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Best QR Reader For iPhone

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The following best QR reader for iPhone list helps you gather more information about a particular object directly through your handy Apple device. The solutions you’ll find here have the ability to scan quick response codes by utilizing your gadget’s camera. All you have to do is simply download a fitting application from our collection below, focus your handset snapper on the black and white square, and voila, you’ll be bombarded with vital data bits pertaining to the concerned product. So without further ado, here are our picks.

1 – Red Laser:

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If you are a shopaholic and simply can’t get enough of the best deals in town, well this application seems like just the companion for you. As the developer reveals, it zeros in on the best prices out there by scanning through loads of items from local and online retailers. You’ll also find deals, coupons, store maps and weekly circulars that further aid you while you’re on your shopping escapades.

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The software even provides you with accessories and apt alternatives. Additionally, you can create personalized codes that hold your contact information, general data, location, website’s URL and more.

Price: Free

2 – Quick Scan Pro:

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For just under a dollar, you’ll be able to shop wiser, according to the brains behind this endeavor. Through this entrant in our roster, you’ll be able to get your hands on product details and low prices from more than 1000 local retailers and online shops. You can also check reviews of the items you’re about to purchase as well as add names to wish lists, find the nearest store and even email links to pals. The application encodes contact details, URLs, emails and calendar events. You can further make your own codes to share your phone numbers, text bits, website URL and email address with others. And if you don’t really want to shell out any cash, there’s a free version of the same you can acquire via iTunes.

Price: $0.99

3 – ScanLife:

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Looked upon as an all-in-one quick solution, this interesting app also scans other popular barcode formats like EZ code and Datamatrix that are situated on business cards, websites, packaging or print advertisements. Here you’ll be able to view the price tags of products found via more than 30 online retailers like Macy’s, Target and Home Depot as well as local stores too.

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You can also espy nutritional information and ingredients, reviews, coupons, deals and accessories. Furthermore, there are over 20 scanning themes to choose from. And why not create and share your own code complete with your personal contact details?

Price: Free

4 – ShopSavvy:

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Just as the name reveals, this inclusion in our array lets you zero in on the best price for a particular product. It’s a fast barcode scanner that complies with EAN and UPC formats and even has the ability to search items with the help of keywords. And since it’s community-powered, you can also add your personal contribution to the system.

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Furthermore, you’ll be able to either purchase your desired goods directly online or get accurate directions, phone numbers and retailer locations for shopping locally. The software also proffers local Groupon grabs, shipping promos, weekend sales and coupon codes.

Price: Free

5 – i-nigma:

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This application calls you to transform your iDevice camera into a barcode scanner. It’s compatible with UPC/EAN and Datamatrix as well as reversed, color, creative, calendar and geo codes, among a variety of other formats. The Shopper aspect of the program even helps you make a well-informed decision by comparing prices of games, books, CDs and other sorts of items from online retailers.

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What’s more, you’ll be able to share the scanned codes with others through SMS messaging, Twitter, Facebook and other social network sites.

Price: Free

6 – Scan:

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This user-friendly option in our roundup is a simple solution for all your barcode scanning needs. The program complies with EAN, UPC and ISBN formats, and even finds the store from where you can purchase the product. It further keeps track of all your past scans in a history log and even lets you sync the same across other Apple devices and the internet.

Price: Free

7 – Bakodo:

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No, this isn’t a new puzzle game or a form of martial arts. It’s in fact, a virtual pal that scans barcodes found on groceries, games, books, movies and other retail products. You even have the liberty to search through its extensive product lists for your desired item.

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As the maker reveals, you can procure information about prices, ingredients, nutrition, locations, warnings and directions for more than 200,000 grocery products. Let your Facebook friends help you make the right decision by connecting to your account through this application.

Price: Free

8 – Qrafter Pro:

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Our final contender is noted to be a 2D barcode scanner which also doubles as a code maker. The Pro version can extract email addresses, tweets, iCalendar, Wi-Fi network information, plain text, Facebook URLs, raw geographical coordinates and iTunes URLs. It further boasts of incorporating a special sharpening algorithm that aids in scanning codes that are up to 40% smaller. You can also pick up the free version of this application if you feel the under $3 price tag is a little too steep.

Price: $2.99


We’re sure most of you might have seen a large box icon filled with tinier squares slapped across various surfaces such as newspapers, magazines, products and more. Well, now you can take complete advantage of these four-sided figures by using any of the aforesaid options from our best QR reader for iPhone lineup. What’s more, majority of the mentions listed here can be procured without even having to shell out a single penny. So the next time you want information pertaining to certain objects or schemes, just pull out your trusty handset and scan the black and white codes. And don’t forget to leave your comments about your preferred option right here.