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6 Best Radio Apps for iPhone

Best Radio Apps For iPhone

Our best radio apps for iPhone list may just cut the deal for both ardent audiophiles as well as those looking to simply take a relaxing break from their hectic schedules. From rewinding the music being broadcasted to setting up alarms, these radio apps offer more than just streaming melodies. The software options on the list extend multi-tasking support, allowing you to get work done while your favorite track plays in the background. Run through the details mentioned below to know which one of these offerings is apt for you.

1. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

If everything from your T-shirt to your car has been custom-made to suit your needs, you now know where to stop the buck when it comes to a Radio app. Wondering why?? Well, Pandora Radio offers a personalized radio experience which dishes out music according to your preference. All that audiophiles are required to do is put in a name of their favorite songs, artists or composers as a starting point and the app will find tracks which are in sync with the one you put in.

Listeners can purchase tracks from iTunes, bookmark songs and even subscribe to Pandora one at $3.99 per month for ad-free music and additional features. Pandora Radio can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store

2. TuneIn Radio Pro

TuneIn Radio Pro

The TuneIn Radio Pro is the next entrant in our radio apps for iPhone list for more reasons than its $0.99 price tag on the iTunes Store. It provides access to over 50,000 stations and 120,000 shows to tune into anytime, anywhere. Besides listening to local favorites, you can even choose to listen to the best tracks from other parts of the world.

Music lovers can pause live stream for about 30 minutes, rewind and even record and share their favorite show or songs with friends and family over Facebook and Twitter. Whether it is to get your daily dose of news or to groove to music, this app will allow you to enjoy the latest sounds while on the go.

3. AOL Radio

AOL Radio

With AOL Radio, listeners can stream music from over 200 stations wherein the genres range from rock, indie, jazz, hip-hop and more. If a particular song currently playing on your favorite station is not what you wish to listen to then you can skip it and move on to the next song. The app allows for up to six skips per station in a single hour. ABC News and ESPN Radio can be tuned into for listening to news and sports programs over Wi-Fi or 3G networks via the iPhone. This free app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store which claims to deliver more music and 50 percent less audio commercials. You will soon be able to upgrade the app to ad-free radio just in case you detest interruptions when it comes to your preferred melodies.

4. Last.fm


We also have the Last.fm featuring on our radio apps for iPhone lineup since it will enable you to track what your friends have been listening to besides allowing you to keep a tab of what you had been tuned into earlier. The app also serves up recommendations based on what you are currently hooked on to.

With just a tap of the finger, you can get information on concerts and of course, music. Subscribers receive recommendations and what the company refers to as personalized stations which are based on the music played by users. Last.fm is a free app and can be obtained from the iTunes Store.

5. Tuner Internet Radio

Tuner Internet Radio

As the name suggests, the Tuner Internet Radio brings plenty of internet radio broadcasts to your iPhone. As generic as that may sound, the icing on the cake is that these broadcasts are ad-free. Yes, you read it right. No commercials mean long hours of fun-filled music and entertainment while on the go. You can obviously bookmark stations and also browse by genre on this Internet radio player which is complete with an OpenGL visualizer. Besides using the app to search stations, you can also browse and select from the top 500 stations to know which of them features interesting shows for ardent audiophiles. The Tuner Internet Radio app can be purchased from iTunes at a price of $4.99.

6. ooTunes Radio

ooTunes Radio

Whether using the app to wake you up, thanks to its alarm attribute, or streaming music when you are jogging in the park, the ooTunes Radio in our radio apps for iPhone roster may just strike a chord with you. Offering AirPlay support and browsing through talk shows in Radio RooLette are just some of the attributes this app boasts of. Offering an expansive experience, it gives users the freedom to choose among 150 different genres and at the same time brings FM and AM live-broadcast from more than 150 countries across the world. Besides going ga-ga at the album art, you can also view the songs on YouTube from within the app. To enjoy ooTunes Radio, head to the iTunes Store where it is available for $4.99.

These are the six best radio apps for iPhone according to our roster but you folks can drop in the names of your favorite applications that haven’t found a place in this list. Also leave a comment about your experience after employing these radio services on your Apple handsets.