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7 Best Recipe Apps For iPad

Best Recipe Apps For iPad

The best recipe apps for iPad are like having your very own compilation of virtual cookbooks. Whether it’s preparing a hearty meal for the whole family, a romantic candlelight dinner for two or maybe just a quick snack, you’ll always have your guide sitting right in front of you. We have lined up various software options that should enable you to whip up delicious dishes and tantalizing treats by simply glancing at your Apple device. So arm yourself with the necessary culinary tools and read through our selection where you’ll find exciting recipes for just about any occasion or appetite.

1 – 170,000+ Recipes BigOven:

170,000+ Recipes BigOven

The 170,000+ Recipes: BigOven app is noted to be an ideal kitchen companion and for good reason. As the name suggests, it boasts of more than 170,000 recipes as well as a grocery list which eliminates the need to write all your desired ingredients on paper. There is also a new beta Menu Planner thrown into the amalgamation complete with a drag-and-drop calendar. This feature comes in very handy especially while planning meals well in advance.

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Try a new dish everyday by simply punching in the title, course and ingredient of your choice and even get ideas for cooking something scrumptious with the leftovers. And you needn’t go online to check your grocery list and recipes stored in your Try Soon and Favorites lists.

Price: Free

2 – The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy:

The Photo Cookbook

Besides simply satisfying the taste buds, we have an entrant in our recipe apps for iPad array which caters to the visual senses as well. A picture speaks a thousand words and what better way to cook up a great meal than by glancing at photos that would help you at every step of the way. There are 84 recipes and more than 700 high-resolution photos at your disposal with more exciting ones awaiting you through in-app purchases.

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It’s like having your very own private cooking course bundled up neatly in your Apple tablet. With loads of appetizing visual aids, even a novice can prepare a stunning repast for friends and family. The 84 illustrated recipes are strewn across 4 topics namely, Asian, Baking, Italian and Quick & Easy.

Price: $4.99

3 – James Martin’s Food:

James Martin's Food

After being splashed with illustrations, get ready to espy informative videos in the James Martin’s Food app. More than 80 minutes of film complete with simple instructions and foot-tapping music is packed into the application. Full screen videos that are separated by 9 different subjects can be clearly viewed through the iPad in landscape mode.

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The lighting shifts enable viewers to pay special attention to important details during the course of each recipe. Toggle between imperial and metric, email recipes to loved ones, print pages and decipher the right amount of ingredients via the servings calculator embedded within the app. Let the English cook show you how to create great meals by just watching a few video clips.

Price: $0.99

4 – How to Cook Everything:

How to Cook Everything

With our recipe apps for iPad roster, we wish to bring forth various software options that make cooking more enjoyable. So further aiding us in this endeavor is the How to Cook Everything application which features 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations. It’s your one-stop shop for acquiring ingredient information, equipment, pictures, technique and meal-planning ideas.

Flexible search capabilities, dedicated layouts for horizontal and portrait views, integrated timers and bookmarks are just some of the various attributes found here. Crafted specifically for iPad owners, the software allows them to view photos of weekly featured recipes, access tutorials via a How-To section, opt for quotes and voice-overs by Mark Bittman and select the constant-on button.

Price: $9.99

5 – 101 Diet Recipes by Nita Mehta:

101 Diet Recipes

From teenagers to adults, majority of the population is looking towards healthier alternatives when it comes to food intake. And catering to those needs is the 101 Diet Recipes by Nita Mehta app. It takes into consideration the nutritional aspect and calorie consumption present in each dish. There are healthy vegetarian recipes that would aid you in your weight loss endeavor without having to compromise on taste. As the author believes, ‘you are what you eat,’ she has laid out various diet-centric options like ‘balancing your slim diet’, diet desserts, diet snacks, diet breakfast and calorie guidance. So enjoy a healthy meal without starving yourself slim.

Price: $1.99

6 – Martha Stewart Cookies:

Martha Stewart Cookies

And for the rest who aren’t really diet-conscious can feast their eyes on the Martha Stewart Cookies application. This inclusion in our recipe apps for iPad lineup enables you to whip up and gorge on mouthwatering sweet treats. There are over 90 recipes along with baking tips, kitchen timers, packaging ideas, instructional videos, sharing options and shopping lists to avail of.

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The ‘cookie runway’ is packed to the hilt with different cookie categories such as Chocolate Cookies, Classic Cookies, Giftable Cookies and Kids’ Cookies for every sweet tooth out there. The app is further sprinkled with a user-friendly cookie wheel where you can search for your favorite delights by simply inserting the type and flavor.

Price: $4.99

7 – My Recipe Book:

My Recipe Book

With the My Recipe Book app sitting snuggly in your iPad, you can do away with your shaggy diary that contains loose snippets from newspapers, magazine cuttings and random recipes that you’ve jotted down as your mother or granny dictated them to you. The latest application allows you to organize and store these recipes all in one place, minus the untidiness. These can further be segregated by category, ready time, keyword and dietary restriction.

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It also features a grocery list, servings adjuster, multiple kitchen timers, Favorite button, conversion tools, Queue button and font size selector tool. Perplexed as to what to prepare today? Well, let the Surprise Me attribute decide just what tantalizing treat your tummy will be filled with.

Price: $1.99

The best recipe apps for iPad give owners the opportunity to try a new dish every day. Whether you’re a novice or expert, simply download any or all of the aforementioned software options and you’ll be treated to a whole new cooking experience. So let your gluttonous side take over and do give us your feedback as to which apps proved to be kind kitchen pals and which ones didn’t.