Best Procreate Alternatives For Windows 10 – Free And Paid Options

Looking around for Procreate for Windows? We bet you’re here looking for the best Procreate alternatives for Windows 10 because the artist in you wishes for the privilege of using Procreate without having to invest in an iPad. Or maybe you have other reasons to be creating your works of art on anything but an Apple tablet. Give flight to your imagination and create designs worthy of earning you some street cred as an artist, with the options we’ve picked for you. They have all been developed keeping touch-based Windows 10 machines in mind. The best devices to use them with are tablets or convertibles. So go crazy with them and create awesome graphics or drawings, or just use them for doodling as you sit through boring online lectures. Without further ado, here are some programs like Procreate.

To give you a better idea of their offerings, we’ve listed these alternatives for Procreate for windows 10 along with their pros and cons. We’ve also mentioned their prices along with their descriptions, so you’ll know just how much you’ll need to cough up if you wish to download them. Side note though – there are a few free apps like Procreate in this list as well. Click the options on the roster below to jump to the Procreate alternative for Windows that catches your fancy, or just go through all of them to see which one suits your needs optimally.

Procreate Alternatives

What is Procreate?

Procreate is a raster graphics editor app for creating digital paintings. Available for iOS and iPadOS, it was launched in 2011 and is known for how natural its interface feels on Apple devices. Whether you’re using one of its hundreds of paintbrushes or just sketching, Procreate comes the closest to recreating the actual experience on a screen.

Procreate for Windows: Why you need a Procreate alternative?

As you already know, Procreate is exclusive to Apple platforms and the makers currently have no plans to release a PC version. This leaves Windows 10 users in the lurch. But you need not worry since we’ve gathered together a fine list of the best apps similar to Procreate.

1 – ArtRage – Perfect for starting out

ArtRage has been designed from the ground up to be easy and fun to use, which makes it perfect for those who are starting out with painting on their tablets. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on features. It’s one of the most powerful Procreate alternatives out there and offers a range of digital and natural media tools and features.

It includes everything from oils and watercolors to paint rollers, pencils, crayons, and more. ArtRage even supports the addition of layers to your paintings so you can work on individual elements without affecting the others. A large number of blend modes is also available. Just like Procreate, this application lets you record your paintings as they are being made, allowing you to flaunt your process on social media. ArtRage can be purchased for Mac, iOS, iPadOS, and Android, apart from Windows 10.


  • Powerful painting tools
  • Best for beginners
  • Distinguishes paint wetness and depth


  • Not suited for professional use
  • Expensive

Download ($79)

2 – Clip Studio Paint – For Manga Enthusiasts

Clip Studio Paint is targeted towards manga enthusiasts as it has the best tools to create manga and comics. In fact, it was previously being marketed in North America as Manga Studio. It’s essentially a page-based, layered drawing program which supports everything from bitmap to vector art to imported 3D models to frame-by-frame animation. Its comics-focused approach means it incorporates tools for creating panel layouts, perspective rulers, sketching, inking, applying tones and textures, coloring, and creating word balloons and captions.

Clip Studio Paint features a huge range of unique brushes for you to take advantage of. It is also a pretty lightweight painting software for something that is so feature-packed. You’d be surprised to know that the first edition of this program on our roster of procreate for windows alternative was released way back in 2001 and it has been growing ever since. It’s sold in the form of many different options to suit the needs of customers. However, it also has a 3-month free trial for Windows users.


  • Manga-focused features
  • Cross-device sync support
  • Array of unique brushes


  • Can be overwhelming at first

Download (Free trial for up to 30 days, One-time purchase costs $49.99)

3 – Adobe Illustrator – Going Old School

Adobe Illustrator is as professional as it gets. It’s a truly notable Procreate alternative for Windows 10, especially for those who are into graphics designing. Adobe Illustrator is one of the oldest such apps available out there and has evolved over decades to become as fluid and versatile as such programs can be. The vector graphics editor from Adobe lets you create everything from tiny icons to massive billboards.

It lets you enjoy freehand drawing tools as well as excellent typography options that can best be enjoyed on touch-based devices. Illustrator is part of the Adobe Create Cloud now and hence there are plenty of benefits to enjoy like cloud saves, cross-platform support, bundled subscriptions, and more. It’s available for both Windows 10 and Mac in the form of a subscription.


  • Tons of creative options
  • Excellent tools
  • Great compatibility


  • Expensive

Download (Free trial for 7 days, Around $275 per year)

4 – Krita – As Good As It Gets

We promised you a few completely free alternatives to Procreate and here is one among them. Krita is an open-source raster graphics editor that’s best suited for digital painting and 2D animation. It comes with an OpenGL-accelerated canvas, color management support, an advanced brush engine, non-destructive layers and masks, group-based layer management, and much more. One of its best aspects is that it’s incredibly stable and smooth to use.

Krita also happens to be very user-friendly. Its interface isn’t cluttered with tools. And because it is focused mostly on digital illustration, you can quickly figure out all the tools and jump right into a project. The free open source app boasts of a large and vibrant community that’s active on the Krita Artists Forum, where you’ll find everything from artworks and tips to tutorials on how to manage specific workflows. Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, it is also capable of importing a variety of file types like .psd.


  • Free and open source
  • Easy to learn
  • Feature-rich


  • No dedicated customer support

Download (Free)

5 – Concepts – A Surface Essential

Concepts is an app that has been created keeping Windows-based Surface tablets in mind, which is why it works exceedingly well with not just the Surface Pen, but also the Surface Dial accessory. Just like Procreate, it supports tilt and pressure inputs to increase and decrease the intensity of the tools you are using. It’s the best drawing app for drawing storyboards, product sketches, and design plans.

Being a vector-based app, it does have a steep learning curve. Once you get the hang of it, Concepts will let you glide through its interface and make the most of its tools to create unique designs. It is a free drawing app, but you’ll need to make in-app purchases if you wish to use all of its attributes.


  • Infinite canvas
  • Optimized for Surface devices


  • Steep learning curve

Download (Free, Essentials pack costs $9.99)

6 – PaintTool SAI – A Lightweight Choice

PaintTool SAI can by no means be called a replica of Procreate app for Windows, but it really is a pretty underrated alternative. If you want something that’s easy to use while being replete with features, it is the right tool for you. It comes with pressure support and is well suited to beginners. As you can see from the image provided by Softpedia, its interface is plain and simple.

Moreover, PaintTool SAI is a lightweight offering. So you needn’t be worried about your system slowing down while running it. PaintTool SAI really is very good at doing its job. You can try this Procreate for Windows option for free for 31 days but will need to pay for it after this period ends. Also, this tool happens to be a Windows-exclusive.


  • Easy to master
  • Pressure support
  • Lightweight


  • Limited tools

Download (Free for 31 days, Around $50 later)

7 – Corel Painter – The Complete Package

If you’re looking for a powerful and advanced app like Procreate app for Windows, Corel Painter is the right tool for you. It’s a raster-based digital art application with a high number of brushes, tools, and textures to choose from. Moreover, its user interface is pretty customizable, which enables you to clean things up by removing the tools that you are not going to use.

Corel Painter also comes with the pinned color wheel, which makes for more consistent color sampling. A new AI feature that has just been introduced to the application has the ability to convert any photograph into a painting. You can then fine-tune the little details and save those artworks. This drawing and painting tool is available for Windows as well as Mac machines.


  • Thoroughly professional
  • Customizable UI
  • Different paint types


  • Expensive

Download (Free 15-day trial, One-time purchase of $429)

8 – Autodesk SketchBook – How Is This Free?

Autodesk SketchBook is a raster graphics program that’s known for its intuitive radial/pie-menu user interface. Apart from supporting stylus accessories, it also features a palm-rejection tool along with, of course, pressure-sensitive attributes. Autodesk SketchBook prides itself on its ability to import files of various formats, including PSD.

What’s great is that it’s completely free to download for your Windows machine. This wasn’t always the case since the original software came with a hefty price tag. However, you can now grab it without paying a penny, which is truly baffling, considering the amount of pro-grade features that have been crammed into it over the years. Apart from Windows, you can also use Autodesk Sketchbook on Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Mac machines.


  • Completely free
  • Palm rejection support
  • Professional-grade tools


  • Steep learning curve

Download (Free)

9 – Inkscape – True Brilliance

It’s bonus time for those who came here looking for free Procreate alternatives on Windows 10. Inkscape is yet another free open source program with support for vector drawing. The image editing tool can work with any suitable stylus and even has pressure sensitivity for its relevant tools. One of its unique aspects is its easy generation of SVG formats as well as the ability to smoothly edit files of the same format. Furthermore, the open source drawing and painting software boasts of an object creation functionality that lets you make the most of features like the pencil, calligraphy, text, shape, and drawing tools.

Inkscape even grabs a node editing functionality, which really makes it a truly unmissable Procreate alternative. Nodes actually serve as frameworks which show how vector graphics are made and they even allow designers and artists to manipulate vectorized images, graphics, and objects. Inkscape is available now on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


  • Completely free and open source
  • SVG compatibility
  • Great community and extension ecosystem


  • Weak text formatting tools

Download (Free)

10 – Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is known for its ease of use and its wide compatibility standards. But one of its most striking features isn’t something you would have expected. It actually allows the Undo button to erase up to 8000 changes. Not just that; the drawing app remembers the project history even when a file is closed and opened again. So there are almost no limits to how far back you can go to correct your errors.

This program is a huge help to professional designers who wish to create vector graphics, illustrations, and projects with accuracy. Another highlight is that it lets you work with pixel art and vector art in the same environment. While the vector mode allows you to do vector inking and coloring, the pixel mode enables the use of raster brushes, and the addition of adjustment layers. And all this is made extremely user-friendly by its simple UI.


  • Robust graphics editing software
  • Simple UI
  • 8000 undos allowed


  • No plugin support

Download (Free 30-day trial, One-time purchase of $49.99)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are there programs like Procreate for Windows?

Indeed, as you can see in the space above, plenty of applications like Krita, Affinity Designer, and others look to render the same experience on Windows 10 machines that Procreate offers on Apple platforms.

Q. What is the best Alternative to Procreate?

This is a very subjective question, but we believe Corel Painter to be the finest choice among the lot.

Q. What are some free apps like Procreate?

Inkscape, Krita, and Autodesk SketchBook are a few completely free Procreate alternatives.

Q. Is Procreate better than Sketchbook?

Procreate is really hard to beat. The ease with which you can use the software is unparalleled so it is the obvious choice in this comparison. However, Windows users need not be disappointed since all the options we’ve listed above, including Sketchbook, are all truly magnificent in their offerings.

Q. Is Procreate free on a computer?

Procreate is a paid app that isn’t available on Windows or Mac platforms.

Q. Is Procreate Better Than Photoshop?

Photoshop has a very different purpose from Procreate; so they cannot really be compared.


This comprehensive list of the best Procreate alternatives has finally come to an end. By mentioning the pros and cons of all these programs, along with their respective descriptions, we’ve tried to give you as much info about them as possible in a short amount of time. Go ahead and jump into any of these programs to start creating digital artworks of your own.