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6 Recipe Apps For Android

Best Recipe Apps For Android

Recipe apps for Android offer you smart and quick ways to whip up some tasty treats, on the fly. By exploiting any one of the culinary choices stored in your handset or tablet, you can create delightful dishes to suit all types of cravings put forth by your family and friends. There are even a few software options strewn across our list which succeed in bringing out the cook within. You needn’t be a master chef to try your hand at the treasure chest of recipes laid out before you. If you like dabbling in gastronomy, then we suggest you take a look at what we’ve lined up for you.

1 – Recipe Search:

Recipe Search

For hors d’oeuvres, we serve up the Recipe Search app which includes loads of recipes that span across different categories like appetizers, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, drinks, main dishes, soups, stews and diet recipes. All of these come complete with directions, ingredients and reviews. Then there’s also the option of punching in the available ingredients present in your kitchen cabinet or fridge. Once this is done, the app will return with recipes that can be made by utilizing these components itself. No need to run to your nearby supermarket to pick up the required groceries.

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You can also bookmark your favorites just like you would with your mum’s traditional cookbook. And if you liked a particular one and wished to share it with friends, then you can do so via SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook. Holiday recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween as well as forums on food related topics and a shopping list feature are just some of the other goodies embedded into the app.

2 – Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals:

Jamies 20 Minute Meals

Unexpected guests turned up at your house for lunch? Well, just excuse yourself for a few minutes, slide into the kitchen and open up the Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals app. This next offering in our apps for Android roster lists out 60 varied procedures that take just around 20 minutes each to prepare. They all come complete with respective pictures and even a shopping list attribute to further hasten your preparation time.

YouTube video

There are also 21 videos of the acclaimed chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver in which he reveals his useful tips and tricks as well as kitchen skills like chopping an onion and sharpening the knife. If you’re a fan of his popular television shows, you will surely be floored by what he has to offer through this mobile software.

3 – Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner:

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

If you’ve just got back from a long and hard day’s work at the office and looking to treat yourself to a nice hot meal, you can try whipping up something from the pages of the Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner app. There are more than 40,000 user-submitted recipes at your disposal, complete with reviews and photos. Whether you’re a picky eater or a gourmand, there is something for everyone to enjoy in here.

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Recipes for the main course, desserts, appetizers, drinks, side dishes and more are available on the virtual platter. You can even avail of various dishes that are categorized within the ‘Ready in time’ banner. These options range from under 20 minutes to all-day slow cooker dishes.

4 – Healthy Recipes – SparkRecipes:

Healthy Recipes SparkRecipes

Well, amidst our collection of apps for Android, we have even thrown in an offering that caters to health conscious individuals. The Healthy Recipes – SparkRecipes app comprises of various options that enable you to shed those extra pounds as well as save money while doing so. And if you’ve seen a recipe you liked, you could save it to your favorites’ list for later reference. An important aspect for many, the app further enables you to perceive the amount of calories, carbohydrates, fiber, protein and cholesterol for each recipe. If you’ve put off dieting for some time now, this app seems like the perfect companion to get you back in shape.

5 – Mario Batali Cooks!:

Mario Batali Cooks

Giving some competition to Jamie Oliver is Mr. Batali, as he forays into our lineup with the Mario Batali Cooks! app. Do you crave Italian food? Well, with this software taking up space in your Android-powered mobile or tablet, you don’t need to make reservations at your local Italian restaurant to enjoy the aromas and flavors of the picturesque country in question. There are 63 of the most requested recipes plucked right out from the many regions of Italy. Accompanying them are individual videos featuring Mario Batali himself. Additionally, 25 technique and kitchen basics videos have also been infused into the app. With all these yummy inclusions, who can resist taking up Mario’s offer as he exclaims, ‘Grab some extra-virgin olive oil, and let’s cook some great food’?

6 – My CookBook:

My CookBook

A delightful entrée graces our apps for Android roster in the form of My CookBook. While all the aforementioned offerings provided recipes from various websites and culinary experts, this particular entrant puts you in the spotlight, endowing you with the toque blanche and apron. The application helps you manage all your cooking recipes. Via the search feature, you can find and import different recipes from compatible websites. To make things more interesting, the app also allows you to add pictures of your tasty inventions. Another cool ingredient featured in this app is the ‘Recipe reader,’ which orally speaks out the typed-out text. And lastly, to make your frequent trips to the grocery store a little easier, it even comprises of a neat shopping list feature. Your grandma would surely be proud of a virtual application like this sitting in her handheld device.

The recipe apps for android enables you to prepare some wonderful gourmet treats, which would certainly have all your loved ones promptly seated at the table during meal times, wondering just what you’ve whipped up for them. The ingredients needed to put a smile on their face include one slab of an Android-powered smartphone or tablet, a dollop of Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread, a few cups of storage space and sprinkles of enthusiasm. Do let us know which ones had you engaged in culinary excitement.