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9 Best PSN Games

Best PSN Games

The best PSN games listed here are packed with exciting elements and span across different genres. Action, adventure, side-scrollers and thrillers, our lineup has it all. The PlayStation Network hit the scene in 2006 and has since dished out loads of interesting titles that are compatible with a host of Sony consoles. The online service also boasts of downloadable content, online multiplayer and upgrades. These various goodies and more are accessible to players situated all across the world. The digital media service is available in countries like the US, India, Australia, Canada, Japan and the UK. So if you reside in any of these parts, make sure you procure all of the following names.

1 – Journey:

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This exciting title calls on adventure enthusiasts to embark on a fantastic voyage across an ancient terrain. You can take on the lead role and journey to the summit of the looming mountaintop. And for companionship, you’ll be given a complete stranger who will accompany you on your escapades. The storyline here rolls out in the form of an interactive parable.

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You’ll also be bombarded with stunning visuals, haunting music and online gameplay elements. Some of the other things you’ll experience here include howling winds, old caves, rolling sand dunes and a sprawling desert.

2 – Limbo:

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The 2D side-scroller in question is perfect for those who simply love to traverse through an eerie atmosphere, not knowing where the next dangerous entity might spring up. The puzzle-platformer from Playdead follows the escapades of a young lad who sets out in search of his sister.

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You’ll have to put your thinking cap on if you wish to successfully sail through all the hurdles that come in the form of physical puzzles and deadly traps like machinery and electromagnetism.

3 – inFamous: Festival of Blood:

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This entrant is noted to be categorized under the action-adventure genre and is a standalone delight from the house of the inFamous series. The title is laden with a ‘Pyre Night’ set dressing and new powers that are based on the supernatural.

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The maker has even thrown in the ability to fly, speech bubble cutscenes and PlayStation Move compatibility. So what are you waiting for? Jump right in to experience some blood-sucking, vampire madness.

4 – Joe Danger:

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If you like side-scrolling action, then here’s another one that’ll keep you engrossed for hours on end. Infused with platforming and racing elements, the engaging gem boasts of 11 tours that include up to 10 levels each. You’ll also find different modes thrown into the amalgamation like Assault Course, Coin Dash, Race, Bowling Bounce and Target Smash.

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What’s more, you can fashion your own levels by employing ramps, obstacles and even a shark tank. The challenges you create can then be shared with pals. You’ll even be able to alter your friend’s levels by adding a few surprises of your own.

5 – Bionic Commando: Rearmed:

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Looking out for more danger? Well, this enthralling title will definitely not disappoint on that front. The title that made its way to the forefront in 2008 puts you in the shoes of Nathan Spencer who sports a bionic left arm.

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And if you loved indulging in retro platform titles then you’re in for a complete treat. The vibrant graphics and other features are all doused in a classic appearance. The title also comprises of PSN specific content, Remote Play and Dualshock 3 support.

6 – Savage Moon:

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It’s now time to please all you tower defense strategy fans with this particular contender. Here you must safeguard an off-world mining facility from the likes of indigenous carnivore critters called Insectocytes.

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In order to successfully keep these creatures at bay, you’ll be provided with a variety of powerful towers. Besides the PS3 console, the gem can also be enjoyed on the PSP in the form of The Hera Campaign.

7 – Machinarium:

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The point and click adventure title from Czech independent studio Amanita Design transports you to a steam punk world where you must come to the aid of a little robot called Josef. Follow his story as he ventures to the city in search of his girlfriend.

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The path that lies before you is lined with puzzles, brain teasers, quests and mini-activities. Making Machinarium further pleasing to the eyes are 2D hand-drawn graphics and animations.

8 – The Walking Dead:

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Here’s yet another title that is sure to send shivers down your spine. You take on the role of a convicted criminal known as Lee Everett who’s tasked with protecting an orphaned girl called Clementine.

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And as the name aptly suggests, he’s surrounded by hoards of mindless menaces that would go to any lengths to get their creepy claws on the remaining survivors. This point-and-click adventure gem that’s developed and published by Telltale is split into 5 different parts.

9 – The Unfinished Swan:

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Our final title plunges you into a hidden kingdom that’s packed with bizarre inhabitants and creatures. Each level featured here is fitted with new challenges, twists and puzzles.

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You are tasked with taking on the guise of a young boy and finding the king who abandoned his surreal domain. And your guide through these intricate levels is none other than a runaway swan.


So there you have it; a list of all the formidable names that deserve to be lauded. You’ll find that every single worthy mention roped in here is filled to the brim with fun features that should satisfy your entertainment hunger. The PlayStation Network is home to a plethora of options and it could be quite a daunting task to zero in on the best ones out there. So relish the best PSN games jotted down here and don’t forget to leave your favorite names in the box below.