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7 Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

The best pregnancy apps for iPhone list provides some great options for expectant mothers. Although you can find loads of applications pertaining to the subject at hand, we have downsized the lot and come up with our top 7 choices. The selected ones cover a lot of ground by touching on various topics that range from the contraction time to picking out a name for your baby. So if you already have that baby bump and angelic glow, we suggest you read on to find out which apps would be the ideal companions through the 40 week span.

1 – Pregnancy Buzz:

Pregnancy Buzz

This app is touted to be fashioned for ‘busy mamas-to-be’ as it aids them in acquiring information about every stage of their pregnancy. Expert tips and real mom advice at any time of the day is what’s up for grabs via the iPhone. Confused whether or not the delicious delights on the restaurant menu is safe for you to consume? Get all your answers to this and more through Pregnancy Buzz. The hot topics in here look something like this – baby names, pregnancy symptoms, childbirth classes, is this safe?, is that normal? You can search for your desired subject and even share the results with friends and family. If you have a query, why not post the same and in turn, receive advice from other mothers as well as experts in the field.

Price: Free

2 – Positive Pregnancy:

Positive Pregnancy

Stress and strain seem to be part and parcel of the whole prenatal experience. Being an expectant mom isn’t easy but by downloading the Positive Pregnancy app, you can at least reduce some amount of tension and learn how to enjoy this beautiful time. The guided meditation audio program helps you to relax and focus on a positive frame of mind. Positive vibes and suggestions is what you can expect to be pampered with via this offering. A great choice for our pregnancy apps for iPhone roster, it also provides visualizations, relaxation techniques and positive affirmations. The plus points: reducing physical discomfort, boosting energy levels and deepening your sleeping patterns.

Price: $2.99

3 – BabyBump Pregnancy Pro:

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is another apt solution for maintaining pregnancy progress as well as tracking and sharing the cherished moments with loved ones via Facebook and Twitter integration. Available in three languages namely English, Spanish and French, this app displays a personal countdown screen that clearly shows the weeks and days remaining and trimesters. You can go into the prenatal phase armed with information that would make the whole experience a lot easier. Details about the baby’s size, weight and development as well as the cravings, symptoms and bodily changes you are likely to undergo are dished out on a weekly basis. Other features include graphical charts, baby names contraction tracker, kick counter, photo slideshow and weekly Schematic embryo pictures. One main highlight that deserves a mention is community groups, which incorporates both public and secret factions.

Price: $3.99

4 – Contraction Monitor:

Contraction Monitor

Need an app that would help track contractions? Well, the Contraction Monitor forays into our roster of pregnancy apps for iPhone to do just that. Having this software present in your Apple handset would help you determine true labor from ‘false’ labor when the big day approaches. No complications involved, all you have to do is press a button when you feel a contraction and hit it again when it ends. The app does the rest by logging in the start and end times as well as the intensity, frequency and duration of each one. The data can then be shared with your Obstetrician or Gynecologist and even friends, by email. It also comes in handy for calculating your delivery due date.

Price: $0.99

5 – Pregnancy Companion:

Pregnancy Companion

Pregnancy Companion is a user-friendly app that is packed to the hilt with loads of information tidbits. This library boasts of a FAQs section that tackles all the queries of expectant mothers as well as a hydration counter, nutrition guidelines and calorie tracker, drug safety and various recipes to satisfy those odd cravings. Similar to the BabyBump Pregnancy Pro app, this entrant too lists out a kick counter and Baby Names along with their meanings as well as an appointment tracker, acupressure points, prenatal yoga poses and contraction timer. It also helps you prepare for your baby by suggesting what to pack into your hospital bag and the essential requirements needed for the newborn child.

Price: $0.99

6 – Pilates for Pregnancy:

Pilates for Pregnancy

How can our array of pregnancy apps for iPhone be complete without the mention of Pilates for Pregnancy? Noted to be an interactive exercise and pregnancy organizer application, this offering pumps out three different pregnancy workouts for each trimester. And depending on the stage you’re in, appropriate notes, workout and to do lists will be provided. Besides just being a fitness app, it also contains a photo album and pregnancy planner as well as a journal complete with navigation buttons for notes, scanned sonogram photos and pregnancy pictures and to do lists. The experts that formulated this software have cautioned expectant mothers to stay within the workout routine chalked out for their respective trimesters and not to exceed its limit.

Price: $9.99

7 – m Pregnancy:

m Pregnancy

Having troubling getting your partner to read all those pregnancy books stacked neatly on the shelf? Well, reading up and researching about pregnancy need not be a mundane job anymore for proud fathers out there. The m Pregnancy is fashioned exclusively for the dad brigade complete with familiar terms and fun illustrations. For example, the size of the baby during the 9 months of pregnancy is shown in comparison to a bottle of beer or a football. Even the three trimester period is displayed in the form of a speedometer. The inclusion of a useful FAQ informs them about various topics such as the right foods for their partner, how the baby’s gestational age is counted and how to prepare a nursery.

Price: $2.99

So if you are one of those glowing mums-to-be, which application would you like to lay your hands on from our best pregnancy apps for iPhone lineup? Or did we miss out on a few options that are already present in your Apple handset? Do let us know.