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6 Best PS3 Multiplayer Games

Best PS3 Multiplayer Games

We have a list of the best PS3 multiplayer games which should serve you well if you crave battles of might, wit and skill against others. Traditionally, multiplayer titles have always got gamers excited; excited at the prospect of dishing out some damage to living, feeling, human indivduals and not simply to lifeless, mindless computer controlled characters that go quiet when you power down the console.

First off, let’s say that there are many, spread over different genres. Each has unique appeal, its own way of bringing things into focus. Then there’s the option of playing online or unleashing all kinds of crazy with a few friends offline. Our list comprises varying genres and playing styles.

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1. Battlefield 3 –

Battlefield 3 Screenshot

We start off with the recently released Battlefield 3 developed by DICE which touched down in October last year. With large maps, several vehicles and team-focused gameplay, BF3 provides a frantic multiplayer experience. Players are asked to take on one of four roles via the Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon classes. Each class has its own abilities allowing gamers to enjoy a different angle such as supplying ammunition, destroying vehicles, and spotting and taking out enemy combatants. Team Deathmatch returns and is available alongside several other modes.

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2. LittleBigPlanet 2 –

LittleBigPlanet 2

Next on our list of PS3 multiplayer games is LBP2. Although it doesn’t feature high-impact action, the game makes our list simply because of its charm. Many story levels themselves call for multiple sack things to help achieve 100 percent in grabbing all the shiny items. And with Gordon Gordon’s delightful voice work, players are transported into a loopy world of childish excitement and sack-like emotions.

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LittleBigPlanet 2 steals our hearts simply because of the sheer volume of user-created content it has on offer, a lot of which is extremely creative and has a fun element to it; the spontaneous kind. Having the option of playing with or against friends, just adds to the title’s appeal.

3. MotorStorm: Apocalypse –

MotorStorm Apocalypse

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Switching gears we move to the racing genre where we have MotorStorm: Apocalypse developed by Evolution Studios. Following 2008’s MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, the game gets several new vehicle classes; all good for racing up and down the 4-player split-screen mode or the 16-player online multiplayer mode. What adds to chaotic multitasking is the crumbling environments and the feeling of ever-present, arbitrary anarchy.

Players can never rest, even if the finish line is in sight, and must be on their tippy toes at all times. And you never know when a twister might swing by and offload a stunned Dorothy right in your path.

4. Killzone 3 –

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Killzone 3 Screenshot

Next up on our list of PS3 multiplayer games is Killzone 3, also the third in its series. In addition to an online multiplayer experience, those who jump into war on a very alien planet can also fight the Helghast co-operatively in the game’s story mode.

Describable as mindless action, the online multiplayer battles can accommodate up to 24 players and some maps even allow gamers to slather themselves in Exos and jet packs. With five classes to choose from, this Guerilla Games offering should stuff up all pointless killing desires.

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5. FIFA 12 –


Not quite what you might expect from the words ‘multiplayer gaming,’ FIFA 12 has a slightly different experience to offer. With 11-on-11 online gameplay as well as a multiplayer option on a single console – and no split-screen (that’s a good thing) – this installment in the FIFA franchise has many new additions such as the tactical defending. Plus there is the FIFA Ultimate Team for would-be managers to prove that they can outwit the wily old Scot or that the Noisy Neighbors are, well, just that; pick young starlets and hone their skills while getting the best out of the current crop of players.

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Aside from the managing angle, FIFA 12 can provide an almost endless multiplayer experience, whether taking on the best in the world or your cat. Okay, maybe it would get boring if you gave your cat a controller, but it is fun even when playing round-robin with a few friends. This replayability helps make the sports title one of PS3 multiplayer games there is.

6. Warhawk –

Warhawk Screenshot

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Released in 2007 under Sony’s careful guidance, Warhawk provides all the glory of multiplayer matches with none of the single player hassles. Playable on a single console by 2 to 4 players and online by up to 32, Incognito’s work comes to the fore with five maps and several modes. Game updates and expansion packs released since increase available options.

An assortment of land and air vehicles in addition to a few handy turrets and some spectacular maneuvers provide change-ups and help maintain the balance of imbalance. The game also offers many customizable options, and even though we’ve seen a spiritual successor, Warhawk seems to hold on to its appeal.


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Quite a few of the titles which have made our list of the best PS3 multiplayer games are also console exclusives. What does that tell you about Sony’s online strategy? Well-placed or yet under-fed? Either way, let us know what you think of this, our latest list. And if you’ve been playing these games but missing out on the multiplayer angle, it’s time to take another look.