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Best Pokemon Game For GBA

If it’s the best Pokemon game for GBA you’re eyeing, well you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll help you opt for the best one so that you can head straight to the store or zoom online to purchase the winning candidate. You can choose from 5 different games that were released for the Nintendo portable console nearly a decade ago.

And although it’s been quite a while since these games made their presence felt on the scene, fans still love indulging in iterations that are drenched in their favorite theme. So if you consider yourself one among that lot and want to zero in on the top choice out there, we suggest you read on and check out just what each one has to offer.

Best Pokemon Game For GBA

1 – Ruby and Sapphire:

Ruby and Sapphire

If you’re an ardent fan of the series, then you’ll surely remember the Ruby and Sapphire games that emerged onto the scenario around 10 years ago. The third installments were the first delights for the Advance system and sported improved sound and graphics. They each comprise of fun elements like contests and double battles, to name a few. The latter lets you throw not one but two powerful critters together into the fighting arena.

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What’s more, their natures and abilities play a vital role while engaging in battle. Here you get to explore the Hoenn region in its entirety. While the Ruby version features the elusive Groudon on its cover, the other has Kyogre gracing the outer box.

2 – Emerald:


Two years after the aforesaid pair released, the Emerald version came along. What’s so special about this entrant in our Pokemon game for GBA roster? Well, it’s noted to be the updated version of the Ruby and Sapphire duo. Besides porting all the much-loved attributes of its earlier editions, this one also includes new features as well as a slightly altered plot.

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As the storyline goes, the villains namely, Team Magma and Team Aqua awaken the legendary Groudon and Kyogre, respectively. You can identify the box by the legendary Rayquaza that’s drawn on it.

3 – Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team:

Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

Here you embark on wonderful adventures taking the guise of a pocket monster. You’ll be pulled into a world that’s solely inhabited by powerful creatures. You’ll even have the ability to talk and interact with them. Developed by Chunsoft, the title boasts of a dramatic storyline, engaging rescue missions and strategic battles. After opting for your desired character, you can even pick another critter who’ll pose as your partner throughout the levels. You can take advantage of 16 onscreen character possibilities such as Pikachu, Charmander, Meowth and Torchic.

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Together, you and your new found buddy can traverse vast dangerous dungeons and learn the secrets of this strange universe. Each species strewn across here has its own unique strengths, weaknesses and special moves. As the developer reveals, the scenarios kick off easy and thereafter advance in difficulty as the stages progress. While this one was unveiled for the Advance console, a Blue Rescue Team version was simultaneously released for the Nintendo DS, which exploited the dual-screen features of the system.

4 – FireRed and LeafGreen:

FireRed and LeafGreen

This pair in our Pokemon game for GBA array forayed onto the virtual ramp in 2004. The 2 options listed here are known to be remakes of the Red and Blue titles that released nearly 17 years ago. The duo transports you to the region of Kanto where you’ll be able to capture all the wondrous creatures with help from the Sapphire and Ruby versions. You can dive right in and enjoy turn-based fight encounters by taking on the role of an ambitious trainer. The game provides an overhead point of view as well as a contextual help menu. And if you’ve already played the earlier versions, you’ll notice the vast difference in graphics, animations and locales of the Advance edition. Apart from some familiar attributes, you can also expect to see new places like the Sevii Islands. In this particular area, you’ll be able to spot special critters that can only be found here. The box art of the FireRed and LeafGreen gems have the images of Charizard and Venusaur, respectively.

5 – Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire:

Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire

After shedding light on some exciting RPGs for the Advance handheld system, we now include a fun, causal title that most of you pinball machine aficionados will appreciate. Developed by Jupiter, this contender in our roundup made waves across the scene nearly a decade ago.

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Your aim is to put large digits on the scoreboard by sending your virtual ball flying into items strewn across the onscreen board. Along the way, you can also catch those cute critters as well as unlock several minigames. There are 2 themed boards up for grabs right here.


The phenomenon in the spotlight here took the world by storm in 1996 with its first RPG title that unveiled for the Nintendo GB system. Created by Satoshi Tajiri, the well-known name then released a comprehensive bunch of titles for various consoles such as the GB Color, Nintendo 64, DS, Wii and 3DS. It also gave rise to other forms of media like anime, manga, trading cards, toys, books and more.

Now if you have your prized Nintendo device with you and crave some monster action, all you have to do is simply scan through our best Pokemon game for GBA lineup and pick out your favorites. Don’t forget to leave your comments about the same in the box situated just below. And just in case you’re found without the portable Advance gadget, you can always hop online and get a dose of the P-power via the internet.