly collaborate with loved ones. You can send a whole information list across to them and receive real-time status updates, even if they don’t possess this particular software.

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It even lets you remember birthdays, what to pick up on your way home from work and the different chores that have to be done before you call it a night. This portable program is best for planning events like a potluck lunch or a party.

Price: Free

6 – Astrid Tasks/To-do List:

Astrid Tasks/To-do

Want a personal assistant you could always rely on for alerting you about future events or the different errands you have to run? Well, why not try your hand at this particular contender in our reminder app for iPhone roundup and see whether it proves to be an apt companion? A few of its interesting features include cloud sync, voice recognition, email integration, set multiple priorities and create checklists. You can also share lists and tasks with others over Twitter and Facebook.

Price: Free

7 – Do it (Tomorrow):

Do it (Tomorrow)

As the saying goes, ‘don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.’ However, if you do have some errands or tasks that simply can’t be done at present, you can always rely on this application to alert you about the same tomorrow. A great treat for procrastinators, this program hits the scene with a simple interface, cloud sync and to-do entries. You’ll even be able to tweak badges, sounds and fonts according to your preference.

Price: Free


Scan through the aforesaid names in our comprehensive lineup and zero in on the best reminder app for iPhone in your books. Go ahead, download the same and give your brains some respite from constantly being racked into remembering a bundle of errands that need to be done on time. Each of the options is packed to the hilt with some pretty impressive features that will surely keep you informed about the various tasks that need to be accomplished. So which one will you pick?