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8 Best reddit Android Apps

A compilation of the best reddit Android apps is what you need if you are a big fan of this news and entertainment website. The service hasn’t released an official application for Google’s OS and hence, those of you who wish to keep themselves updated with all the latest happenings will have to rely on one of the third party software. And we have listed them below to give you a fair idea about what you can expect from these programs. Do take a look and find out if your favorite tool has found a mention on this roster or not.

Best reddit Android Apps

1 – BaconReader:


BaconReader comes with a guide for the front page of the internet and has an all new slideshow mode along with the simple list view. Multiple viewing options ensure that you get to enjoy the content exactly how you’d want to. Regardless of whether you are new to the service or have been using it for years, the application in question claims to be apt for all.

YouTube video

Its list of features include grouping, keyword and domain filtering, fast picture uploading and many more. Content can be displayed in the full screen mode as well, and it has also been optimized for tablets.

Price: Free

2 – reddit is fun:

reddit is fun

The next spot on our reddit Android apps rundown goes to this fun tool featuring a decent interface and widgets. It has been updated for supporting tablets running the Google platform and has even been loaded with moderator features.

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With a little assistance from synccit.com, you can synchronize your history on multiple devices so you can always go back to reading where you left. This program’s paid golden platinum version is also available in the Play store.

Price: Free

3 – Reddit News:

Reddit News

Optimized for Jelly Bean-based tablets, this contender claims to be a full-featured browser which makes it easy for you to view content from the website on your touchscreen phone. In this particular program, stories and their comments load at the same time and you can easily scroll up and down using the voting bar. It allows you to view profiles, check messages, submit links, edit or delete comments and also a lot of other things right from your handheld devices.

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Images are pre-fetched from stories list for facilitating quick viewing and their high-resolution thumbnails are created for improved browsing. Featuring multiple color themes, it comes with a search function and allows you to drag and drop categories so you can move your favorite ones to the front.

Price: $1.99

4 – reddit sync:

reddit sync

This alternative claims to be a great new way of enjoying the popular website and enables you to sync your favorite content so you can go through it, even if you do not have access to the internet. It strives towards bringing the fastest mobile experience in this category to the table and flaunts a fast and clean Holo interface. Complete with light and night themes, it boasts of inline image previews and lets you mark posts as read. You can easily login to your account and even vote for your favorite posts. The advertisement-supported option supports Google Drive as well and its pro version is also up for sale.

Price: Free

5 – RedReader Beta:

RedReader Beta

Another unofficial client to have found a mention on this reddit Android apps roundup is RedReader Beta, an open source software which is devoid of annoying advertisements. In order to save, hide, up-vote and down-vote posts or perform any other customizable actions, you can simply swipe posts sideways on the screen. Its advanced cache management comes in handy for storing past versions of posts and comments, while streaming allows you to see content as it is downloading. The last mentioned feature will be appreciated at times when the internet connection is slow. The program supports multiple accounts and drags along an image viewer as well as a GIF player. It is compatible with devices running Android 2.2 and later and has a night theme for facilitating reading in dark surroundings.

Price: Free

6 – reddit by brian:

reddit by brian

Here’s a fast and simple client that has been optimized for devices with almost any screen size. Browsing and searching becomes extremely simple, thanks to layouts optimized for various displays and you can even login to the service from multiple accounts in order to upload posts, comments, messages or even for voting.

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All it takes to switch between links and comments is a horizontal swipe and a simple tap permits you to expand or collapse comments. Like a number of similar aforementioned software, this program also has light and dark themes.

Price: Free

7 – Reddita:


Meant for Honeycomb-based gadgets, the contender allows you to check messages and comments on the website in style. All your subreddits are at your fingertips and you have the option of checking and replying to your mails from inside the program.

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This option from our reddit Android apps catalog allows you to customize notifications, send messages, see friends’ highlighted posts and even view their profiles. Searching and sorting of feed is not much of a hassle either.

Price: $1.60

8 – redditastic:


Redditastic is actually a widget for the web service in question and works towards bringing content of your choice to your device’s lock screen. The stand alone widget can be placed on home-screens of gadgets running Honeycomb, ICS or Jelly Bean and it acts as a perfect accomplice to a full-fledged program. Either you can load the posts that show up here on a third-party application or in a web browser. It lets you have multiple resizeable widgets and even combine several Subreddits into a single widget for an uncluttered home-screen.

Price: Free


So have you decided which one of these best reddit Android apps takes the cake? Do tell us. And if you can think of another program that deserves to be mentioned in this particular compilation, feel free to drop in the name below.